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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter! The Best Part of Being Pagan? Celebrating all the Holidays!

 Good Morning,

Happy Easter! The best part of being Pagan is being able to celebrate all the holidays. The main reason for this is many, many Pagans were raised Christian. I know some Pagans choose to celebrate only the Pagan holidays, but remember what I've taught you, the Christian holidays are actually Pagan holidays that were Christianized many centuries ago.

There is nothing wrong with celebrating the Christian holidays, as I said, they have Pagan roots, and we grew up celebrating these holidays. Even if you didn't celebrate these Christian holidays in your home, you grew up recognizing them as we live in a Christian society and these holidays are usually combined with days off from work or school.

I enjoy the festivities of my Pagan Wheel of the Year holy days, as well as the tradition of celebrating the Christian holidays. I truly believe we should and can all live together while celebrating our diversity without it becoming segregating. Just because we choose to set aside our Christian upbringing to embrace Paganism or Buddhism, or Judaism or some other religious path, or to choose a non religious path, there is nothing inherently wrong or bad about celebrating the days that are special.

The holidays to me are a reminder of good family gatherings, socializing and enjoying each other around a feast of traditional, and for us, cultural foods.  From ham on Easter, kielbasa, hard boiled eggs, cabbage, pierogies, babka bread, poppy seed breads and cakes. Many families turn to the traditional foods of their cultural heritage because 'going home' means so much to many.

Some choose to go to church, I choose to celebrate my religion on the Pagan day, this holiday was Ostara on the Vernal, Spring Equinox. On Easter I went to a friends home where we celebrate Easter every year. There is one individual who says grace before the meal every time, and that is simply lovely as far as I'm concerned. To respect each others beliefs, even when they differ from ours, makes us better people, I think.

To be fair, we spent a part of the day talking about paranormal topics, from ghosts to Ouija boards. Everyone was accepting and understanding and everyone enjoyed the day. So be aware if you have strong negative feelings concerning some of the holidays, whether they be yours or others. There might be other issues, unresolved, that you might wish to address. The negative energy will only negatively affect you, in the long run.

I hope you enjoyed your Spring holiday, be it Easter, Passover, Ostara or simply the Spring. Bright Blessings to you! Ms. Faith

Peace and Happiness

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