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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hand Magick

 Good Evening,

Tonight's discussion is short, but I think important to your magickal learning.  Hand magick, utilizing hand movements.  Now, hand movements are not necessarily magickal in and of themselves, but they can add an element of magickal energy to the magickal work you do.

For instance when casting the circle, you may use your hands to hold tools and light candles, sprinkle incense and splash blessed water around. Add to these hand movements further by using your hands to make circles in the air over the altar going in a deosil motion. Energy is movement. Energy can't not move. To increase, intensify and enhance your magickal workings I have found over the years that incorporating hand movements makes my magick work faster and it is more direct.  Yes, much of the magickal occurs in the 'unseen' world, but that's just because our eyes are limited in many ways in seeing things around us. We cannot see the air currents for instance but a breeze against our faces convince us they exist.

 Hand magickal movements can be flowing, slow and gentle, constant movement and gentle motion. They can also be sharp, quick and decisive. I spoke with a lovely lady today who works as a massage therapist and has been pulling pain and fatigue into her body from working with clients. Empathic individuals will do this, especially if you're actually working hands on with another person. Working with a number of people everyday and not protecting yourself against absorbing all of that energy can affect your physical, emotional, spiritual and astral bodies. Now, she had said she had sought out doctors and all the tests came back normal indicating she wasn't dealing with a physical illness or disease. Always have any physical maladies checked out by a doctor first and foremost. But its important to realize that being sensitive to energies around you can and will affect you especially the more you learn and practice in the world of magick. I found it interesting that she was especially feeling pain in her hands, as they are in constant contact with others.

I demonstrated to her how to wipe down the physical body by running the hands from top to bottom over her person, without touching!! No need to touch, its the astral energy you are cleansing. Run a hand from your shoulder down your arm to your hand and beyond. Do this a few times and at the end of two or three swipes flick both hands out sharply away from you. Do this flick fast and by bringing the fingers of the hand to touch the thumb making your hands into round balls and then flick away from you.  You are throwing away 'sticky' unwanted energy that you picked up throughout your day, week even months.  Wipe the front of you down, over your hair and face. Don't worry so much about your back and the places you can't get to.  A good wipe down of your energy field can be accomplished by focusing on your arms legs and front and face. Also the head, all around. 

Hand magick is what I call it, and I have not seen this magickal concept addressed in print before, but many magickal practitioners do use it. Its the 'witchy' movements a conjurer would use over a cauldron to invoke a good image for what I'm discussing with you.  Even the hands sin prayer position has magickal origins. It is felt that by bringing the palms and fingers together in the classic prayer pose, that you are completing an energy circuit and the energy intensifies.  You find this payer pose not only in religious practice but also in spiritual practices such as yoga, martial arts and meditation.

Like any other magickal practice, hand magick needs to be practiced so that it becomes familiar, less weird feeling and natural. So practice moving your hands in gentle, flowing motions. Work them in a gentle circle deosil, then again widdershins.  Allow your arms to have smooth easy movement from your shoulders, elbows and wrists.  Flutter your fingers and while practicing, feel the energy as if flows down your arms and into your hands.  I often in classes or during ritual have students sharply clap their hands together or rub them briskly to bring up the blood and energy. You'll feel them tingle and get warm, this is what you're going for. Really feel the energy with your hands. 

As you become more comfortable feeling the energy then you'll move onto directing the energy, sending out your magick so that it can return back to you, when you are ready to receive it. 

Peace and Happiness

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