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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Magickal concepts to usher in the New Year!

Good Evening,

I hope you are having a blessed day, this 25th day of December.  What I find magickal about this date is all cultures seem to celebrate at this time of year. Not everyone celebrates the same way, nor does everyone see the holiday in the same light, nor does everyone believe as everyone else does, but that is part of the magick.  Everyone seems to take this date and hold it in a special way, a way that means something to each person.

Just yesterday, Saturday upstairs at Enchantments School, a couple of students and I spent the morning cleaning, cleansing and airing out the school. Walls were wiped down, floors vacuumed, windows washed.  Dozens of little witches that grace the classroom were all dusted and cleaned and put back on their shelves. Mortars & pestles were cleaned and shelves dusted. New window blinds were installed and the ritual room's magick circle was re-chalked.  We finished off with a blessing consecration ritual where I smudged the rooms, doors and windows and each other.

We had a celebratory pizza lunch to reward ourselves for a job well done and the energy of the school is wonderfully charged, balanced and light. After the students left, I spent the next several hours picking up, putting away and cleaning and organizing my office and finishing up the last little things needing to be done.

I sat, at the end of the day, for a few minutes and held a large crystal chunk and just allowed myself to feel the energy of the school, the students, the memories and the future promise of the place. It felt good. Very good.  The future looks auspicious, if one looks at the omens presented. I follow some of the practices and beliefs of the Druid, and a Druid looks at omens and interprets them as to how the future will unfold.  I believe the ease, flow and friendly companionship amongst us three witches, the two students and myself, we three women spoke to the future in my eyes. Our work went easy and we had fun working together.

There is an old saying that there is no force in the universe more powerful than three witches working together. I've heard this said also as three women working together. I've found it to be so on many occasions in my life, that when three women get together and work or share in a project, that the energy flows easily and strong. Things go well, and there's little difficulty in accomplishing tasks.  A simple coven of three would be my number of choice should I decide to work with a coven again.

I could feel the force that had swept through the school of magick, Enchantments, yesterday. I found myself wanting to stay and just sit and absorb the good feelings and I look forward to working in this space over the next several weeks as I will be handling financial and tax aspects of the business, and the atmosphere is now very conducive to quick, efficient and accurate accountings of the past year of business. Simply because the energy is balanced and accounting is all about balance now, isn't it?

 Just cleaning, organizing and ridding an area of clutter and unnecessary, unused or unwanted things can make a tremendous difference in how you feel in the space and how efficiently you function in it. An area with frenetic or stagnant, negative energy can be adjusted with smudging. Natural based cleansers are also good for eliminating sticky and low level energy.  Ever feel blah in one room or area of a house or building? That's you sensing or 'feeling' the energy shift in an area, but many times we feel the results without thinking about the cause. The cause can be corrected and thusly your energy and how you feel can also be heightened to a pleasant level.

When cleaning, using cleaners with bleach, or ammonia, or borax, or lemon, or vinegar are all good choices. Please be careful when combining any of these substances. I prefer to use them separately, or in already made formulas. For instance NEVER mix bleach and ammonia together as this creates a toxic, deadly gas that can kill you. Use cleaners that have lemon or vinegar added and all of the above ingredients are natural, and all provide excellent banishing and energy cleansing properties.

As I walked around the area with the smudge stick I incanted an incantation for blessings of the elements. You may say this if you wish, although its not necessary. I personally feel it gives a boost to the elemental re-charging of the area that without,  one would need to cast a full circle to re-charge properly.  Of course you can always cast a full circle, but at times its not necessary. many times in fact. You see, being a witch isn't so much ritualistic as its just living with the magick every day, in small yet significant ways.

Invocation of the Elements - Author Unknown 

"Air, Fire, Water, Earth
Elements of Astral Birth
I call you now attend to me

In this circle rightly cast,
safe from psychic curse or blast
I call you now attend to me 

By cave and desert, sea and hill,
by wand, blade, cup and pentacle,
I call you now attend to me

This is my will, so mote it be "

Beautiful roses for you, my witchy reader, with my thanks for your continued support of my work!

The nice thing about this type of cleansing and blessing rituals at this time of the year, is you don't have to do it on a specific day, at a specific time. Anytime over the next two weeks or so you can utilize the energy of the new year. Even though for pagans our new year started on November 1st, there is a huge energy, a thought-form if you will, surrounding this time of the year, simply because so many, millions if not more, all see this time of the year as an ending of the old and a beginning of the new.  This carries its own energy that witches often tap into and use for their benefit.  Anyone can. 

Peace and Happiness

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