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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Some holiday updates

 Good Evening,

Have you noticed? It's staying lighter just a smidgen longer everyday.  Finally the holiday songs are put away until next year. I love the Christmas carols and other songs we here around Yuleltide every year but after a solid month or so, I'm good!

Remember the Christmas pudding we made the Sunday after Thanksgiving? Refer to our discussion "Christmas Pudding and Divination for the Upcoming Year" November 29, 2010.  Well, it came out just lovely!  I've included a photo at the right.

Well, if I remember correctly we last left the pudding tightly wrapped up and getting tipsy as it mellowed in brandy for a month. On Christmas day I put it back on the stove and steamed it for another two hours. This heated it through while eliminating any alcohol.  Then I turned it upside down and un-panned it.  Rather than dousing it again with brandy and alighting it, as is the traditional serving method, I opted to serve it hot with plenty of whipped creme.  It was well received and everyone, except one person,  finished theirs.  It's an unusual dish to be sure.

Finely diced fruits and nuts, lots of citrus flavor and served hot.  It didn't have much flour added to it, so it did not hold a shape as would a cake or pie. It reminded me more of a cobbler without the crust. I can definitely see myself making it again. Besides I already have the Christmas pudding pan, so I'll want to use it again. 

I understand why it was such a specialty for so many years. Especially through the industrial revolution in England, where the legend of the pudding originated.  This was a time where much of society was forced to live such meager lives, so meager a pudding this rich, this full of flavor, would have been a shock of intense flavor. Much like a chocolate bar is so rich and flavorful to our modern palates.

As far as the divination portion of the pudding, I had included three coins and two silver rings. Everyone at the dinner received a trinket, thanks to the clever dishing up of the dessert by their witchy hostess!  Some people received a coin indicating a year of prosperity and financial abundance.  I found a silver ring in my portion which indicates I will have an upcoming  year of love and happiness. Oh goodie!!  Love and happiness really are my favorites!

My tree out front held up during the storm and the little birds are using it for cover from the larger predator birds. Unfortunately my bird feeding station is still being boycotted by the birds and squirrels.  It may be a bit close to the house, but its also a new location and might take them a few more days. I'm putting out some stale bread tomorrow to entice my feathered friends.  As I was discarding some old bread today  I saved the stale and threw away the moldy. Its not healthy for the birds to give them moldy bread. They will eat it, but it may make them sick. Stick with the stale bread, broken into small pieces and you'll have healthy and happy birds. 

Finally, did you get something nice for Yule? I did. A friend gifted me with a beautiful chakra stone bracelet. It's beautiful and I admired it when I put it on before I noticed that there were seven semi precious stones, and each syncs up with a chakra center in the body. I've included a photo at right, though it may be hard to see.

I've always loved the magick inherent in stones, crystals and minerals. Ever since I was a little girl, growing up on a farm, I had stones and pretty rocks in my pockets. I put them in my change purse, have them on my bedside table and the huge tumbled stone display at Enchantments really is the best part of my shop. At least for me.

Once,  a few years ago, I  had a jacket that was misplaced at a tournament wind up at the officials table where a friend of mine was working. He thought it looked like my jacket from earlier in the day, but he wasn't sure. He then put his hand in a pocket looking for something to identify the owner and when he pulled out a couple pieces of rose quartz and yellow calcite he knew immediately it was mine.Stones have always been a favorite of mine.

My new bracelet has seven stones which I recognize as carnelian for energy, unikite for balance, tiger's eye for courage and strength, rose quartz for love, green agate for physical health, lapis lazuli for mental clarity and emotional healing and black onyx which protects one from negative energy.  All desirable energies to surround myself with.

. The gold and the stones again also strengthen the chakra points on the body and each stone is engraved with the Egyptian sacred scarab beetle. The scarab to the ancient Egyptians signified 'coming into being', 'to become', 'to transform'.  I find this energy very appropriate for me and while I find this bracelet beautiful I find it also gives me a sense of calm and peace.  Really like my chakras are balancing out.

If you are sensitive to the energies of stones and precious metals pay attention to the jewelry you wear.  It may be pretty, but does it feel good to wear it? Do you feel anything at all? When you start choosing what pieces to wear because of how they make you feel first, before how they may look on you, you'll start wearing jewelry as a witch.

Witches are, by profession, very sensitive to energies around us and within us.  This is a side effect of the magick we do. You really need to be able to feel energy to work with it successfully. When you've developed your personal energy and are familiar with working with it, you'll notice the energies in many natural things.

Many people have expressed their 'like' for the new look of this discussion page.  I admit I enjoy the look and it feels easier somehow to look at.  Thank you for sending in your choice.

This has been a wonderful holiday season and I'm glad we were able to share it together.

Peace and Happiness 

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