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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Saturday, February 25, 2017


Greetings My Witchy Reader,

Well a time comes in every author's day as well as every witch teacher, or High Priestess as my official title is called, where we must face difficult topics and at times, stand in the face of controversy even against those who claim to walk the same path as ours.

With the current political energy in our country, and the newest Presidential Administration, there are many people who are magickal, environmentalists, lovers of humanity, lovers of animal kind, lovers of diversity, those of us who abhor hate, prejudice, misogyny, ignorance who have very real concerns with what is happening in Washington D.C. today.

My title of this blog post is very deliberate and very specific. REAL witches do not curse, as we do not need to. We know better. We also know magick that can benefit us, and the world around us without reverting to childish, crap fiction curses and harming rituals that give the curse caster for a moment a feeling of power but like a drug or a bottle of alcohol which only works for the user for a short period of time without affecting any change against anyone else.

Yes, I am Wiccan. But I am not speaking of Wicca, but of the science of witchcraft. The karmic feedback, that what you send out comes back to you.  That law of return is not Wiccan or religious or spiritual at all. It is basic physics. It works like gravity. Pick up a rock. Hold it at waist level. Open your hand. The rock will drop. Every. Single. Time.  Is this religion? No. Is this spiritual? Of course not. It is a law of the universe. Just like karma.

I, personally, do not like what the current President is doing, feeling like many others do. But, it is a sign of helplessness, of powerlessness, of inexperience with understanding of the workings of the metaphysical world when one decides to do such a thing, such as cast a curse at another. Lately, I have seen many people, some older, seemingly experienced, who are so upset with the nature our current affairs that they are reverting to calling for mass curses, even binding spells, some even citing the witches of Great Britain who cast spells along the coast line to prevent Hitler's troops from landing ashore. What these potential curse casters today are attempting to do is nothing like what the witches of Great Britain did during WWII. Those witches were protecting their country from the impending invasion of a murderous enemy whose prior actions were well understood would cause death and destruction to millions. THAT is not what is happening in the United States today, as much as some dislike this current President.

He is not invading a foreign country, us, he was elected by our accepted process, whether we like it or not.  If we do not like it, there are avenues we can follow to cause change. I would like to ask each and every, so called magickal person who is in agreement with casting a curse thinking it will do some good, if they have ever picked up the phone and called their Senator or Representative, or have they written a letter to their Congressmen? Have they joined their political party's local committee and worked during an election? Have they read up and really learned what the issues are, how our government really works, what our laws are, what our Constitution says, what our constitutional rights are and have they run for elected office?

All of these things are far more effective than burning a candle and ripping up a picture of the "enemy" and sending curses and hatred and negative energies that will only return back to you, and most quickly too.  There is a little known magickal understanding, that if you send our harmful magick, deliberately orchestrated ritualistic, magickal energy designed to harm another, or to manipulate another's behavior, as we do not get to decide what another gets to do, any more than they get to decide what we get to do, your magickal ability will be taken from you, never to return,

You will meet those who used to work magick, but have left that path. Usually saying, it doesn't work, it's all made up, a hoax, a fantasy and more tall tales than not. Or, you will hear stories how they had done a spell and all sorts of horrible things started to happen to them and they ran as fast as they could never to touch magick again. Yes, that's how it works, many times.

We are able to use magick to protect ourselves from direct physical harm, our home and our immediate family that lives with us, and is in need of our help i.e. unable to help themselves, such as a child or an elderly relative.

We cannot use magick for revenge, for pay back, for pique (which is what much of the current desire to cast curses at the President and his cabinet is what it really comes down to) because if we were really honest and we step back from all the heightened emotion and look at things with a realistic eye, if magick worked like that then could we not cast curses to stop every murderer, stop every child molester, every animal abuser? On the other side of the coin, could we not cast beneficial spells to feed every starving child on the earth, heal every sick person, house every homeless soul?

If you are paying attention, it will start to make sense, magick works, but not like that. Simply because magick works for us personally, for our own needs. To bring us protection on a personal level, to bring us loving energies, to help us heal, to give us abundance. Magick does not work, primarily for large groups of people as not everyone in a large group feels the same way. The same reason applies why most witches do not cast money spells to win the lottery, as every person who plays has just as much need and right and desire to win, as everyone else.

We do not get to cast spells to change what the American people have wrought, even though some of us have seen the future writing on the wall and have a very good idea of the potential damage that can and may be done. We do not get to cast spells because we do not like our bosses decision not to give us bonuses at the end of the year, or to cast a curse because a husband has cheated on us or lover has left us for another.  We do not get to play with magick like that, ever, at all. To do so, shows a lack of maturity, a lack of knowledge of the science of witchcraft and a lack of impulse control akin to being like a child.

Yet, cast a spell if you need to.  And, like all spells, cast it on yourself. Cast a spell of love, understanding, acceptance, understanding, peace, beauty, compassion, beauty and most of all patience, as this too shall pass and when it does, should you refrain from giving into your darkest side with it will come a deeper wisdom and a greater understanding.

I hope, when this is over, I find you still on the magickal path.

Love, Laugh and Always Love, Ms. Faith

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  1. Thank you for this dear. I did cast a spell, but I cast it for love and understanding not for destruction. Initially I wanted to join the cause, but spent time thinking of the ramifications it could cause not only myself personally, but the magickal community as a whole.

    Many of our colleagues will not like this post, but I salute your bravery for speaking out!

    The Brightest Blessings to You!


    1. Thank you Eric, and oh how true that! Some of our colleagues did indeed dislike this post, but it actually gained almost 13,000 page views in a month and a lot of discussion in the magickal world so I think it had the desired impact. For my goal was not to stop people from casting curses, as I said people will do as they choose, but my goal was to have people look at their actions with perhaps a different view point, and then proceed as they choose, as every witch, worth their salt, will do! Bright Blessings and thank you and everyone for your comments, both positive and challenging!

  2. Cast to reveal their Truth ! That's what everyone needs to see ... their Truth !

  3. So beautifully said. I am a witch of a certain age, Croned several years ago. All who rightfully bear that title will see the wisdom in what you have written here. Blessed be.

  4. You're speaking from Wiccan beliefs (i, too, am a Wiccan High Priestess). But while we believe in the law of 3 and karma, there are witches who do not. Just because they don't follow the law of three doesn't make them bad witches, just bad Wiccans. I believe that karma will affect them, but they dont. There are witches (particularly in Vaudun) who believe they can curse without repercussions; just because we don't believe it doesn't make them not witches. Your topic statement is thus flawed. Some real witches do curse.

    Good article otherwise.

  5. I agree with you wholeheartedly. All this binding and cursing will do is put us all in a bad light and we do not need that kind of negativity out there. Shame on them!

  6. No. WICCANS do not curse. You know Wicca? The gentrification of magick created in the 1950s? Other types of witches, yes real witches, can and do curse. Cursing has a long history in just about every magick tradition from Druidry to Voodoo. Just because I do not follow Wicca, and do things differently than your tradition, doesn't mean that I am not a "real witch".

  7. I think you missed the fact that what was suggested was doing a binding spell. There is considerable difference between them. I know from personal experience. Both work quite well when needed.

    And old Witch saying was, "A Witch who cannot Curse, cannot Heal."

    Amulets and charms, spells-both positive and negative, medical potions were part and parcel of a old Witch's repertoire. She was paid for this service, unlike modern day Wiccans trapped in the old Hippy idea that it all should be free. Witches were practical people and it was always a paid craft.

    So while you may speak for yourself, and how you practice,you cannot speak for all other Witches, you simply have no authority to do so for all Witches, or even most Wiccans.

    The Wiccan Rede, which by the way meant as advice, was never a Wiccan law. It came several years after Gerald Gardner invented his form of Witchcraft, later called Wica, with one C, still later called Wicca. Nothing in Wicca denies self defense to whatever level of action that is required. Remember the Witches of England, during World War II, did a binding spell on Hitler and his military leaders, to prevent him and them from invading England.

    I am sure it was far more carefully done than anything modern Wiccans can do, as it requires quite a bit more than one ceremony to accomplish. The same is true for those who claim to be doing magic to help and protect our 45th President.

    I was fortunate enough to see the Museum of Witchcraft, but after Gardner's death, in the Isle Mann before it closed. That was in the Summer of 1968. It was one of the things that led me to become Wiccan.

  8. Thank you so much for writing these words as that sort of behavior gives us a very bad name again. Sending you lots of love from the Netherlands.

  9. Thank you. A sane voice in a sea of chaos! What you said mirrors what I have tried to impart to my own community. Sometimes it seems Pagans are so apathetic when it comes to anything political but that is a "Luxury" none of us can afford in thiss time. We have to make our voices heard where it will have the most effect, and holding a circle and casting a spell in front of Trump Tower isn't going to do that. And you are right.. Group magick usually devolves into Chaos as not everyone has the same focus or intent, it is fragmented at best and so are the results. Most often causing harm to the caster and people close to them and making the situation worse. Yes what I've seen some of the newer "Elders" doing makes me as uneasy as the object of their working does, but I know the fight I am taking right to their doorstep will be effective and no one else will suffer the consequences of incorrect action. Keep teaching it the way you are! Blessings of Light and Lucidity!

  10. Wow! What an incredibly powerful post. I am of the understanding that we, as magickal beings, do not curse others or seek to cause harm directly or indirectly. But the rest of the post dealing with the way magick works was beautiful!! So simply put but so deep in meaning when you sit back and think about everything pragmatically.

  11. I would like to thank everyone who commented. Some of the comments were positive, some not so much, but anyone who commented, even in disagreement, and was open and honest enough to put their name and not cast insults, and unfounded assumptions behind a wall of 'anonymous' was published. If your comments were not published it is simply because of potentially harmful, damaging content that new people to the path may read and actually believe. No, If you want to spew your negativity and rationalize doing WRONG, no matter how you wrap it up in history and your belief that you have every right to do so, do it on your blog or on your website, not mine. Frankly, even a criminal can rationalize his misdeeds, that does NOT make his crimes right, or appropriate. Cursing, Hexing to harm another, and NOT DONE in personal self defense is just as bad as committing a crime because you feel you were insulted or slighted, so you will strike back to hurt and harm. Childish and petty. And I am more witch than Wiccan, in many ways, and have seen and know how the principles of magick work, not how I want them to. There is a difference. #45 will cause his own downfall, but when he does for those of the 'magickal community' that then crow that they had something to do with it, it will backlash on all of us for decades and we will not live to see ourselves ever reach the level of acceptance we once had, we will destroy ourselves, this time and not have the witch hunters to blame.