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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Signs of Spring and Some History of our Earth's Weather

Good Afternoon My Witchy Reader,

We find ourselves in the beginning of March and the temperatures are mild and there has been little snow for two years in a row. Of course there is the inevitable talk of global warming, and I do not disagree with that.  Or that humans have contributed to some of it. Yet, it is important to realize that over the earth's approximate 4.54 billion years of existence, we know of at least 5 separate ice ages, which when they receded, allowed for .  .  .  global warming.

Of course, I am not an environmental scientist, all I can speak on is what I have experienced myself and what I have researched of the earth's long, complex history in regards to it's weather. As a witch, we are somehow very attuned to the changes that take place in nature, or at least those of us who are nature based witches.

I can go out, in the seemingly middle of winter, say in February, and see signs of springtime, where others see cold and snow, ice and desolate winter, and I can see signs of Spring, everywhere. This year it is even easier. The Canada geese have flown back from points South, other birds are starting to appear. I am on the lookout for the mighty robin who is always a harbinger of spring, but I have yet to see him. He is more apparent come April or even May.

This year, the sap in the trees have started to flow earlier, and the maple sugar farmers are already harvesting and making maple syrup for the season. I saw my first bee today and I can already smell the earth thawing and starting to ripen, getting ready for the seeds and plants to start growing for the upcoming growing season.

We are coming up to the Spring Equinox, Ostara, one of our Spring celebrations, which is closely associated with the Christian celebration of Easter. But where the Christian Easter focuses on the death and Resurrection of their Christed one, in one celebration.  We focused on the death of our God, the God of the Harvest back in September, at Mabon, and now we are wholly focused on the resurrection, if you will, of the earth with Her green grass, the baby birds being born, the spring lambs and calves being birthed in the fields and the awakening of the new life in the natural world around us. Tree buds are beginning to fatten and getting ready to burst out into leaf, the rivers and streams are rid of their ice coverings and are rushing and over running their banks. In some places earthworms have come to the surface of the ground and have started to turn the soil, and the earliest spring flowers, such as Cyclamen and Primrose are blooming in the gardens.

As a witch, I do care about the Earth, and worry that mankind is over burdening Her with our waste and disregard for Her, as we live along with Her not in spite of Her. But as a student of the Earth's human species over the billions of years it has turned in the space of our galaxy, I also know we are not the first humanoid species to walk this Earth, and most likely we will not be the last. When we as humans say we have developed technology to the point of destroying the Earth, I clarify that. We have developed technology to the point of being able to wipe out the human race from the face of the Earth, but She will continue to orbit and continue to spin and eventually other humanoid races will come to populate the Earth as we once did. We can destroy ourselves, but we can not destroy our world, though we are arrogant enough to believe we can do so.

The Earth really is the greatest witch of us all. She is the Great Earth Mother, who was here at the beginning and will be here at the end of all existence, 'before time was.'

So, for the time being, go out of doors, or if you are not able, go to your window and look outside and simply observe, spring time, and try to see it starting to burgeon and 'spring' forth, bringing with it, a new season, a new day and for some a new phase of their lives. For each new season can indeed, be a new chapter for you to write, a new part of your story.

So, as you look out the window, and see the new growth all around you, do as we do. Use it as a metaphor for your life. How will it manifest in your life as a new beginning? A new start? A fresh, clean, empty page ready to be written upon, by you.

Look outside and see the new, tiny, beginnings of spring and then look inside and see the new ideas, concepts, plans and dreams within you, that you wish to bring to life. Start planning now, and get ready to plant those seeds.

Happy Spring! Ms. Faith

Live, Laugh and Always Love

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