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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

When The Angels Came


I have worked with the Arch Angels in small ways over the years, but over the last couple of years of working with them, my work has become daily and more personal, most especially the Judaic angels. A brief synopsis if one is not familiar: the original intent of the angels is they are the intermediaries. The watchers. It was an ancient belief that the world was a layer of three worlds, and each layer was three layers. Without getting too deeply into another lecture about ancient philosophical spiritual beliefs, suffice to say the angels were the middle layer between the layer of human prayer and faith and the ultimate highest layer of divinity that is not reachable by human conception. 

The angels, Arch Angels precisely, are intermediaries, the conduits and the watchers. As watchers, they will watch and stand by silently, non judgmental, only interceding if asked by humans. Again, the history of mankind, the church and prayer explains why mankind has in many areas forgotten how to pray using the Arch Angels, and again that is another lecture. I started working very closely with the angels. Micha' ël, Rapha'ël and Gavri'ël and Chamu'ël are the four that came to visit during this story. 

Micha'ël is the Arch Angel that can grant protection, power, the touch of the holy of the holiest,to keep harm away.  Rapha'ël has the ability to heal, bring good and strong health, to keep one healthy, to keep harm and injury and sickness away. Rapha'ël also is one who will go on a trip or use travel to aid one, in some way.  Gavri'ël is the angel of communication, who aids one in messages that will benefit one and also bring aid using the voice and sound.  Chamu'ël is the angel of love, who aids with all over loving energy that encompasses all. 

This is the story of how they came and visited and warned me. I am convinced if they had not, I would not be writing this story. I would not be alive to tell this story. They not only came to warn me, they came again after everything was over, to reaffirm their presence. 

The omen came on a Thursday afternoon. While working in the kitchen ritual space of Enchantments I had been alone in the shop all day. It was later in the afternoon and I had looked up and saw on the threshold of the door leading back into the retail space of the store a yellow feather. Simply lying there. 

I had been finishing up writing a very special poem, one that had deep meaning for me. It referred to the history of the destruction of an ancient temple and the imagining it restored in the future. I saw the feather, and knew as it was bright yellow, laying in a very significant place, it was an important omen. A threshold is a special place where omens are often delivered. 

I needed to make sure. I did some quick research and verified that feathers were indeed strong omens, yes, yes .  .  .  on the thresholds, even more important.  .  .  oh my goodness! Yellow!! The Most Important, PAY ATTENTION NOW!! Omen you can get! I admit I sat there in the kitchen, and thought "Oh crap! What fresh hell is coming my way?" 

I took a picture. 

What I found most interesting is I had been in the kitchen and back and forth in the store all day, and never once went near the feather display. They are tightly fixed in a container, and for it to appear where it did, not having been there before, well this has never happened in 16 years. I knew right away something was telling me something. Only what? 

I was certainly diligent the rest of the day. Nothing untoward happened. Yet I knew, to be on guard and pay close attention to anything that happened, no mattered how innocuous that it may seem. To look out for anything out of the ordinary. 

The next day nothing unusual happened, only my friend, J, called to chat a bit. Not a typical thing as we normally see each other and spend time in person. She had a question about flowers for a visit to her father's grave as he had passed the year before and it was his birthday. She asked if they should be red or white. The wording 'red or white flowers' would come back to me later, as I went over the events that were to unfold as the night went on. At the time I suggested white flowers, we chatted a bit more, hung up and I got ready to leave for home. 

I closed up the shop, checked on the cats of Enchantments, topped off their dry kibble and water and put the trash in the dumpster. All was closed up, and I put my bags in my vehicle. I started to drive down the drive of the shop and when I got to the end, I stopped. Ever since I had hung up from talking to my friend, I had been getting a feeling, almost an uneasiness that had been slowly building. I had initially felt it was an urgency to get home as it was Friday night and I had had a long week. I had not stayed longer at work as I was apt to typically do, and had closed right at 5 pm. Yet, as I paused at the end of the drive, instead of turning left to go home, I kept my foot on the brake and called home. 

I told my husband I was going to my friend's, J's,  house. The one who had called earlier. Just like that! I told him she and I were going to order take out and watch a movie. Then I called her and asked if she wanted company. She was excited for the unexpected visit. The funny thing is, I tend to be a person who is more planned out than spontaneous. Yet that night I simply could not turn left at the end of the drive. I had to turn right, and drive to her house. I had to. It was a compulsion  at this point. This was Friday night, January 17th. 

Yet, after all of the years I have lived a magickal life, I don't fight or try to rationalize when I get these feelings, as more of these stories will demonstrate. I simply follow the way which feels right. So, I called my friend, we ordered Chinese and I turned right out of the drive and headed to her house. 

We had the start of a nice evening eating dinner, chatting about many things and watching some television. It's important to interject at this point that as a creature of habit, especially in the winter time, every evening by 7 - 7:30 pm my husband and I are having dinner, sitting on the sofa watching TV and relaxing. Our two cats are also there with us, enjoying our company. This is my regular evening easily 95% of the year, yes I know, such an exciting witch I am!! 

So, we were talking, enjoying our evening, I had forgotten about my uneasy feeling as everything was good with my friend. My phone rang around 7:40. My husband called. He was coughing a bit, and almost laughing, I know now with shock. I asked if everything was okay? 

He told me that the plaster ceiling in our living room had just fallen down! The entire ceiling! In one fell swoop. I was at first, disbelieving, how could that possibly be!? Had something hit the house? We live in a brick ranch house. He said no, he had been in his office watching TV and on the computer. He was okay, but coughing from the air thick with dust. I quickly asked about the cats and they were okay also. He had gone into the immediate wreckage before he called me, to try to reach underneath tons of slabs of plaster laying on top of the leather sofa for our kitten.  She had started a new habit of sleeping there while waiting for me to come home after work but  she had been downstairs with our other cat. Thankfully! 

I went home, doubly thankful that I had not been there when it happened. I appreciated having time to prepare myself and brace for what I would walk into. This happened in mid January, so holiday decor was still up, we had just started taking down the tree. 

I admit even now the war zone I walked into when I came home looked as I imagine a bomb going off would look. The most shocking was the heavy slab of concrete like plaster inches thick laying over the sofa where we would have been sitting had I been home. No one would have survived being in that room. I found myself riveted to the doorway of the room for long minutes just looking, and looking that night and over the course of the next weeks. 

What was amazing, besides the fact no one was injured.  .  .   at all. Was that nothing besides the ceiling collapse was damaged. The TV, glass candle sticks, small decorations, the china cabinet, all the antique china within, the Grandfather clock, the furniture, nothing was seriously damaged. 

We called our home improvement guy, who showed up right away the next day and work started with the clean up and restoration. I overhead the workmen talking when they were doing the demolition work. It took a bit of work for them to break up and remove the slab laying on the sofa where we normally sit. They said no one would have survived had they been in the room when the ceiling came down. I felt a shudder go down my spine. 

Our living room measures appx 12' x 24' and was built in 1950. The plaster in those days is more like cement than the white chalky material we think of in art class as plaster. This was several tons of a deadly cave in. A small piece less than a foot square was startlingly heavy. 

There was a bit of stress when the insurance company initially told us that after decades of paying premiums it would not be a covered claim. Somehow, no matter how upsetting that could have been, I knew everything would be alright. I just knew. No matter how messy, how unsettling, how disruptive, everything would be okay. 

I also knew by this time that the Arch Angels I have been working with had warned me. Thinking back over the events leading up to the ceiling collapse, I remember my friend asking about "red or white flowers" and remembered how that was always a sign that my closest angels were communicating with me. Some people find pennies, others see various signs, like certain birds and one of mine are red and white flowers in any fashion. That was one. 

The yellow feather was another strong "Hey! Pay attention, Beware!" omen and I did.  

This is what we survived. What the angels warned me of: 

One can see the heavy slab on the sofa where we would have been sitting. Where we would have been is not even visible in this picture. 

But .  .  .  the end of this story is the best part!  

I carved a special candle with many symbols, anointed it with Spikenard Oil, charged it during the correct planetary hour for complete healing for the room and then had a special discussion with four Arch Angels. Rapha'ël to allow for total and complete healing of the room and all the damage that had been created seen and unseen. Gavri'ël for the energies of communication to flow forth and be heard by any of those who were involved with the claim and needed to hear and be understanding that we only were asking to be made whole and asking for nothing extra. Micha'ël, the most powerful of all the angels to oversee any workings you do for added protection, power and to surround you with Divine energy. Then Chamu'ël for Love, as that is the foundation and the glue for all spiritual, magickal workings. It is the spark and helps direct things quickly past obstacles. 

That is how the angels work.  Simply ask aloud for their help. Place before them your needs and requests and they will assist you in achieving your desires. 

They will not intercede though if you do not ask for their help.  I did give it great thought as I do not do magick or work with the angels lightly. Yet, I am not of the mind that they should only be asked or worked with during the most dire of life's circumstances. Indeed, prayer, magick, like any skill or muscle becomes stronger with practice, weaker with lack thereof. 

I asked for direct action to help the insurance company and anyone that may need to deal with our claim to do so with an open heart, an open mind, and understanding and knowledge of the right thing to do, as justice and right decree. I was not manipulating or asking for anything not deserving. At times though people tend to get caught up in things and may not give every case, or project on their desk the full attention it is due. My magick simply made sure a bright light was shone on our claim so the right eyes would see it and what ever was determined to be just and right would come through. The final prayers were answered and my angelic messages came to me. 

What is really crazy is the day before, Thursday February 13, I received a call from the insurance adjuster and he said the claim was not covered. There were still some reports to review but so sorry. I still, did not feel this was true. Then, the angels came to me on Friday February 14th, a full month after the ceiling collapse, another Friday, another end of the day. I also found it significant that they visited on the most famous day of love. This was their last, most obvious visit concerning this situation. 

I was leaving the shop and as I got in my vehicle I checked my emails. I had received one from the insurance company, saying the claim was paid for completely! Well, that was a turn around! Great! All would be reimbursed and covered. I could feel a sense of relief and calm settle over me. 

I sat in the parking lot and said out loud 'I thank the angels for listening and helping me. Thank you Micha'ël for the protection and success, Rapha'ël for healing the house completely, Gavri'ël for allowing the communication to flow freely. and always Chamu'ël for Love." Thank you Arch Angels for working with me. Blessings."  

I slipped my phone into the slot in the visor above and tapped the YouTube video button to listen to my rotating playlist of music as I made my way home. 

I put the vehicle into drive and pulled down the drive. I needed to pause at the driveways end to wait for traffic to clear and as I waited I realized I was listening to a song that was really beautiful, and it caught my ear. I hadn't heard it before and as I was sitting waiting for traffic to clear, I had the opportunity to look up to see the name of the song. What I saw made me stop. My breath caught, my thoughts stopped, my body froze. 

I saw the YouTube channel, and it was named  'MICHA' ËL', and the profile picture circle was of the Arch Angel Micha'ël holding his sword.  This was not a song I had in my playlist, I had never heard it before and had never seen this channel before! 

Ah, mmmm. . . . I put the vehicle into park. I sat there for several moments. After having just verbally said thank you to the arch angels, and then, less than 60 seconds later, looking up and seeing the Chief Arch Angels name, spelled correctly along with an image of him, to me .  .  .  was the same as if my phone rang through and he said "Hey Faith, Micha'ël here. Yes, heard your thanks, you are welcome. Got your back. No worries"   That is exactly how it felt and still feels. 

It started with a yellow feather on a threshold, ended with a YouTube channel, that by the way I can't find again.  In the middle I was given a greater appreciation for life! 

That, is one of the stories of when the Angels came to visit! 

I hope you find the magickal today! 

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