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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mercury in Retrograde!! Oh No!!

 Good Evening,

What exactly does this mean?  'Mercury in Retrograde' and the subsequent 'freaking out' many people do around this astronomical phenomenon?  Is there anything to it?

Well, when a planet is described to be in retrograde,  it appears to be moving backwards through the zodiac. This is really an illusion created by the orbital rotation of the earth in relation to other planets in the solar system, in regards to planetary motion.  Planets are never truly stationary or retrograde, they just appear that way due to this cosmic phenomenon.

Mercury is a planet that has been attributed to human rule thinking, perception, all types of communication  and when Mercury goes retrograde it causes all sorts of communication misunderstandings. These misunderstandings occur in every area of a person's life, personal, social and business. Why even a passing comment to a stranger you pass on the sidewalk could be misconstrued. 

Frankly people seem to freak out around this phenomenon.  Well, my witchy reader, we just went into this phenomenon and will stay in it until, Yikes! April 23rd!!   But no worries, seriously, it's a time when witches understand that other forces are influencing us and I for one, tend to take that into account. Especially when dealing with others.  It can be done, you need only to watch your words, and be aware that you also might misunderstand the words of others which gives you the opportunity to work on your patience and understanding.  So, I'm saying, yes, when this phenomenon occurs there really seems to be something to it. 
This is a wonderful opportunity to speak on a topic dear to my heart. The power of words.  Words have power. The witch knows that, or learns it soon enough.. Ancient witches did. Back then, primarily because a misplaced word or a careless comment could have the witch hunters at your door with noose in hand!  Today, our words have great power,  sometimes the only power we can have in the world we find ourselves in.

A witch in ancient times would be very careful as to what she said and who she said it to. So sad that today that is no longer the case.  I find a medium like Facebook, for instance, a fabulous social experiment.  People actually put all sorts of personal information on Facebook, (which by the way is on the Internet, the World Wide spider's Web .   .  .  so realistically everyone  and anyone from people in Cambodia to San Francisco could have access to your information) then they get mad because someone took their private information!!   Or comments on their stuff!  Not to be a pumpkin picker but .  .  .    private is the key word here, witchlings!  If it's private don't say it, at least not on a forum where just about anyone can access it.  

Yes, yes, I know all about the privacy settings and from my research there's one maybe two people who work for Facebook that knows all there is to know about your privacy settings and they're not telling!!  Most people including myself really have no idea exactly how the Facebook network operates and recent lawsuits against Facebook concerning privacy rights just emphasize that.

Mercury retrograde could absolutely cause a glitch, computer-wise and allow important information to leak out. Beware.   Protect your information as best you can but realize that ooopes happen.  As far as the words coming out of our mouths, well that's an area we have far more control over.  How many times have you heard  "That's not what I meant to say" or "you misunderstood me",  perhaps you've even said it?  Being aware of what you say, how it will come out (before you say it) requires a bit of thought before one speaks.  It can be done though.

Once, in a job environment, I was accused of saying something about someone else.  When my boss asked me about it, I confidently and assuredly said "I never said those words or any words to that effect."  The person accusing me and even my boss said "Are you sure it just didn't slip out?"  I said, absolutely not. I am always, especially in a job environment, aware of what I say and who it is said to. Period.  There wasn't and isn't the slightest question about this in my mind. The person had passed me in the hallway and overheard bits of a conversation I was having with someone and chose to fill in all sorts of blanks, when the 'victim' wasn't even being discussed. Perhaps Mercury was in retrograde that day?

The person accusing me was all bent out of shape, convinced she was correct, but the situation didn't upset me, or even cause me concern. Why? Because I knew what I had said and what I had not. That's something I hold very dear, the words I utter. They are mine and I own them, always.  Now, of course different environments pose different circumstances. Hanging out with your friends may allow for a more relaxed conversation and perhaps a bit less guarded.  With work and with business acquaintances another level is required.  I mentioned Facebook because its an excellent example of so many people saying whatever pops into their minds, (personally, not recommended), and don't even give thought to who might see it.  Worse, it never seems to occur to them that people, even those that know them, may very well not want to see every tiny crack and crevice inside their mind!!

I personally feel that if people actually put thought into what their words sounded like before they were uttered there would be way less power attributed to the Mercury retrograde phenomenon.  On the flip side, during this period, be aware that others simply may not understand you and may be confused or have a bit of attitude to your words. If so, have some compassion and understanding, because after all, now you know what's really up.

In addition to your words or the words of others, a mix up in communication has other ways of causing some distress in your life. Last night a brand new cable television box, just installed a few weeks ago went on the blink. The cable company says the signal from the company to our main cable box was not being received. Funny, thing, we have two other auxiliary boxes and they are picking up the signal just fine??  Emails can go astray or not be seen, appointments can get jumbled up and don't be surprised if you are stood up on a date or dinner engagement! Just don't be too hard on the other person, in this case, it most likely wasn't you!!

All in all, I sum up Mercury in retrograde as a simple, convenient excuse for people who choose to not watch their words, thereby having something to blame when they insert mouth in foot.  I normally don't pay much heed to the planets, where they are at any given time because at the end of the day, I am responsible for my actions, my words and the energy I sent out into the universe that day. 

A note before we leave tonight:   I personally use Facebook and have a personal page as well as one for my business, Enchantments .  I like the potential Facebook has and am excited to see where it takes us in the future.  I just caution people to use the same common sense that requires them to lock their doors at night and secure their valuables.  If you are also on Facebook, please feel free to friend me, Faith McCann in Manchester, CT and 'Like' my Enchantments School for the Magickal Arts and Witch Shoppe page.

Peace and Happiness

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