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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Friday, January 20, 2012

It's Friday! A day for Love, Magick and the Goddess!!

 Good Evening,

It is Friday! A witchy day to be sure! Of course, people love Friday because ti marks the end of the work week and heralds the start of the weekend!! But as a day for witches, its pretty significant. And, it doesn't have to be the 13th of the month to be special.  Each and every Friday has its own magicks to impart, should you be looking, that is.

Friday is the day of the week that is specific to the Goddess and women's magick, specifically love magicks. Friday gets its name from Freya, a Norse Goddess. She is a Goddess of many things,  cats and love to name just two. This day of the week has traditionally been a day to worship the Goddess, whereas the other days of the week are specific to various Gods or to the Moon, Sun or even planets as Saturn for Saturday!

Red is the color of the day, indicating love, passion, lust and desire.  Friday can also be used to bring about change, for the better and can instill creativity, energy, stamina and can increase desire and passion if lacking.

Want to cast a love spell on a certain someone? As long as this person is in a committed relationship with you (if not, I've included another spell below that you can try without manipulating anyone's energy) you can do the following to cast a strong love enhancing, passion inducing spell on the one you love. Have their permission and go shopping for items for dinner.

You will need:

a Roasting chicken
sprigs of Rosemary
sprigs of lemon Balm
salt, peper
apples (a variety you enjoy)
onions (also of a variety you like. Vadalia is a large sweet onion perfect for this dish)
vegetables for roasting i.e. potatoes, onions, carrots, parsnips, leeks or any other you prefer 
ingredients for/or a chocolate creme pie bakery made
fresh whipping cream
fresh strawberries
sparkling juice for two (beware of alcoholic beverages which at first seems to enhance the loving feelings but can cause havok in the bedroom if too much is imbibed!! You're putting too much effort into this spell to ruin it by getting drunk! So I suggest a pink or red sparkling juice, Martinelli's and Welch's are both excellent brands and can be found in your local supermarket)

A Lover's Dinner for Two

A roasted chicken seasoned with apple, rosemary and sprigs of lemon balm.  Place  a layer of fresh rosemary and lemon balm in the bottom of a roasting pan and place whole, raw chicken on top. Pour a 1/4 cup of sparkling juice over the entire chicken to moisten, then sprinkle chicken with a mixture of salt, black pepper and paprika lightly, seasoning all over.  Cut up a couple of apples, with an onion, your favorite variety of both works well, and place chunks inside cavity of chicken and allow to roast at 325 degrees Fahrenheit until chicken is cooked thoroughly.  Depending on size of chicken appx an hour to an hour and a half. You may baste chicken throughout cooking time to keep moist and tender.  Place cut up roasting vegetables along sides of chicken and also sprinkle with spices. 

Serve chicken with sides of roasted vegetables, i.e. potatoes, carrots, parsnips, celery, onions, and leeks, this makes a warm, romantic, love infused dinner. Be sure to have red or pink candles on the table, surrounded with chunks of rose quartz is ideal.

For dessert serve a chocolate creme' pie with fresh, real whipped cream and fresh strawberries as garnish.

Yes! This is a love spell.  For years an old saying has been 'the way to a man's heart is through his stomach'  which speaks to the comfort, nurturing and love that is given when a special meal is prepared for your loved one. Pssst.  .  .   it works on women also!!

If you don't have a special loved one in mind, but are looking for one,  the following may prove helpful to you:
On the night of a new moon, light a red candle and speak to the Goddess of Love. You may call her Aphrodite or by any other name. Even 'Goddess of Love' will work just fine. Ask that the one true love for you be introduced into your life. May your soul mate find you and may you recognize them also when they appear.  Hold your palms out to the flame, be careful not to burn yourself, and chant this incantation "May my true love, find me soon, before the light of the next full moon."  Chant this loudly, firmly and with conviction. Allow the candle to burn out.  NEVER leave a lit candle unattended and if you need to leave or go to sleep before the candle burns out then snuff the candle out safely and re-light at a later time and repeat the process.  This may need to be preformed a few months in a row, depending on how quickly and strongly your magick manifests. Don't worry though, it will manifest. Believe in your magick and it will come to you.

More Friday magickal specifics for this day of January 20, 2012 the color of this day, which corresponds with love, is pink. The Sun enters the sign of Aquarius today at 11:10 am and the moon enters Capricorn today at 5:40 pm.  Incense of the day is Cypress. The Celtic Tree month of Birch ends today. The Celtic tree month of Rowan begins tomorrow. 

.  .  .  and you thought the only thing Friday had going for it was the end of the work week!

Peace and Happiness

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