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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Love, Sex and Lust magick!! Tis' the season!

Good Evening,

Now, I bet you the title of this discussion got your attention, didn't it? Haha! Yes, I will admit that going along with popular lore and legend that witches do seem to have a bit more and then some in the love and lust department. Maybe its because we're so close to nature, maybe its because we're so in tune with our own feelings and emotions or perhaps its because so many of us are extra empathic? Regardless of why, I often find it's true.

It's true that some of the lustiest, happiest and passionate people I have met are Pagan.  I believe there is a correlation to the "sinfulness' many religious belief systems put on sex, love and lust and how 'bad', 'dirty', 'immoral' the act is considered to be by many. What a shame. Something so beautiful and perfect being considered so wrong and bad. I just don't get it, but then I'm a witch, so I don't get a lot of things main stream religions teach, and I'm happy with my ignorance!  But for you, my witchy reader, we'll be Pagan today and discuss this juicy topic with no preconceived notions. I'll let you decide! If it works for you .  .  .  Great! If not .  .  .  then leave it alone, it may be meant for another.

With Valentine's Day, just around the corner, let's discuss some correspondences relating to love, lust and sex spells and magick.

Color:  Reds, pinks, mauve, silver and golds
Herbs: Damiana, Rose, Basil, Clove, Sweet Pea, Apple, Jasmine, Lavender, Daffodil and Lilac to name but just a few, there are many, many herbs associated with love, lust and sex.

People think of Friday as the 'Love' day of the week, and they'd be right. It is a very strong, all purpose love day and if you attribute the magickal qualities of the days of the week, Friday is most definitely a day for love. But, what about a Wednesday for instance? Do you need to wait until Friday to do magickal things associated with love? NO! Everyday can be looked at through love-colored glasses. Let's look at the days of the week and their generally known magickal attributes, shall we?

Sunday - all around success, good fortune and a huge YES day!
Monday - a day for family, female matters, divination, moon magick
Tuesday - drive, ambition, moving forward, taking control, good day to start
Wednesday - communication, both verbal and emotional
Thursday - abundance, prosperity, all encompassing success on the physical level
Friday - love, lust, sex, desire and romance
Saturday -  banishing, eliminating

These are just a simple over-all understanding of the energies that are found to be stronger on these days. Well, you have no need to wait until Friday, as each days' special energies can be melded into your needs in relationship to love. For instance a spell could be cast using the following energies of each day:

Sunday can be a day of success in finding, keeping love in your life.
Monday can be a day of family love, friendships and bringing in new loves
Tuesday is a day full of empowerment, passion, lust and sexual drive
Wednesday is a day to communicate your feelings of love, to share them with another
Thursday is a day to enhance your love life or the love you have in your life, allowing it to grow and become greater than it is
Friday would still remain an awesome all around love day to cast your sweetly loving or passionate desire spells,  which leaves Saturday.  With Saturdays' strong ability to banish things from our lives we can banish many things that hinder a relationship, i.e. jealousy, stress, anger, bitterness, lack of time to spend together, frustration whatever may be holding back your perfect relationship.

You can use the energies at hand, with simple focus of the mind and 'seeing' / visualizing your end result, to truly create the life you live and the love you find within it.

Foods for Love and Romance

These foods have been known for a very long time as foods of love.  Using some or all of them in your Valentine's day meal  can make for a fun, spicy encounter.

Chocolate has from almost its first uses, been associated with love, lust and sexual desire. Considered by many to be an aphrodisiac. Indeed, modern scientific studies have concluded that the brain chemicals that are released when chocolate is consumed, are the same that are released when someone falls in and is in love.  Chocolate is indeed some powerful stuff, truth be told. 

Vanilla,  also is known for its strong love attracting qualities and is often paired with chocolate in small quantities to enhance the flavor of the chocolate.

Strawberries, pumpkins, apples and cherries have been known to carry love attracting and enhancing qualities and are found in many pastries and desserts.

Cinnamon, ginger, sugar and clove are spices that have been associated with love for centuries.

Whipped creme', chocolate of any kind, strawberry ice cream, red jello, red hot candies, candy hearts ad marshmallows are all modern day love confections that can bring a spark of romance and passion to an encounter.

Using foods associated with love, surrounding your area with candles of pinks and reds, having romantic flowers with loving energies in your area are all components of love spells. They are actually spells in and of themselves. A good, effective spell many times is how you prepare for an occasion rather than a recipe that one follows step by step.

Magick truly is a way of life, with each step you take throughout your day containing magick and wonder.  True magick isn't just what is done in ritual at a certain time during a certain moon, it is who you are and what you do every moment of your magickal life.

Do you want love in your life? Then manifest it! Be loving, love yourself, love others and be kind. Use the natural gifts of the Goddess and create magick. This is the surest way to create the magick of love in your life!

My next discussion will be a bit naughty, as we'll discuss real sex magick!  Be back in a few!

Peace and Happiness

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