The Contemporary New England Witch

The Contemporary New England Witch
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Monday, December 13, 2021

Introducing The Rag and Bottle Shop Blog! Coming Soon!

Greetings My Witchy Readers, 

Those that wander down the paths of words, find themselves taken to all sorts of places. From fields of reality, to meadows of fantasy to oceans of discovery and adventure! The written word has enchanted, enlightened, educated and entertained for thousands of years. I had taken a time of rest from this blog, to dedicate more time to study and teaching my students of Enchantments over the past couple of years. With the Pandemic I have had to 'work my magick' in varying degrees of creativity as well as ingenuity to teach effectively, yet also safely and remotely using digital technology. My goodness!! Apparently an ancient witch can always learn new things!  

But I really yearn to write. But this blog, dedicated to the teachings of magick, witchcraft and the like has approximately 520 articles, lessons, discussions and dare I say the occasional rant! Haha, yes, indeed. But have no fear, as I am writing yet another blog. But .  .  .  this one is different, very different and will be published, it's first 'piece' shortly. 

The blog is titled "The Rag and Bottle Shop" by Faith McCann. It will consist of short stories or even novellas all around a curious shop. This shop, called a Rag and Bottle shop, is what was once the forerunner of the modern thrift shop. Run by a witch named Catsandra who along with her two cats Balthasar and Abremelin, and a mouse Sir Pip run the shop. She accepts items scavenged by the poor and destitute in her town and she pays them for their items, cleans them and sells them along with potions, spells, charms and other necessary items. But occasionally Catsandra is required to travel about via her crystal ball to help wield justice in her community. 

The adventures Catsandra and her magical friends find themselves involved in seem to have no end. Of course!!! There is no association with any persons living or dead and ALL stories related are completely fictional and all of my imagination!! I mean cats and mice don't really talk, now do they? . . .  

I'll be posting the link to the new blog here before Yule, keep aa lookout, as well as on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other places people like to read!  Stay tuned, the stories from the Rag and Bottle Shop are coming your way soon.  Thank you, for being such loyal readers, Faith 

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