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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Magick of the Days of the Week and Upcoming Events at Enchantments!

 Good Afternoon,

Many witches sync up their magick with the moon, but you don't need to wait for a particular moon phase to do successful magick. You can do magick that syncs up with the days of the week and covers most any magickal workings needed.

Let's look at the magick of the days of the week:

  • Sunday - is an all purpose day. A day golden in color with a big push for all successful endeavors.A day to bring in, invoke, success and all things positive.
  • Monday - is a day for women's mysteries. A good day for divination and learning to divine. Any system from tarot, to runes, oracle cards and tea leaf reading are all better practiced on this day. 
  • Tuesday - a day designed for success in business. All business success, not just financial. A good day to start new business ventures, a new project, meet potential new clients or investors. 
  • Wednesday - a good day for communication. To work on your verbal skills, doing spells designed to aid you in communicating with others. Also a good day to start healing spells.
  • Thursday - the best day for all things related to money, abundance, fertility and growth. A day full of the green of new grass growing and spreading and becoming a vast, lush field. 
  • Friday - a day dedicated to the Goddesses Venus/Freya and associated with all things pertaining to love! Familial/friendship love, new love, romantic love, passionate love and lust. Use the colors of red and pink on this day to put some umpth into your spell casting.
  • Saturday - the best day for banishing, eliminating, cleansing and purifying. Increase the protection around you on this day.
These are just the general purposes of each day. Further research and other authors may give you additional information on each day, but I have always found the above listings to be useful for most anything I need, when it comes to spell casting.

Save the Dates! 

We have some exciting events coming to Enchantments! Please mark these days down on your calendar and plan to attend!

Mr. Christopher Penczak is coming to Enchantments on Thursday April 30th, 2015. He will conduct a class starting at 6 pm and ending at 8:30. The topic will be the 9 Muses. The cost for his class is $35 and we have just a few seats available. Please, if you are planning to attend, plan on purchasing your ticket in advance! There will be coffee, punch and refreshments available.

Beltane at Enchantments! Our First day of Summer Celebration will be held in the front gardens of Enchantments on Saturday, May 2nd, 2015 at 10 am. This is an open circle, open to any who wish to attend. There are a few stipulations though if you wish to attend. Firstly, you must be at Enchantments by 10 am. There is limited parking, but parking is available in adjacent parking lots. We will not hold up the ritual for late comers. There will also be a living Maypole dance. Please bring a 9 foot length of ribbon, 1 inch wide to dance the Maypole if you desire. Maypole dancing is for adults only as children may be trampled, and we wish to avoid such a thing!

Also if you plan on attending, you must bring a dish to share at the pot luck feast held immediately afterwards. We will have an outdoor picnic with a variety of foods brought by everyone. Please bring a dish that can be shared by others. This year we will be doing a quick bit of gardening afterwards, as we have several bags of mulch to be spread out on the gardens of Enchantments. Only those who wish to help with the gardening can do so, do not think it is a requirement. Many hands make light work, and so we hope as many people as possible can help out, but if you are unable or do not wish to, that is fine. If you do wish to help spread a bag or two, please bring a pair of gloves to make the work easier. We should be done with all the festivities and gardening by 1 pm, so you can plan the rest of your day! Look for next week's discussion by the 'Contemporary New England Witch' to read a complete description of Beltane and all it pertains. There is no charge for the Beltane celebration. Enchantments witch store will be open after the ritual for those who wish to shop.

Women's Spirituality Group meets next on Wednesday May 6th at 5 pm and it goes until 6:30 pm. The topic this time will be Candle Magick and how it can help you in your day to day magickal, spiritual practice. A short class on candle magick will be conducted by Ms. Faith and each person will be given a candle that they can carve and annoint and use at home. Learn how candle magick can bring the Goddess closer to you. There is no charge for this Spirituality group. There will be coffee and refreshments served. You don't need to be a witch to attend, simply a woman who wishes to explore her spirituality with other like minded ladies. The store closes at 5 pm, so if you wish to shop this night, please come before we close. Thank you.

Peace and Happiness 

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