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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Sunday, February 12, 2017

What We Do With Magick Has Been Proven Scientifically in the Labratory

Good Evening My Witchy Reader,

My, what a provocative title! But I do believe it is true. What we do, or attempt to do with magick is to use natural items, such as stones, crystals, herbs, essential oils, candles, and ritual and energy mixed with our direct focused thoughts, what some like to call 'intentions' to create needed change through manifestation.  We use magick to change our lives for the better. Another way of putting it, is we use magick to make changes that we couldn't have done just on our own.

Well, a Japanese scientist a Doctor by the name of Masaru Emoto has conducted experiments with water, music and various other materials over the past 20 years that has shown that our thoughts, our energy directed at something, as in the case I will discuss tonight, water molecules, can make change. Drastic, remarkable change.

What Dr. Emoto did with his water experiments, I will describe briefly. He took water that was double distilled, so it was considered as pure as possible. He would observe the water molecules under the microscope and they appeared normal. He then froze them to see what form they would take. They would take on a crystalline shape, as was expected.  Through his experiments he decided to start 'thinking' about the water droplets in various ways. he started labeling the samples of water with different phrases such as one was labelled "I love you", one was labelled "You are beautiful", one "You are ugly, I hate you", one "I will kill you" and so on.

He would take each sample and spend time with each thinking of the phrase and saying it out loud and thinking of the phrase. Then he would attempt to freeze the water to be able to see the molecule more clearly under the microscope. What he saw astonished him. The samples that had positive, beautiful words and thoughts directed at them were beautiful snowflake like designs, whereas the samples that had mean, dark energies and thoughts directed at them were misshapen, discolored, ugly and some even looked like sludge.

He did not manipulate the water samples with any additives, or even touching the water.  The samples were only spoken to and thoughts directed at them. Now, my research into this finds that there are those who dismiss Dr. Emoto's claims, which while seemingly irrefutable, we know these days that there are those who will dispute the color of the sky if it further's their own agenda.

I believe Dr. Emoto's research, which has evolved to include the effect of music on water molecules, among other experiments involving emotions and thoughts, words and energies directed at humans by other humans. If you consider the human body, doctors tell us we are physically made up of more than 70%  water. So, taking into account Dr. Emoto's research, we can follow it further and see that words directed at us, by others or even negative self speak by yourselves can in turn poisonous in our bodies. The opposite is also true with beautiful thoughts and words.

Now there is yet to be direct correlation made proving that negative emotions cause physical ailments, but today leading cancer specialists are using alternative methods such as  motivational and inspirational therapy, massage therapy, feel good activities to help accelerate their patients healing process. Though while not clinically proven as of yet, doctors are seeing positive results when the patient is happier, feeling loved, wanted, appreciated, needed than those overcome with stress, depression and anxiety. Historically we have metaphors such as "He died of a broken heart", "I feel empty inside", "I am  full of love", that speak of how we take our emotions and absorb them physically so much that they affect us on that level.

We already know the devastating effects of severe depression, grief, anxiety and how we know those intense emotions affect blood pressure, heart conditions and some other physical issues, so why not our entire being. Dr. Emoto's experiments went on to show how positive thoughts, including prayers, blessings or connecting with Divine energy, whatever you may call it, can actually reverse polluted water and make it pure and clean. Then what could changing our thoughts about us and that around us, do to make our bodies healthier and us happier?

For those of us in the magickal world, we read this and it makes perfect sense, but so many in the world of the relative are still skeptics and refuse to believe simple thoughts can make such a difference. I see that our thoughts are the true tool that causes our magick to manifest, and I personally feel that Dr. Emoto's experiments with simple water crystals have proven the effects of the magickal world, that the witch has known and worked with for centuries. We see the results of our magick every day, we do not need to be convinced.

For the students of history, they will remember a time in history when the greatest of kings had witch advisers or sorceresses in their castle keep to advise and help the king see into the future with their divination. At one time in the foggy mists of ancient history, though often kept quiet and hidden in the shadows, the witch was often the second most significant person in the castle aside from the king.  That is because she could see what the king could not and she was able to give the knowledge necessary for the king to make important decisions. Entire historical great wars and battles were fought, and battle tactics implemented from hundreds of miles away simply from what the witch could see in her pool of water or in her crystal.

In these ancient times, it was apparent that magick was highly respected, and was for centuries. Because it worked. If it didn't, the witch's position would have been short lived, indeed. It is only because of specific political church directives to eliminate the worship of the Goddess and to eliminate the witch and by doing so the power of the knowledgeable woman. For over 1,500 years that we find ourselves in a time when the concept of the witch is comical and a figure expected to be seen around Halloween, and which many seldom take seriously.

The witch today, when she is magickally educated, knowledgeable and trained, has much to give to those she wishes to help with her magick.

I will tell you something many people that work with magick are not aware of. Magick works on the basis of love, and loving energies. Even if I am doing a money spell, or a healing spell, or a tranquility spell I always am burning a love candle.  Energies sent out return to you. This is the karmic energy of what we do. It has nothing to do with being Wiccan, and the "Rule of Three" , as some feel if they say they are not Wiccan then they will avoid that pesky three fold rule of what they send out coming back to them.

So sorry, it is not Wiccan, it is karma. What you send out does indeed come back to you. If you send out negative energy to harm another, even though you feel you have been wronged and have every right to get revenge "damn it!" or "they have it coming to them and I'm going to deliver it to them!" well, you will only hurt yourself.

I have read of very experienced, seemingly educated witches who feel they have the right to curse and send negative energy out to others. I have seen some even try to do a mass curse because they did not like a presidential candidate. Really wrong!! Especially when a witches emotions get the better of them, they forget the basics of magickal scientific principles.

Now, "Lest in thy self defense it be, ever mind the rule of three", I also believe this. I have done protective, defensive magick when it was in the act of self defense. When you are personally threatened or I have helped those with their own spells when they have felt the need to physically protect themselves and their homes from harm. But revenge? No. Don't like a political candidates viewpoints, no matter how outrageous? No.

But I watch carefully when I see these witches attempt these actions. Never do they ever accomplish any harm against their target, and interestingly enough, they are often lamenting on social media how they can't pay their rent, how they can't make ends meet, how they are so unhappy and how the magickal community has let them down, and where are their supporters? Now fortunately these individuals are far and few between and seldom have any sort of following as I believe people see through their nonsense fairly quickly.

I like to believe in the water molecule research as demonstrated by Dr. Emoto. To demonstrate this to my students I had them write 20 sentences about themselves. Each sentence was to be a positive sentence describing them in the nicest terms. Such as I am wonderful because I _____________" I am special because I am good at _________________" and so forth.

Try it, it is much harder than it seems. We are very good at, actually programmed, at telling ourselves what we are lacking in, not good enough at, and what we need to work on. Yet the opposite, we have incredible difficulties. It is as if we are not supposed to say nice things about ourselves. But if we remember we are mostly water and just by saying these nice things our molecules can change and become like beautiful snowflakes, then we can start to change for the good.

It sounds simple, but you will find it very challenging, and that is the nature of effective magick. yet the more you practice, the better you will get at it.

In conclusion, Dr. Emoto also found various music can also change and make beautiful the water molecules. Now Dr. Emoto found that classical music caused beautiful designs to be created in the water molecules, but he found rock music did not have the same results. But that different musical frequencies have various healing properties on the body.  I know enough about quantum physics (which is what we are discussing here) that not only will the thoughts and emotions being directed at the water molecules make a difference but also the feelings of the researcher regarding, in this instance, what they feel about the musical score they were listening to, will in turn affect the experiment. I know some music makes me very happy, some does not. Some is irritating and some makes me sad. But what I like may indeed, be very different from what you like.

So, take the concept of Dr. Emoto's experiment and apply it to your life. But if you like rock music and it 'feeds your soul' as I like to say, then it will be beneficial to you, just as if you feel classical music makes you sad or bored, it will not have the same beneficial effect. You are part of the experiment, and you must be considered in the equation.

These same principles can and should be used with your casting of spells and creating magickal     manifestation. As you create needed magickal change you will also be affecting your water molecules and continue to become more beautiful every day.

So, I hope you choose to be a beautiful water molecule today!

Live, Laugh and Always Love, Ms. Faith

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