The Contemporary New England Witch

The Contemporary New England Witch
Author Ms.Faith

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Part of our Pagan Heritage is to help in our Community.

 Good Afternoon,

So many people are turning away from traditional Judea-Christian philosophy these days and find themselves embracing a Pagan lifestyle. Being green, living in harmony with nature, worshiping the elements all are part of the Pagan life. But it goes, or ought to go farther than that.

For centuries, the Witch, the Green man of the village, the Herbalist, the Shaman all were a integral part of their villages, providing necessary services to their communities. Nowadays we can and I feel, should, give of ourselves in a kind of spiritual offering of ourselves to our community.

There is so much we can do. We can volunteer at our local soup kitchen, collect non-perishable foods for our local food pantry, collect scarves, gloves, socks and hats for our local shelters. Perhaps you work better dealing directly with nature. Grab a few garbage bags, the big ones, and a pair of gloves and go to a local greenway or wayside (alongside the roadways) and pick up discarded trash and debris.

You could collect used, clean blankets and towels for donation to your local veterinarian or pet shelter. There are always others who can use a hand in someway or another. 

The Witch, in history, was the person in the village you went to for advice, a spell, an herbal remedy to help in a difficult time. I assure you, times are not so different now. Running my own witch shop I often deal with customers who need serious advice on difficult situations in their lives. Sometimes a magickal stone or herb can help, but many times I end up selling them nothing. I just give them an insight they, for whatever reason,  don't seem to be able to get elsewhere.

You might not run your own store, but you can help others in magickal ways. Do you read the tarot cards or do some other form of divination? A quick reading can give insight into a person's life and when read back to them by an unbiased second party can help them see the situation more clearly.

Perhaps you are an awesome spell caster? I advise AGAINST doing spells for others. This just quickly leads you in a dangerous path. We do not do spells for others. But, we can help others do spells for themselves or teach them the proper ways. These spells are simply more effective when done by the person themselves. Doing spells for others can quickly lead you into a power trip. This is not the way to help others. Allow them to help themselves.

Perhaps you are an effective herbalist? Maybe you make herbal mixes and potions that can help a person? Firstly, BE VERY CAREFUL if making medicinal mixtures meant to be ingested.  Unless you are a licensed doctor or pharmacist this can lead you quickly into serious trouble with the law. Selling these medicinal mixtures also leads to woe. For example, do you know of any and all medicines being taken by the person you are treating and any contraindications for the herbal mixtures you are selling them? Danger!! But you can make simple, magickally effective potions and herbal mixtures that will bring magickal properties to the person's life which will aid them in their difficulties. By giving or selling these products (at a little above cost) can be helpful to those in your community. Do not expect to get rich selling your magickal services. That's not what being a magickal practitioner is all about. Do it to help others. Your magickal reward will come to you in ways much greater than monetary.

There are rules to follow being a magickal practitioner, but they are simple enough. What you send out, returns to you. It's as simple as that. There are many ways you can aid your community. You just need to decide what touches your heart and go out and follow it. That's a big part of the Pagan lifestyle. Or should be.

Peace and Happiness!

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