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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!!! You create your reality . . . what will you create this year?

 Good Evening,

Happy New Year! I hope you had a lovely time ringing in the new and ushering out the old! Now that the New Year is upon us, there are things we can do to make needed change in our lives that will help move things along.

First, let's think about this upcoming year.  Looking at the Pagan Wheel of the Year, we have finished 'harvesting' that which we had sowed last year on Samhain. Yule brings in a time of reflection and contemplation of what we wish to accomplish this year.  January can be a time of planning for the upcoming year, as well as doing things to ensure a successful year. This is the time of planning and decision making. Soon we will be ready to 'plant the seeds' of our ideas and desires. Then we will nurture them and finally harvest our work late this year, but for now planning is in order.

This is the time of year for planning many things. If you've noticed, seed catalogs come in the mail this time of year, and even if you're not a gardener just leafing through the pages and dreaming of a summer garden can be very refreshing and invigorating. If you don't receive seed catalogs in the mail, by all means get on some mailing lists and ask for them to be sent out to you!  Companies like Burpee and Park are classic seed companies that have a long reputation for quality products and excellent service.

Plan on one concept you would like to bring to harvest this year. Have you always wanted to do .  .  .  what? Fill in the blank, for you!  Perhaps you've always wanted to plant a garden, or write a book, or paint a picture, lose some weight, get healthy, stop smoking etc, etc.  The list can be as endless as each person's desire. Pick just one! We can and will work on many concepts throughout the year, and we'll be casting many spells and bringing things into manifestation. But for your year long 'spell' have just one concept you would like to manifest.  Write it down. It will be your major magickal goal for this year. 

No need to do anything else right now, just write down your magickal goal and place the slip of paper somewhere, it can even be a 'note' on your computer's desktop, as long as you see it daily. See it and take but a moment to contemplate the goal, then go about your work or play.

This entire month of January can be used much as the first day of the year has often been used over the centuries to bring in prosperity, good health and abundance.  Have plenty of bread in your house this month, along with salt (one full container will do) and if you don't have a penny crock, start one! These all are samples of sympathetic magick. Having enough 'bread' in your house translates as having enough food to eat this year, having plenty of salt is also a symbol of abundance and wealth. Take a jar or crock, a bowl or basket and start throwing your loose change into it. It will attract additional monies to your household. Its perfectly o.k. to wrap up the coins and spend them throughout the year, but keep adding to it, as often as possible. And never allow the crock to go empty, keep at least nine coins in it at all times.

Clearing your home of clutter and mess is also very important this time of the year. Any piles of 'stuff' you have been planning on getting rid of should be discarded this month. It will help keep you organized and clutter free for the rest of the year. It will also help you keep your thoughts in order and be less scattered, if this is a problem for you.

Contact friends you haven't seen in a while and visit, send a message to them or call them on the phone. It will keep the relationship healthy and strong and prevent regrets as time often passes by quicker than we plan for.

Make plans for a check up with your doctor, if you don't already do this on a regular basis, to help keep your health intact and your physical energy strong.  A big aspect of magickal manifestation is the actual physical doing of a thing.  Unfortunately too many of us wait until the last minute. We wait until we're sick, until its broken, until we're stressed and ready to scream before looking into ways to alleviate our issues whereas the witch will handle these things in a timely manner, thus (hopefully!) taking care of things before they blow up and become a monstrous chore. So .  .  .  start planning, contemplating and thinking about your upcoming year, and I'll tell you a secret. YOU create your reality.  You do!!! So what will you create?

Just some timely witchy tips for your January. Plan carefully my witchling, and plan well.

Peace and Happiness

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