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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fun questions people ask me as a witch . . .

                         Why do we wear black?

Good Evening,

I meet fun, interesting people all the time in my line of work, and many have some interesting questions. Here's a sampling, with my responses.

"What do you eat?"   I find this question curious as I'm not sure where it comes from. People may be asking to see if being Wiccan or being a witch has any special dietary restrictions as required by religion.  Others might feel as being closer to nature that perhaps we're all vegetarians or vegans.  Still, some might be just checking that we don't really eat children like in the fairy tales!!  The answer is simple.  There are no rules regarding diet or foods.  One eats what one wishes to. Having said that, I will say that most, if not all, pagans love food!! At least in my experience.  Feasting is a big part of our celebrations and social life.  Myself personally, I eat meat, lots of vegetables and fruit, and most of the fun food everyone eats.  Chocolate also seems to be a favorite food of magickal people in general, and I don't mean a simple liking. I mean a deep, abiding love and appreciation for a confectionery gift from the Gods!  I strictly limit my intake of caffeine and consume no alcohol.  I find both take a toll on my spirit and body that isn't worth it to me.  I have a pretty normal diet by most standards and a personal favorite if chocolate cake, good chocolate cake. Also a gift from heaven in my opinion!

"Why do witches wear black?"   I often quip right on the tail of this question "Because its slimming!" but I am making fun.  Many magickal people find themselves, many times without conscious knowledge, being attracted to black as it pertains to clothing.  Some add make-up and jewelry to 'goth' out the look, as Goth is a very witchy look and attractive to many who follow this path. I myself had a period or two through out my twenties and thirties where my entire wardrobe was black.  The reason we are attracted to black is because of its ability to block energy and vibrations. At least it can lessen the effect of these vibrational energies upon your body and spirit. As we study and practice magick our vibrational energy heightens and we become more sensitive to energies of others around us.  Being sensitive to all of these energies can be draining and many times blocking or lessening your sensitivity to them is helpful.  Wearing black can help with this, as well as wearing or carrying black stones such as hematite, jet, obsidian, and tourmaline.

"Are witches Satanists?"  I don't take offense to this question, because every time I can answer a misconception about what we do or about who we are, it helps dispel fear and ignorance. I truly prefer that people ask and not just go on assuming. By the way, No, we are not Satanists,  .  .  witches and Satanists are by definition polar opposites. One needs to believe in a Deity called Satan to worship him. So actually, you must be a Christian first to become a Satanist, and witches typically never put any energy or power into that concept.

"You can legally marry people?"  To this I answer yes! I am an ordained minister and I conduct handfastings (weddings) legally or symbolically, that depends on what the couple wants. I also conduct Requiem Rites and have gone to the hospital when someones loved one was passing, as well as Wiccannings (namings and blessings of babies or small children).  Some people want a ceremony without the Christian overtones and with more than a formality in a town clerk's office.  They want the spiritual without the religious. There are many Wiccan ministers who provide this, and you don't need to be Wiccan yourself to have a ceremony conducted for your needs.

These are just some of the questions I'm asked, and maybe you have some yourself. Please ask any questions you'd like in the comments below and I'll answer them for you in an upcoming discussion.

Peace and Happiness

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