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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

When I need Magick Right Then and There!!

Ms. Faith 


It's so nice to be back! I have so many interesting stories to share. The ones from history are ones I find fascinating and then some, like this following one, are stories that I personally have experienced. 

People often ask if, as a witch, if we can do magick at will? Like a magician at a kid's party. The answer is normally no. Magickal manifestation normally takes time, work, focus, timing and a number of elements that when mixed together like a gourmet recipe, given time to bake,  will manifest into the desired outcome you need. 

Yet.  .  .  after 30 plus years of working the science of magick on a daily basis, things can be sped up. This is not 'instant magick'. No, it is a deeper understanding of quantum theory and understanding that the strings of the universal matrix that we pull at any given time can be pulled faster or slower, yet we must have what I call a knowing. Absolute knowing. No allowance for doubt or any uncertainty at all. Let me give an example of a recent time I used this concept. 

Last year, late summer, I was at my store, a small witch shop and gift shop with gardens surrounding. I had closed for the day and had been working in the garden for a couple of hours. I was tired, exhausted is more accurate a description. I cleaned up, and drove to the small local food market a few minutes away from my store and house. 

I was looking forward to getting home and having dinner. I knew once I was home, I would be done for the day! I shopped for an hour, and when finally I had picked up everything I needed I approached the line of cashiers. I had only been paying attention to my shopping so I failed to notice all the customers had moved to the outside of the store. They were lined up in front of the automatic cash dispensing machine outside the store. 

The cashier I approached, a young lady, asked me "Excuse me ma'am. How will you be paying for your groceries?" I thought 'what an unusual question!' "With my credit card." She said "I'm sorry, the system is down. We can only accept checks and cash." she smiled apologetically and indicated her manager who was standing near-by, her phone to her ear, apparently on the phone with the credit card machine company.  I have a credit card machine at my store so I know that systems go down. 

I don't carry cash, nor checks. I only had a credit card, not even an atm card. I did not have the energy nor inclination to go home, without my groceries, not with all of my groceries already chosen, ready to come home with me. My dinner was there waiting for me to bring it home! Oh no, this was going to go a different way. 

I politely smiled and said to the young clerk, "I understand, but could you just run my groceries through, please. Just run them through. It will be fine, no worries." I laugh now, thinking of her face as she looked at her manager, eyes wide, as she didn't quite understand why I wasn't following suit, as the other customers and herding out to wait in line at the atm machine. I was smiling, looking perfectly relaxed as if everything was completely normal. 

The manager, I think, to avoid a scene, told her to just run my groceries through. Perhaps she felt that after they were rung up and I had no way to pay that they would put them aside as I ran home or somewhere to get payment. I'm not sure, but I didn't even give it a thought. That's key to working magick such as this.  It never crossed my mind that my card would not work.  

I knew. Without a doubt. I was walking out of there, with my groceries paid for, in a matter of minutes. The manager and clerk stood as my groceries were tallied up, and when it came time to pay, I calmly slipped my card into the credit card machine and probably because I was so tired and feeling a bit silly by now, I looked at them both, said "I've got this, no problem" and waved my hand over the credit card machine! Haha I swear I did! The look on their faces was priceless! They were silently thinking, this woman has lost her mind, right here in the market! 

I knew before I waved my hand the transaction was going to go through. I simply knew it. There was no question in my mind. Once you can get your mind into that space, it can seem magickal what is possible. Yes, as you may have already guessed,  the machine flashed 'approved' and I took my card out. 

The clerk gasped loudly, looked excitedly at her manager and both said at the same time, "The system's up!!" The look they both gave me was one I have become used to in my over 30 years of being a practicing witch.  It is a look,  a mix of slight confusion along with surprise as if I had pulled a rabbit out of a hat, and a bit of nervousness.  I said as I took my receipt "I am so sorry, I did not mean to cause any trouble, I simply did not have time to bother with going home and coming back again. Thank you so much. I really appreciate everything."

The store employee who helped me to the car with my groceries, this is a pretty awesome market, commented on what I had done. I told him I owned the local witch shop. He said "really? Seriously?" I said, "Yes, send all your friends to Enchantments for all your magickal needs!" I was giggling by now. I was looking forward to going home, cleaning up and relaxing with a nice dinner. 

When one is a bystander, Magick can seem like a flash and bang if one is not aware of the strings of the Matrix with which are being pulled. It is a science, an art and a practice that is a lifetime one lives. It is not only what one does, but who one is, and the inner knowing of when one can pull certain strings, then knowing which strings to pull. These 'strings' I speak of are invisible, strings of vibration very much like the strings of a musical instrument, except the magickal practitioner works with the vibration that comes from the strings. It takes time and practice to become adept at this work. 

I am very certain that I was born a witch. My mother told me once, that when I was little, running around the house as she and my grandmother would watch me while they were sitting visiting and drinking coffee. She said one day, one of them, I am not sure which now, asked the other "Where did Faith come from?" my mother said because even at the youngest of age I was always different from all my other siblings and cousins, of which there are many. 

Everyone in my family was born with blond hair, blue eyes, and I was born with black hair and green eyes. They have since changed to hazel so they change from green to brown depending on what I am doing, apparently. I have been told. My hair lightened to auburn like my father's, but most definitely a throw back to some ancient ancestor of mine. I'm not sure who, but maybe she was magickal also!  

Thank you for reading my story! I will have another quite soon!! 

Have a safe and magickal rest of your week! 

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