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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Our Beltane Celebration

Good Evening,

We had a lovely Beltane celebration this past Saturday. It was a bit overcast and cool so we had a small gathering, but it was lovely nonetheless. We gathered for a ritual to welcome in Beltane and I spoke about concepts of fertilizing the 'seeds' you planted at Ostara and how you can make them grow.

The concepts we talk about at Sabbats are metaphoric for the concepts we wish to develop in our lives and the seeds I spoke about at Ostara, specifically refer to those things you wish to manifest in your life. For instance, do you wish to bring in new friendships with like minded people? Possibly a better work environment? Maybe peace, tranquility and calm are concepts you would like to have more of in your life? Well knowing what you wish to manifest is the first step, the planting of the seeds. Now during the season of Beltane we fertilize these concepts to make them sprout and grow and finally manifest in our lives.

In the case of developing relationships with like minded people, you can fertilize this concept by seeking out groups of people who share similar interests, making plans and spending time with like minded people, take a class and work at putting yourself out in the world where you can meet the people you'd like to have in your life. Today with the Internet you can make many friendships on various social networks. remember to be safe by screening people and checking with mutual friends to make sure the people you are developing friendships with are sincere and safe individuals. Sure you may meet a few cooky people, but the internet allows you a buffer zone if you choose to use it properly. There's no reason to meet someone face to face until you'll corresponded with them for quite a while, using the time again, to check with mutual friends and if they are not quite what you're looking for or flat out crazy, you can always delete them from your friends list.

Say you wish to foster a better work environment. Check in with yourself. Do you get to work on time? A few minutes late everyday does not count! Do you stay later than you need to just to finish up what needs to be finished? Oh, you don't get paid for those few extra minutes? Don't you? Is there too much socializing and drama at work? Do you spend time gossiping about non work related matters during business hours? Well, stop that. Keep work and your social life separate and things can become much more smooth and easy at work. Your boss will appreciate it also!

These are just a couple of examples on how to 'fertilize' the 'seeds' you've planted to manifest in your life. Think about what your seeds are, and then spend time figuring out how best to fertilize them, so they sprout and grow, to finally bloom later in the year, or later in your life!

The following are some pictures of the Beltane Celebration we held at Enchantments this past weekend. Take a quick note, our next outdoor open ritual is Litha (The summer solstice) and will be held on June 16th. You are cordially invited! Keep reading this witches blog for further details as we get closer.

Peace and Happiness!

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