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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Holidays vs Merry Christmas

 Good Evening,

Tonight I wish to discuss a concept that has been growing bigger and more concerning on facebook and other social networks recently. The concept of people wishing others Happy Holidays rather than saying Merry Christmas and some Christian taking a vehement dislike to it.   I just wrote this and posted it on facebook and would like to share it with you here.  It is written specifically to those who have said that they will boycott businesses saying 'Happy Holidays' rather than 'Merry Christmas'.  Here is a witch's take on the situation.

I would like to address the "Merry Christmas or else" attitude that has become prevalent on facebook and elsewhere lately. May I make a few observations? Why do you feel it is a personal affront or threat to your faith as a Christian when people say Happy Holidays? Do you not practice religious tolerance? Perhaps stores and people do not wish to offend or make assumptions on people's religious preference. Perhaps there are others in this world that are not Christian? Perhaps they are Jewish. Would you also boycott stores that wished everyone 'Happy Hanukkah" Perhaps they are of African descent and celebrate Kwanzaa? How about Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist, Wiccan etc?

Why do you feel that it somehow is an insult to you when someone wishes you a Happy Holiday? Would you prefer they be rude, insulting and obnoxious? Why have we come to a place where someone wishing another person well, and happy has become an insult. This is demonstrated to the point where people are screaming on facebook at the insult and threatening to boycott businesses. May I gently remind you that this is America, NOT the Vatican. This is a country where we can be diverse, different and unique and it is celebrated, not denigrated.

It makes me think, by your actions, threats and words that the philosophy we hear about 'good Christians' is merely a pretty concept, with no substance.  Now, .  .  .  I know and respect many people who follow a Christian faith, and these people are loving, tolerant, understanding and forgiving. They, themselves, are comfortable in their faith, so much so,  they can and will wish another Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Yule etc and it doesn't threaten their faith, because they are strong in their faith, and are accepting of all faiths. Hmmmmm, what a concept.

As a shop owner, I wish people Happy Holidays because I mean exactly that! Whatever holiday you choose to celebrate, I wish, sincerely, that you have a happy one.   I wish you all a Happy Holiday, may love enter your heart and may you come to understand the phrase 'Good Will Towards Men' because that means everybody!

Peace and Happiness 

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  1. You're absolutely right; however, the concept of "Peace on Earth, Good will towards men," is a mistranslation. It's, "([and] on Earth) Peace to (men of good will)." Very different meaning. Very different audience. Very different effect. Very different power.