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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sex Magick . . . YES, We're going there!!

 Good Evening,

This topic is a little racy, perhaps a tad naughty, but it's part of the magickal world and an area that you can work with if you choose. Like all of my topics and discussions, I've said it before, if it works for you great! If it doesn't, no judgment, just leave it alone as it may be meant for another.

Sex Magick. Now what is this all about you may ask? It's about creation. No, not just procreation which is a natural, magickal result of unprotected sex, but creation as in making things manifest in your life.

Magick is all about creating or manifesting things in your life that aren't there at the present moment. Or, eliminating things that no longer serve you.  Burning a green candle, which you've surrounded by money attracting herbs and anointed with money oil will indeed bring in an increase in financial flow, but its also useful in manifesting the things that the money would buy.  The same can be done using sex with or without a partner. Don't think of the finances that your spell will bring in, but the items you would normally buy with the money.  The money is simply a vehicle, not the ultimate goal, so visualize the ultimate goal.

Think of something you need, for example, let's say you need a new car. Focusing your mind and having a good visual of you driving a new car is what you first need to establish. Get the visual, think about it long and hard. Don't put any energy into how you will get it, let the universe decide that. For truly, who knows? Maybe you'll get a hand me down car when someone else gets a new one. Perhaps it will be a gift. Maybe the financing will work in your favor and a special sale held by the car dealer will allow you to be driving a new car with little or no money down.  It doesn't matter the means of acquiring the car, just see yourself driving a car.

Now, let's set the scene. Talk with your partner and have you both share the same visual. Talk it out, describe it in detail so you both have the same imagery in your mind's eye of you in a new car. Now, maybe the car is used but its new to you. Plan your encounter and get down to business. When the ultimate moment comes, and you know what I'm talking about, the orgasmic release that one or both of you experience (and it doesn't have to be romance-novel simultaneous) visualize the imagery again of you driving a new car.  Doesn't sound romantic? That's O.K.  Magick is used for practical, necessary, needed things and the act itself has all the romance needed. It's a short momentary visual, try to hold it during the climax as long as possible.  If you go all gaga in the head, and lose the visual, well .  .  .  I guess you'll just have to keep practicing until you get it right! 

This can be done alone, with just yourself but a partner will help make the magick stronger and quicker to manifest. But make no mistake, the visual along with the climax makes for powerful magick and there is legends and lore of this type of magick having been conducted for centuries.  Sex magick also can effectively be conducted while safe sex is being practiced, as long as climax is achieved, this is the only goal.

This type of magck is primarily used for manifesting things in your life, rather than banishing things out of your life. Bringing in, creating new, starting fresh are all elements of this type of magick.  Ideally this magickal sexual act would be conducted within a magick circle. When the sex act is conducted in a magickally cast and consecrated circle it  is called The Great Rite.  Witches look at the sex act as the ultimate act of love and magick between the God and Goddess and as above, so below .  .  .  we are merely emulating the Great Mother Goddess and her consort the Father God, by coming together and creating the ultimate in magick. To do this, cast a circle around your bed in your bedroom. A typical altar is not necessary as the bed acts as the altar in this case. The only tools needed are you and your partner.

The Great Rite can be conducted with no specific magickal manifestation intended, and that's o.k. also. The act, in and of itself, is incredibly magickal and very powerful. The release of chemicals, hormones and magickal energy within the body has the ability to heal, renew and rejuvenate the practitioners and that's just helpful all around.

Practice sex magick and keep a journal of the magickal manifestations you are trying to achieve and pay attention to how they manifest, just like any other spell. Keep these notes in your book of shadows, or perhaps you'll wish to have a separate sexy book of shadows, but keep them so you can go back, pinch a bit here, tweak a bit there and soon you'll become very proficient with sex magick.

So, now you know .  .  .

Peace and Happiness!

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