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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Do you live a hard or soft life?

Good Afternoon,

This past Beltane found Enchantments just filled to capacity with wonderful people celebrating the Sabbat with us, dancing the Maypole, feasting and tending to the gardens of Enchantments.We had a lovely time and unfortunately some people missed it. For that reason I want to go over my Beltane talk as a review for those who were present and for those who weren't able to make it.

Do you live a hard or soft life? By this I mean, the energy you live your life with and the energy you send to others. Some people take offense and hold grudges, never wanting anything to do with that person again. If you have finished up the part of your life that has that person in it and hold no animosity or anger inside and are simply neutral towards that person, that's living life in a soft manner. But if anger, animosity, jealousy, bitterness continue to consume you, that's living life in a hard manner. It doesn't hurt the other person, but it can be damaging and poisonous to you. That will eventually bring you pain and suffering.

I'm not saying that when someone does you wrong to lay down and take it. Not at all. But realizing a person is not healthy to have in your life, and simply putting them aside with all the other strong emotions is a healthier way to go about it.

If someone steals from you, do you automatically distrust the next person that comes into your life? That is living in a hard manner. Learn from past experiences, but give the next person to come into your life the benefit of the doubt, that they are a good person. It's easier on the spirit to live this way.

Try to put bitterness, sadness, emotional pain and anger aside as it does not benefit you and can only make you unhealthy. If this is an issue for you and you wish to do something about this, burn a candle and ask your God or Goddess to help you shed the feelings that are holding you back from living a soft life.

Get outside and smell a flower, listen to the breeze in the branches of the trees, feel the grass under your bare feet. These will all help you get connected with the Divine and help you start living the soft life. Blessings to you! Happy Spring!!

Peace and Happiness

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  1. Missed you at Betane so this post is well taken. Blessed be to you.