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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Let's Go Deeper Into Why Cursing Simply Does Not Work

Good Evening My Witchy Reader,

My last discussion was all about why witches do not cast curses, and the karmic feedback to be expected if we were to do so. But it goes deeper than just not doing something because it is not appropriate or the right thing to do. Goodness knows, if I just told you not to do something because it was a no no, many would flock to do so, just because.  We are human, and as when we were children, just being told not to do something was almost a banner of "I dare you to".

Witchcraft is a science. Though a scientist today, in his or her white coat and laboratory might pooh pooh that concept, it truly is.  A scientist that works with physics especially the areas of quantum physics will tell you that what we do and what they do are very similar. We both work with creating needed change, or desired change just by using our will, along with other natural elements along with some 'magick' or ritual element. Mix it all together and voila', in a specific period of time, change will manifest.

Well, back to why we do not curse.  We do not curse, because if you understand the base element of casting a spell, we send out from ourselves what we wish to return to us. Think about that. It is like a boomerang.  The same is very true for curses, when we attempt to send them out and away from us, directed at another, they do return to us. So, I guess you could say they do manifest, but they come back to us. That is like setting a fire and putting our hand into the flames. Why would we do that? We wouldn't unless we were too ignorant to understand what would happen.

Even when we send healing energies and spells out to others, the energy does return back to us. The healing energies are around the person should they wish to absorb some of the healing, yet one They have to be aware of this, and two: they have to be willing and accepting to take this healing in. If not, to any of the above, it will not work.

Curses have a long history and those who are familiar with psychology also know that there is one very necessary component for a so called curse to be effective on it's intended target. The target needs to know the curse was cast on them. When this is the case, a psychological phenomenon happens when the person believes they are cursed so they 'see' the curse in every unfortunate thing that happens to them, every unlucky thing they encounter, even spilling a cup of coffee can take on monumental proportions as the believe the curse is developing and getting stronger in their lives. The truth is, these things would have happened anyways, but without the 'curse' component, they would simply been trivial, unimportant things with no significance.

History has also given us legend and lore of curses and all sorts of terrible things witches can do to control and wreak havoc in people's lives, yet with the millions who lost their lives over many centuries, accused of witchcraft,   there is a strong suspicion that the simple herb woman or the beggar woman may have fabricated these tall tales in an attempt to keep people coming to them for charms and magickal cures as well as keeping them from trying to harm them for fear some sort of curse would befall them or their family.

For whatever reason the legends and lore of curses and evil spells may have proliferated throughout the centuries one thing is certain today. If curses and harmful spells really worked, truly worked as some would have you believe? Then I assure you, given the condition of human nature, and considering how many adults are prone to childish, vengeful, retaliation, payback and pettiness, if those types of spells did work, then we would have them as part of our day to day life, as common as taking daily vitamins.  Goodness knows every politician who didn't get his way would be curse casting before every election! Sounds ridiculous? Because it is.

We send out positive, loving, compassionate, caring, helpful energy because that is what our world grows upon. That is what we as humans grow upon.  Energies of anger, hatred, bitterness, violence, are all low vibrational energies and will eventually consume themselves and the host within which they reside.

So, it is a fine thing to speak out against hatred and intolerance, as I myself do often. Yet, I would never bring myself to curse someone or to be drawn into a mass cursing or hexing, as to do so demonstrates an inability to think for myself, to make my own decisions and to stand up to others when I know what they are doing is wrong.

As Mahatma Gandhi once said " Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth"

This path, Witchcraft, has been known for many years as "The Craft of the Wise" and that means one is responsible for studying, learning and growing in understanding. It has little to do with dressing up in black or witchy clothing, wearing pentacles around your neck and speaking in vague, arcane languages designed to confuse others. That, my friend is simply a power trip you are on, should you fall into this category, and do not find yourself with your witchy nose in a book or a reputable website learning from magickal masters who truly know the craft.

And, I will say it, and say it loud, right now. ANY ONE who advocates a mass hex, or teaching students how to curse another is not a magickal master in fact they are not even a teacher of the craft and should simply hang up their broom, or wand or pentacle and enter a religion where hating and harming others is more acceptable, because they are not doing the Goddess' work. They are not wanted in the Craft of the Wise and are not a witch. They are all we have worked against for decades, those who have given us a bad reputation.

 It does not matter if your intended target is a crazed, misogynistic, demagogue bent on destroying our country. Hating him is the exact same as hating anyone and hate simply begets hate and it does not bring about anything good. There are other ways to make change, even magickal change, but manipulative magick and cursing is never acceptable. It is not acceptable should others wish to do it to us, so why is it acceptable for us to do it to another?  A true magickal master, worthy of teaching others does not teach anything grey except for self defense and protection.  No matter how they try to spin their intentions.

If you are reading this and call yourself a witch and yet are even considering cursing another, please take some time alone to serious reconsider your actions and the path you walk. This is not what we are about and we never have been.

I again, hope to see you on the other side.  We all make mistakes and we can all get wrapped up in the hysteria, remember Salem Village 1692, but we do not have to take part in the hangings. We can step aside and make another choice. I hope you do so.

May the light within shine forth, Bright Blessings, Ms. Faith

Live, Laugh and Always Love

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