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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Some magick for the New Year

 Evening Greetings,

With the New Year just around the corner I thought I'd share some magicks especially for this time of the year.  To start let me make a distinction. As many who have followed my discussions or are familiar with the practice of the witch already know, we view the turning of the year on November 1st, our official first day of winter.  Yet, that doesn't preclude the celebrations for the New Year that is observed all over the world.

In fact, a celebration, observance or tradition that is engaged in by the majority, in this case, the global majority, can be rife with much magick and energy.  Anything that the majority puts energy into becomes in effect a thought form.  We'll talk about this more in my discussion titled "the 100th monkey" principle. But for now we can see how a day like Christmas or New Year's, whether we personally observe the day or not, is changed and affected just by those who do believe in the day as special and observe it to be. 

So, next week everyone will observe the turning of the year. By the way, it doesn't matter whether Wiccan, witch or mortal ( ha!) we all observe the 'official' New Year's simply because of the date. We, as witches who observe our first of the new year a few months earlier, can't get away with writing the date with the next year's date any earlier than anyone else! Imagine the mayhem, the chaos, if people randomly chose to do that! 

New Year's Day lends itself as a day with many cultural and folk magicks all designed to ensure a prosperous, healthy, safe, happy New Year. It is the one day, that is believed, should various things be done and certain things avoided,  will set-up the entire upcoming year favorably for you!

So the following are some magickal concepts you might wish to employ to work New Year's magick for your very own.

Much notice is taken of sympathetic magick on New Year's day. For instance when you awake that day you should already have in your home plenty of food.  This is easy to accomplish due to Christmas dinner just a week prior and many extras not normally found in the house other times of the year. Sweets, presents, candies, breads, many luxury items only indulged in this time of year. This promises abundance and plenty for you and your family for the coming year.

Also, and this will be tough for those who clean, clean, clean!! try not to throw out anything but simple garbage the week before New Year's. Throwing out of large items, that were costly when purchased and intense house cleaning before the New Year, will promise that your life will be emptier and you will have less than the year before. But no worries, the day after New Year's, this year its a Sunday,  you can clean out and throw out to your heart's content!

Having a good sized container of salt in the house will also help ensure prosperity and wealth for the upcoming year. Now, mind you, you don't need to drag a 20 lb salt lick into your home!  Just a full container of salt, a box or round that you purchase in the supermarket to fill salt shakers is excellent.  Oh, for those worried about sodium, well .  .  . salt substitutes doesn't quite cut it.  So, if you do purchase a box of salt to have in your home on New Year's day, remember you can use it to add to any sand you normally put on icy walks and steps, which brings into effect its other well known magickal property of protection.   Salt has for centuries been symbolic of wealth, abundance, prosperity and protection.

Having fresh fruit in the house, perhaps building a fruit pyramid which is something that was always done in the house from the time I was a small child is also sympathetic magick bringing in good health and it helps eliminate illness.  A fruit pyramid can be created with fresh fruit, but first you need to build the base.

I start with a glass pedestal cake stand.  Then I place on top of that a glass compote or wide mouthed vase. The heavier the glass the better as it needs to be the weight for the fruit pyramid. Once, you've stacked your glass base, and make sure its heavy, chunky glass, then I start to pile up the fresh fruit.  I use clear so it doesn't take away from the colors of the fruit.

Then using the counter or table it's set upon, as the bottom layer you start by arranging fruit all around the pedestal of the cake stand. If worried about the fruit harming the surface it's lying on, you can add to the design by placing a large round glass platter under the cake stand. Pile fruit on each layer.

I use oranges for love, luck and money,  apples for love and healing, lemons for purification, love and friendship and limes for healing, love and protection. I slip in a banana or three for prosperity, and I drape grapes of all colors to hang gently over the edge to bring in mental clarity and money.

Some additional fruits you may wish to use because of their magickal properties are:

  • Pears for love and lust! Hey now!! Don't we love pears? 
  • Peaches for love, fertility and wishes
  • Plums for protection and love
  • Strawberries bring in love and luck
  • Apricots bring in love
  • Cherry brings in love and aides in divination
I try to build up the fruit as high as I can. Throw a few figs in to increase your powers of divination, increase fertility and bring in love.  I will even stick an avocado or two in, as I love the color contrast and they're very tasty,  to bring in beauty, love and lust yet again! I usually put a nice big pineapple on the very top for luck, money and hospitality and sometimes decorate that with a red bow.   Then I sprinkle nuts, still in their shells, for further abundance. Each type of nut has its own magickal properties,  for instance:
  • Almond brings in prosperity and success in business ventures.
  • Brazil nuts for love
  • Cashew for prosperity and money
  • Chestnut (popular around this time for year) for love
  • Pecans money and employment 
  • mixed nuts in general bring in prosperity, love, luck

 Other magickal properties of the season in foods or drink you may consume at home or at parties:

  • Beer  - hops bring in healing and a restful sleep. Beware too much can cause a disruptive sleep. 
  • Horseradish is found in many dishes this time of year and it brings in purification and helps banish negativity
  • Pomegranate brings in divination, luck, wealth, wishes and fertility
  • Celery brings in lust, psychic powers, mental clarity and concentration
  • Citron (for those fond of modern fruit cake!) brings in healing and psychic powers. 
  • Garlic has its reputation for protection against evil, but it also brings in lust, health and healing
  • Dates aide in male potency and fertility

Some spices that are used this time of year can also bring in needed magickal energies, such as:
  • Allspice brings in money, luck and healing
  • Ginger brings in love, money, success and power 
  • Anise brings in sleep, protection, it repels evil and calls in good spirits
  • Cloves bring in love, money, mental clarity and protection 
  • Dill has protection as well as money, love and lust
  •  Mace brings in psychic powers and mental clarity
  • Nutmeg brings about protection, money, health, luck, fidelity and it's reputed to be able to break hexes!
  • Cinnamon has many uses and is a popular one with witches as it brings in prosperity, success, passion, healing, lust, love, protection to name but a few of its properties!
Some non food items from nature that we use this time of the year and their magickal properties:

  • Cedar brings about healing, purification, money and protection
  • Frankincense brings about purification, protection and spirituality
  • Holly brings protection, luck and aides in dream magicks 
  • Juniper brings protection, love and health
  • Mistletoe brings healing, protection, love, fertility and health
  • Myrrh brings spirituality, purification, protection and healing
Notice the frankincense and myrrh, both reputed to be gifted to the baby Jesus along with gold during the story of the Nativity do not contain the magickal properties of prosperity or wealth. Many modern interpretations of these gifts were that they were so rare and the best of any gift because of their value is not necessarily true. I believe these items along with the gold were legendarily gifted to him because of their protective properties. Gold also has the magickal properties of protection and strength. 

Finally one last item with strong magickal properties, especially for those who have family members of the feline persuasion. Catnip or cat mint brings love to a household and when you hold it in your hand, letting it get warm then crushing it into a box where they can get at it, play in it and eat it, helps strengthen the psychic bond between people and their cats. Just makes sure its not old. Supermarket catnip is reputed to be up to six months old or older. Try to purchase catnip like we sell at Enchantments, or at find establishments that cater to kitties. Fresher dried catnip is better for your cat.  Yes, it's fine to let them eat it, as it aides in their digestion and overall good health. 

Now as  you get ready for the holiday festivities I hope the food table and the subsequent munchies you enjoy take on a new 'flavor' now that you know some of their secret magicks.

Peace and Happiness

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