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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Magick of Plants, Herbs and Flowers Part 2

Good Evening,

Tonight we're continuing our discussion on the magickal properties of plants found in the typical garden. There are many plants we often put in our garden for decoration and use all the time and tonight we're going to look at three of the most common and one not so common; tomato, basil and morning glory along with the morning glory's cousin the moonflower.

The tomato has been used for years as a culinary fruit/vegetable and we commonly see it used in salads, sauces and condiments, but did you know it has magickal properties? It does indeed! The tomato which syncs up with the planet Venus and the element of water will bring prosperity, protection and love into your life.

To bring prosperity into your home place a bright red, ripe tomato on your mantle or in the center of your kitchen table for three days. Use and replace after three days.

Cherry Tomatoes

Placing a tomato at the entrance door or window of a home, or planting a garden of tomatoes by the entrance door to a home prevents evil from entering. The yellow of the flowers and the red of the fruit are excellent in repelling harm and evil. This employs the use of color magick. To bring in love to your life, cook and eat tomatoes. You may wish to invite a certain someone over and then cook a spaghetti dinner with a red marinara sauce and serve with a tomato salad and garlic bread. This is a nice meal with which to woo a lover. You may also wish to use a pinch of basil in your recipes, lets look at basil and its magickal properties.

I've planted a couple of beds of basil this year. I love basil. I love the smell, the look, the taste of basil and can't seem to get enough of it. Why? Maybe because it has the magickal properties of love, wealth and protection, all good things to have in abundance, no? Basil is in-tune with the planet Mars and the element of fire. The scent of fresh basil creates sympathy between two people and it is used to soothe tempers between lovers. Carrying basil in your pocket ensures that wealth will visit you and small bags of basil placed in a room will bring strong protective energies to the area.

IMPORTANT HEALTH WARNING!! It is important to note that if pregnant, or nursing one must not consume basil and it should not be eaten by infants or toddlers. Always check with your medical doctor before consuming herbs of any kind if pregnant or nursing or before feeding to little ones.

A pretty flower this time of year is morning glory. I have just planted seeds which should develop into some lovely vines hosting a profusion of pink morning glory flowers this year. Morning glory syncs up with the planet Saturn and the element of water and brings happiness and peace to a home when planted outdoors. The root of the morning glory may be substituted for the High John the Conqueror root, but be warned that morning glory is highly poisonous and should not be ingested at all and handled carefully and infrequently. Do not bring morning glory indoors as it may be accidentally eaten by household pets and this can harm or kill them.

The first cousin of the morning glory plant is called the Moonflower. I have a love affair with this wonderful plant all because of its wonderful habits and characteristics. It follows morning glory in following the element of water and brings peace and happiness to a home, but it is different in that it follows the planet Moon, and it is also helpful in making your magick manifest quickly. The moonflower loves the shade, but will tolerate some sun and whereas the morning glory as its name suggests opens its blossoms in the morning hours the moonflower opens up its large blossoms late in the afternoon between four and six o'clock.

One amazing thing about the Moonflower is it opens its blossoms from a tightly wound bud to full open blossom in under five minutes. It looks like time lapsed photography except you're looking at it happen with your very own eyes! Once opened the flower itself can be larger than a hand span and it has a delicate, beautiful smell. To use in magick, take a blossom that has closed up again the next morning and place carefully in a pouch (be sure no pets or children can get to it) and place pouch on altar to speed up spells and make manifestation come quickly. Be sure to carefully and safely discard after a day or two of it remaining on your altar. The following photos show you the Moonflower from bud to open blossom. Each blossom only remains for one evening and then can be picked off and discarded to encourage additional flowers to bloom.

These are just the latest in this series of the Magick of Plants, Herbs and Flowers. More to come later this week. Now I hope you have a chance to get outside and enjoy some of nature's gifts!

Peace and Happiness

Tonight's discussion gets much of its magickal information from:

Mr. Scott Cunningham's - "Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs"

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