The Contemporary New England Witch

The Contemporary New England Witch
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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Please Read my Latest! The Rag and Bottle Shop!

Greetings Magickal Readers, 

I have missed you! But I have been busy pondering, teaching, mixing potions, mastering new spells and writing! Yes, writing a New Blog!! 'The Rag and Bottle Shop' is a fictional, fantasy world where a witch owns a curious type of thrift shop, antique store, magickal shop. She has two cats Balthasar and Abramelin and a mouse Sir Pip, all whom she understands fluently. They help her run the shop and the adventures that happen border on the magickal and the societal. Catsandra does her best to walk the fine line of being compassionate and understanding while trying not to turn hateful, cruel people into toads! But, can she succeed in not being drawn to the dark side? Or is the light and dark found in all of us? Grab a cup of tea and sit down for the installments of the Rag and Bottle Shop. 

The installments will be published, in the manner, that Charles Dickens did, back in the 18th century. Weekly installments were published and printed and passed about. Commentary was sent in and he even changed the storyline according to how his readers related to the plot line and the characters.  Check out the first installment here:

I do have a few installments already written but any feedback, commentary and suggestions as to the path you might wish to see Catsanndra take would be welcome. If you enjoy her adventures please share the link with a friend. All comments will be moderated before publication. Please be kind, and supportive. 
Any hateful, cruel or offensive comments will be deleted and blessings will be sent to you! 

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