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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Beltane!!

Happy Beltane!!

Good Evening and a Happy Beltane to you!! Also a Happy Samhain to those magickal folks below the equator. What a special day this is. As much as I love all the Sabbats, Beltane is and always has been my most favorite one. Its true, even more so than Samhain! I remember when I was a little girl going into the gardens, picking flowers and leaving a bouquet on the doorstep, ringing the bell and running away before my mother could open the door. I had learned at an early age that May day or Beltane was a day of leaving those you love flowers. Even more so than Valentine's Day!

This beautiful holiday observation of giving flowers, is seldom given attention these days, but the day is special nonetheless. Beltane is our last spring ritual and our first day of Summer, for Pagan folk that is. Today in this area of Southern New England it is a rainy, cool day, which makes it perfect for the flowers and trees, grasses and shrubs. They will leaf, branch and bud out completely very soon.

The lilacs are blooming with their incredible aromas and beautiful buds. Lilac is symbolic for new, intense love. Some other flowers and their magickal properties are as follows:

Crocus: which is symbolic for newly blooming love can enhance visions and be used for dream work.

Daffodil: which is associated with fertility and abundance. Wear the daffodil to draw love and luck to your life.

Dandelion: brings needed change to your life and can be used in divination.

Hyacinth: is known to promote a stress free sleep, and prevents nightmares. Carry to help heal a broken heart or to ease grief when a loved one dies.

Lily: The lily is associated with Spring magickal properties such as fertility, rebirth, renewal and abundance.

Calendula: A type of marigold, can be added to your bath to gain the respect and admiration of your peers. Hang garlands of calendula around your home's doorways to stop harm from entering your house.

Morning Glory: Blue morning glories will bring peace and happiness, when grown in the garden.

Narcissus: helps promote balance and harmony as well as tranquility and inner peace and calm.

Rose: Use in love and friendship spells. Roses planted in your garden are said to attract the good fairies. Rose petals can be sprinkled around the house to help calm stress and reduce household arguments.

Snapdragon: Have fresh snapdragons on the altar while performing protective rituals. If you feel that someone has sent you negativity energy, you can try this ancient remedy: Place a vase of snapdragons on the altar with a mirror behind them to send the negative energy back to the sender.

Tulip: The tulip is associated with prosperity.

Violet: violet is associated with tranquility and peace. The leaf offers protection from evil, and a fresh vase of violets can be placed in the room of a new baby for protection and peace.

These are just a few of the common spring flowers that are coming out and blooming now. All flowers and blossoms have magickal associations attached to them, and can be used in magickal applications. One of the simplest ways to use flowers in magick is to get a bouquet of flowers and give them to someone you love.

Happy Beltane! May the bright fires burn within your soul to bring about your desired manifestations and dreams!

Peace and Happiness

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