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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Want your magick to flow and manifest? Let's de-clutter and do a ritual!

Good Evening,

Many may think that the manifestation of magick must occur over a bubbling cauldron, or with potions, herbs, stones or candles. Magick can manifest by using many tools and one method is to use the physical action of cleaning, clearing and making the area around you free and unfettered with stagnant energy.

De-clutter! Clean, organize, throw-out, re-evaluate, dust and clear.  The very space around us can actually affect how calm, relaxed and comfortable we find ourselves to be. Do you find at times you feel a slight anxiety, a low level stress and uncomfortable feeling?  Many times we try to attribute our dis-comfort to work, people in our lives, the traffic jam we found ourselves in, the clerk who wasn't as friendly as we thought they should be or some other reason.  What if you could feel much better in your personal area? More comfortable, relaxed, at peace and serene? By taking your home and segmenting it into sections, then working on these sections you can find your entire life taking a happy change for the better.

Pick a room to start, just one. Initially make sure its clean of debris and dirt. Basic cleaning and washing of fabrics, curtains, dusting and throwing out of any debris.  Then we start to de-clutter. Go through closets, drawers, cupboards, desks, under beds, on shelves and wipe down and re-evaluate.  Look at everything you have.  Honestly, do you need 47 pens, 30 pencils and 500 paperclips?  Either bring them to the office where they will be used, or recycle them. Save a few, 5 or 6 and get rid of the extras.

I go through magazines and pull out articles that I want to save and put them in a 3 ring binder and recycle the rest. If the magazines are intact you might wish to donate them to your local hospital, doctor's office or senior center.  How many old coats do you have crammed into a closet? Maybe enough to clothe an army? Maybe a small village? PLEASE consider donating these to your local homeless shelter, or recycle by putting them into the clothing receptacles found in most communities where they will help keep others warm.

How many clothes are in your closet that are no longer in style, don't fit or you just do not wear? A good rule of a witch's thumb is, if you haven't worn it in a year (and its not your wedding dress!!!) you can get rid of it. You should get rid of it! Seriously, if its not super sentimental, then you can let it go. By dong so, your present state of being can be affected in a positive way.

What will all of this do? Besides making your home cleaner, it will feel more serene, more calm and less stressful. I promise! When your home is cluttered, you will find your mind, body and spirit energy also cluttered, unhappy and stressed.

When you have cleaned and cleared a room, and just do one at a time, then we can go further. The idea is to relieve stress and open up the channels for magickal manifestation and de-cluttering is the start. Trying to clean and clear the whole home in one fell swoop can be stressful in its own right, so just do one room a week or even a month. Then choose a light incense and a candle or two and light them and allow them to add their energy to the space.

Just the action of cleansing and clearing can create magickal space. In the kitchen, put on the stove a pot of water, a few inches in which you are simmering water. Add a few slices of orange, lemon and a few cinnamon sticks and cloves.  Let simmer and fill the air with a warm, homey, pleasant smell. 

Now if you want to really put some ummph into your work, now after everything is all neat, organized and orderly, remove all the trash from the house and cast a circle around the inner perimeter of your house.  The following is a simple, basic ritual to cast a magick circle and create sacred space in your home. Many cast circles using many more tools and words but tonight we're keeping it simple and easy.

Casting a magick circle:

Tools needed:

5 votive candles in the colors of green, yellow, red, blue and white
a spoon or candle snuffer 
a lighter 
a packet of incense sticks, at least three sticks, of a pleasant scent you enjoy
a small dessert bowl of spring water
a small salt shaker

Even though you will encompass the entire living area, home or office, conduct the entire ritual in one room. Place the green votive in the north. (Make sure all candles are in fire proof containers and are in places safe to burn.) Place the yellow candle in the east, the red in the south and the blue in the west.  The white should be on a table or flat surface in the middle of your area, this is your altar.

Also on the table put the incense sticks, lighter, water and salt.  Center and quiet yourself. You may play soft music or do this without music. Clap your hands together three times. Then starting in the north, light candles going in a clockwise direction, to the east, then south and then west. Then go to the altar  and light the candle in the center of the altar. This candle represents spirit, God/dess, the universe, love, a higher power.  Call it what you desire.

Put both palms out towards the candle and say " Be here as I create sacred space.  May all I do be done with love as I cast this circle."

Light three or four incense wands and hold them together in a bunch. Wave the wands of burning incense over the altar and say "Blessed be this creature of fire, blessed be this creature of air." Then walk to the north and walk slowly around the circle allowing the incense smoke to waft and drift around the circle. You may choose to say " Here is the boundary of the magick circle, naught but love shall enter in, naught but love shall emerge from within" as you walk around the circle, going from north clockwise around circle ending in the north again. 

Place the wands of incense in a safe holder or vase.  Take the salt shaker and sprinkle some salt into the bowl of water, just a few shakes will do. With your index finger, stir with a circular motion to mix and say while stirring " Blessed be this creature of water, blessed be this creature of earth." Then walk to the north and with your fingers sprinkle some of the salted water around the circle going from the north clockwise around to the north again. Then walk to the altar and with your fingers wet from the water touch your forehead and say "I am blessed,  I am loved."

Now walk to the north and holding your right palm up towards the north facing the burning candle, say "Welcome spirits of the Northern realms, be here as I create sacred space and bless this place." Repeat this for the east, south and west.

Go back to the altar and clap hands three times again and say "The circle is cast, let the ritual begin"

Sit for a few moments, or stand, whatever is most comfortable for you.  Close your eyes and see a bright blue fog of mist surround you and your area. See it fill the circle you are standing or sitting in. Imagine in your mind's eye that this blue mist starts to seep out and surround the entire building you live in. If you live in a building with others you can imagine it surrounding your living area only. See it surround and pulsate with loving power and peaceful energy.

You can now speak with your spirit guides, angels, a God or Goddess, even your higher self. Ask for this area to be cleansed, cleared and freed from negative and stagnant energy.  When you have finished and feel comfortable and at peace, walk to the north and with your palm out walk slowly from north, to west this time, then to the south and the east ending back in the north. Imagine the blue mist being sucked back into your palm, back into your body.  Then go around in the same direction, counter clockwise and put out the candles safely, using a candle snuffer or the spoon.

Put the white candle out and allow the incense to burn out in the area. Clean up supplies and put away tools and feel the lighter and freer energy that now fills your living space. You have created sacred space and this energy shift will last for a long time, unless other disruptive energy is introduced. Doing a simple ritual like this monthly is a nice time frame for keeping the energy balanced. Happy Circle Casting!!

Peace and Happiness

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