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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

A Phenomenon Called "The Dropping of The Crosses"

There are a number of phenomenon that can be perceived as spiritual or mystical, and this discussion will cover one, The situation of spontaneous breaking of spiritual or religious jewelry without apparent accident or cause is an ancient phenomenon which has become to be known as the "dropping of the crosses" which many Christians will claim to be a Christian phenomenon but it seems to cross all religious and spiritual paths.

Historically it has been written that when ones wears a religious symbol such as a crucifix, or other religious pendant as a necklace around the neck, and it falls off, usually from the chain breaking, but not with it getting caught or pulled, or any seeming reason or direct cause it is never considered coincidental. For as people share experiences with one another it is often found during these times, these short phases of time, usually over the course of a few days to a week, that others, many others also experience the same phenomenon, during the same period of time!

This, though, does not simply happen to necklaces. It happens to any piece of jewelry that has spiritual significance to the wearer, and I have seen it happen, and have heard stories of it happening to rings, bracelets, brooches, hair pieces any piece of jewelry that has religious or spiritual significance.  It does not seem to matter if the piece is well made and an expensive piece or an inexpensive piece. Also, among this phenomenon are pieces that do not break or are unbreakable and they simply disappear! Never to be seen again.

Now, you may well ask, how is this significant? It is believed by some who study spiritual evolution of the soul,  along with past life regression and working with the akashic record that some people will come to a place in their lives, and perhaps more than one time in their lives,  where they reach another spiritual level of being. I am careful not to say or infer that one is stepping "up" but merely reaching yet another spiritual level for them, different from where they had been prior. It is up to them to determine if the level they have reached is a better place from where they had been, and it is nice when that happens, but it is not always the case for all.

I believe even the most traumatic experiences can be healing and life affirming if one can take time to sit aside, in quiet and contemplation. I do not mean meditation, but focused, active, conscious contemplation of what you have experienced, how it has affected you, what you have learned, and how it can best benefit you and the world you interact with.

Pay attention to any pieces of jewelry that suddenly breaks, becomes lost, shatters, or becomes unable to be worn, is most important to note if the piece is of spiritual or religious significance. Especially pieces that have been consecrated or spiritually blessed in some way. Also any piece of jewelry that has been worn without being removed for 28 days, a lunar month, is considered as blessed and consecrated as if a Priest or Priestess had done so.

When this happens to me, and it has happened before, this past time over a 72 hour period every ring and bracelet dropped, broke, disappeared! I replaced, fixed some and other pieces I put aside until the energy dissipates but it was a nice place I found myself in afterwards. I do not like having my jewelry suddenly broken or lost but the lightness of being that overcame me afterwards was worth the experience preceding it.  Interestingly that the "Dropping of the Crosses" for me came at the very end of October a typically frenetic, intense, stress driven month in my business and I had spent many moments in quiet contemplation trying to find my love of humanity, in light of so much human created tragedy, and a sense of peace and tranquility.

If you walk this path of magick and wonder, looking for the way of the witch there is no way to do so without growing spiritually and to do so you have to continually shed the old skin of the past, and grow new again. The waxing and then waning we work with every month.

I think the more we do this, the more our jewelry will "drop" and we will be required to get new!! 

I will soon write a discussion on all of the magicks one can do with old, broken or unwanted silver jewelry. It can and has been used for centuries in many magickal ways and I will share these with you soon.

Blessings, Ms. Faith               Remember Always to Live, Laugh and Always Love!! 

Especially Under the Full Moon Think of Me! 


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