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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Monday, August 3, 2020

Having that Psychic Sight - the "Knowing"


There are times when simply during day to day activities, going about ones day you will get a 'vision' of things to come. It can be a difficult to discern these from daydreams, hopes, desires, fears, worries and other intrusive personal thoughts. Are they really psychic visions? 

My First Vision 

I can remember the first time I was aware of this happening to me. I was about 13 years old, sitting on the front steps of my home and reading a book. I grew up in the country, surrounded by woods, fields, farms and nature all around. I was always lost in a book all through my teens. I am a very visual reader so I visualize vividly when I read so it would have needed to be a strong image to break into my concentration. I suddenly saw a good friend walking down the long, dirt driveway that bordered the front lawn in front of me. I looked up, and was a little disappointed when I didn't see her. All I saw were fluttering leaves, bushes and swaying trees. It was a warm summer day. The kind that stretches on forever. I put the vision aside as it was only my imagination, but was caught up thinking at how clear and sharp the image was.  Yet she wasn't expected so I wasn't too disappointed. The image had flashed unbidden into my mind. Unrelated to the story I was reading, completely out of the blue. And sharp and strong enough to stop my mind from it's current work. Almost like a slap. I attempted to settle back into my story, every now and then glancing toward the drive. A strange feeling, like tingling going down my neck and spine. 

About 10 minutes later I heard a "hello!" and looked up. I saw my friend, and what was very cool, was she was dressed in the exact clothing I had seen her in, just 10 minutes before in my vision. I don't believe I ever said anything to my friend about this instance, as I normally didn't share these things with people at this stage in my life.  

The Lost Cell Phone 

Another time, as an adult a few years ago,  I needed to drop off some papers to a business associate. I had tried to call his cell but I couldn't get through. I finally made contact on the office phone. It was a filing deadline so it was time sensitive I get the paperwork to him in time. 

Do not text and drive!! 

When I got through he told me he had misplaced his cell. He was convinced he left it at a restaurant the day before at a business lunch. I immediately saw his phone deep in the seat crease of the car, driver's seat. That is how specific it was. I told him I saw it in his car seat, but he said he was pretty sure it was at the restaurant. I could tell he thought it was a mere suggestion. I had 'seen' it, an actual visual image in my mind's eye. 'Visions' can be visual, auditory, tactile where you feel something that doesn't appear to be there. You may smell something that isn't a smell that anyone else can smell, and at times a whole body experience can happen. 

 I made plans to meet him at his office and when I got there I called from the parking lot, as I was running late. He came down and I asked if he had found his phone. He said he hadn't had time to drive to the restaurant yet. I told him, "Just humor me. Where is your car?" He pointed across the lot. I said "Would you just go, please, check in the driver's seat of your car. Down in the crease of the seat. Just check, okay?" He gave me a look I have become used to. A look that says "humor the crazy lady, keep her calm." haha 

He went over to his car, opened the door and started to reach into the seat cushion. He reached deep and it seemed to take 5 minutes or more. Then with a flourish of his hand he raised it high in the air and he held his lost cell phone. 

I had already passed off the papers needed to file so with a wave I drove off and headed back to work. 

All of these instances have the same feeling. A sense of what I have come to term "knowing". No one needs to tell you when you are cold and uncomfortable, or too warm or have had enough to eat and are full. You simply know this, from paying attention to your body, your senses, your feelings.

Well one might say. . .  hunger, cold, too warm are physiological! Ha! Gotcha there. Easy to determine the cause of such. Yes. but what about emotions? We ask one another how they are feeling. We 'know' if we are happy, sad, feeling 'blah', bored, impatient, anxious, scared, etc.  It's a 'knowing' even if we are sitting there completely still and no expression, that another can determine. We alone 'know' how we are feeling within. 

This is the same as 'knowing' and feeling these things that will happen. The only difference? Is that for decades if not centuries we have been encouraged to 'listen to our feelings!". "Your feelings are valid and important."  We have an entire branch of medicine dedicated to our emotional, psychological well being. 

Yet, one layer deeper. It's just that subtle. One simple layer. The deeper feelings of 'knowing' something is about to happen, feeling, seeing, smelling, hearing, sensing something that is not there in the sense that anyone else can determine and Oh My! It must be your imagination, you must be out of your mind! 

Well, I answer skeptics with this response. Magick and the magickal realm and all it encompasses has been around as long as humans have. Nothing that does not work sticks around that long if it is not credible, in some respects. It just needs to be understood. 

A Sad Farewell (I write this at the request of my best friend who wanted to share this story) 

My best friend's father was in hospice and was in his last days in the hospital. He had been there for a number of days and the family was gathered with him, and as I did not wish to intrude I had not spoken with my friend, so I really did not know the status of his condition. One day during the week, I closed up the store  bit early. It seemed important that I close early. I called across town to a favorite Italian restaurant and ordered a couple of dinners for take out. I picked them up and went to the hospital. 

I wasn't really thinking except that whomever was keeping vigil would have a decent meal after the days of hospital food. But, it's important to note, it popped into my mind and I followed through. No going back and forth, should I, shouldn't I? I simply allowed the thought to manifest and followed through. 

It took a bit of time to get to the hospital, with traffic, then finding the room, and after getting a bit turned around I came to the correct floor, and found the nurses desk. The nurse showed me to the door, which was partially closed. When someone came to the door, it was my friend and she was shocked! I hadn't told her I was coming. 

I handed her the food and she told me that her father had, sadly, just passed. The family had just finished prayers and were getting ready to leave. She was going to go home with her mother. The food was just what they needed at such a time.  

The above examples are what I call "knowing". Having a sense of vision (seeing) hearing, smelling, feeling, in some fashion getting a sense of knowing something is going to happen before it does. And it does. 

The key is to recognize these 'visions', for a true vision. These happen suddenly, no extreme emotions involved. These are different from fears that might spontaneously pop up, or something you deeply desire and hope for and keep thinking you will get for a gift! 
I mentioned above one other type of psychic experience, a whole body vision or psychic experience that usually only lasts for a few moments. 

Foggy London

Sometimes, when many, many strings of vibrational energy 'twang' at just the right vibration, rhythm and speed it seems that it can create what some call synchronicity. This happened to me a few years ago. 

We had our old asphalt driveway removed and I had a trap rock drive put in. I feel it is better for the environment. The trap rock reminds me a bit of cobblestone when walking on it. The back of my house is stone and I have a large brass sun wall decoration hanging on the back. It will move in a bit of wind and make a clanging sound against the stone. 

One early evening I came home and walked out of the outer garage to walk across the drive to the house. It was twilight, and foggy. I remember my boot heels making a sharp rap on the ground, while the rest of the sounds seemed muffled. I stopped because I no longer wore boots, but flat shoes with no heels. I looked down and saw old grey cobblestones. 

As I stopped, I heard church bells, big, brass, old, heavy bells dong, dong, dong and first thought it was the large sun hanging on the back of the house. That had a higher clanging sound, these were the dong, dong of old brass bell clappers. I realized all of this within a few seconds. I was wearing a cloak and I hadn't worn one of my old cloaks in a few years. I had on short, black kid leather boots. I suddenly looked up! The sun seemed lower, trying to burn through the fog, but the twilight was descending and it seemed to be getting darker. 

There were tall walls around me, old dark, the air smelled acrid and sour. I knew I was in London, but hundreds of years ago, then another sound, a bird screeched and I was back in my driveway ready to take the next step. I had dropped one of the bags I was carrying and reached down to pick it up. The area opened up as my back driveway is open and spacious. The sky lightened. I was wearing the dress and shawl I had had on moments earlier. My little flat shoes were back on my feet, soundless. I straightened up, adjusted my bags and took a deep breath. 

I felt a bit different, yet I still knew it was a moment of 'knowing' whereas another might be tempted to brush it away as imagination or a day dream. It actually happened and is a memory as special today as the day it occurred. It has never re-occurred, not yet 

Without missing a step I continued into the house, put my packages away and prepared to make dinner. This is the first I believe I have mentioned that instance. Yes, such is the life of a witch. 

There are veils between the worlds, and there are times we find we can slip between them. Using that knowledge can help us in our day to day lives. 

These are some of the unusual, fun and interesting F Files I wish to share with you this week. I hope you enjoyed reading about them.  

Have a Magickal Week!! 

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