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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Happy Beltane Celebration at Enchantments! What Beltane is all about!

 Good Afternoon!

Isn't the weather just lovely? Finally we break out of winter and are enjoying the beautiful spring weather. Well in just a couple of days, on May 1st Beltane (sometimes spelled Beltaine) descends on us. We, the Witches of Enchantments, will be celebrating Beltane this Saturday, May 2nd at 10 am. Weather permitting, it will be an outdoor event.

Beltane has been celebrated by the ancient Celtic peoples from Western Europe for thousands of years. Beltane, Celtic for 'bright fire' is a time when in the ancient would, the night before, snuff out all of their fires and candle lights. Symbolically, this meant going into the dark, where survival was not guaranteed. You see, to snuff out the life giving fires, one had to have a lot of faith in the Gods that the next day the fire would be rekindled and life would continue. On the mountain and hill tops the next morning, before sunrise, a fire would be re-lit and then bonfires all along the land would be re-lit and the celebration would commence.

The Beltane celebration would have many aspects to it. There would be a sacred ritual where a white bull would be run between two raging bonfires to consecrate the animal. Then the bull would be slaughtered and the meat cooked and served to the entire village. These people might not have had meat of any sort for several months, as they were just coming out of a long, harsh winter. (Just like the one we just made it through). The Druid Priests would take the entrails of the bull and observing them with ancient techniques divine the upcoming year of good fortune and maladies for the villagers. The blood of the bull would be placed in bowls and scattered over the fields, which had been seeded back in March, around Ostara.

A long pole would be set up in the center of the village and red and white ribbons would be draped from it. With men and women alternately taking up a ribbon each they would start an age old dance of wrapping the essence of the Mother Goddess around the phallic pole of the God. Beltane is a fertility festival. Traditionally by celebrating this festival, it is thought to bring abundance, good fortune and wealth to those who participate. This is one of the Greater Sabbats on the Wheel of the Year and it was thought that if people didnt recognize it, and celebrate it, the wheel would cease to turn and life could become snuffed out.

Today we celebrate this Sabbat to help 'fertilize' our endeavors and projects we have set before us. In the group at Enchantments, we usually choose an area of our life that we wish to improve and work on during the upcoming year at Ostara, the Spring or Vernal Equinox. During Beltane, we fertilize our project.This can be done by magickal means, such as consecrating a candle and burning it, or some other method of magick. Dancing around the altar with musical instruments also puts your magickal intention into the universe with the build up of a Cone of Power which is then released and sent to do your bidding.

A feast, celebrating the spring and the beginning of summer is held. Foods and drinks of all sorts are brought and consumed with blessings to the Goddess and the Gods. A sense of happiness, joy and well being are common at Beltane, with the gentle breezes and sun shining it is easy to feel alive and well  and to rejoice. 

We at Enchantments, use a living Rowan tree in our front yard ritual area to dance the Maypole, gently entwining the many colored ribbons around the tree. If you wish to participate in our Beltane ritual, please show up at Enchantments this Saturday, May 2nd by 10 am, sharp! Bring a length of ribbon, any color except for black, 9 feet long and 1 inch thick. Please also bring a dish to share with others during our Beltane feast that is held directly after our ceremony.

Any form of dress is acceptable, as long as you are dressed. We do not do sky clad rituals at Enchantments. Any food and drink, with the exception of alcohol, is welcome at our feast. This year, please stay after the ceremony and feast and help us place mulch upon our gardens of Enchantments. This should only take a short time as we have so many coming to help, and your energy in the garden is welcome.

I look forward to having you there! Happy Beltane! Ms. Faith

Peace and Happiness

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