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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Let's cast some spells, shall we?

 Good Evening,

Ah, I feel like a good bout of spell casting. Do you cast spells? You should. The more you practice the better at manifesting you'll get.  Recently I created a few new spells for a presentation I was giving a new class of students and I thought I'd share them with you tonight.

Spells can come in all forms, shapes, flavors and sizes.  I'll give you some traditional methods and some not so traditional methods, as one way doesn't work for every witch. 

A fun traditional style candle spell for money, and in my experience I've found candle spells the best at manifesting money, is this one I call " Honey Money Spell".  Gather the following ingredients, just like a recipe, for in truth, that is all a spell is, a recipe for manifestation. 

A green spell candle, also known as a chime candle
money oil, or essential oil of either basil or patchouli 
a green plate
a silver, green, gold  or clear candle holder (chime candles require a special sized holder, inquire where you purchase your candles)
gold glitter
chamomile (as in the tea, an unused tea bag of chamomile will work well)
malachite stones 3, 7 or 9
coins from your wallet or change purse
your boline or herb knife. If you do not have one, you can use a toothpick.
a green or gold pouch

Gather all ingredients and settle at your altar or work table.  If you can cast a full circle, the better. Do that now.  If not, take your dominant hand, index finger and starting in the North  hold your hand out and point your finger imagining blue white flames shooting out from your finger to the perimeter of the room, slowly turn toward the East (you're moving in a clockwise or deosil direction) then to the South, the West and back to the North. Standing and turning in a circle is acceptable, now do this two more times.

After you've 'cast your circle' and using your finger is acceptable when first starting out, then you can assemble your spell.  Take the green candle and hold it in both hands. Close your eyes and see your visualization, how you will look when the money is in your life. Now keeping that visual in your mind's eye, take the boline or toothpick and carve a money sign into the candle.  You don't need to carve too deeply, but be sure you can see the design, and then take the money oil and rub a few drops into the candle. make sure it is absorbed into the candle well.  If the oil erases your carving, it wasn't quite deep enough, you can recarve it a bit now, if needed.

Now crush the chamomile between your fingers until it is finely ground.  Rub the candle with a fine layer of honey, to sweeten your spell and then roll the candle in the crushed chamomile. Now put candle in holder, place holder on plate and scatter the rest of the chamomile on the plate.  Sprinkle gold glitter on the chamomile, are you still visualizing your end result? and finally dress the plate with some coins, the larger the coin, the better.  I often save up half dollars just for money spells.  Quarters, dimes and nickles work well also. Lastly rub some money oil into the stones, the malachite stones, and then place them around the candle, touching the candle and each other if possible. 
Now you can leave your circle. Go around the circle with your finger, only one time this time but in the opposite direction. Starting in the North and moving counterclockwise or widdershins as we witches call it, and go to the West first, then the South, the East and finishing up again in the North.

Now take your candle spell and relax someplace and when you're ready you can burn it. A Thursday is an excellent day to do this spell and be sure to allow candle to burn all the way down. When finished carry the herbs, coins, malachite stones with you in a green or gold pouch.

This next spell is a water element spell designed to bring in love and happiness to your life.  I cal this my "Fresh Roses Love Water Spell".

Gather these ingredients:
Fresh rose petals, a handful or two. A dozen roses will suffice and what a nice reason to buy some for yourself!
Spring water

Yep, that's it.  Don't be skeptical, some of the simplest spells are the most effective!

Now, before you take a shower or bath prepare your ingredients. Wash your hands thoroughly first. If you have nails, be sure to use a nail brush to clean them completely. Again, cast circle traditionally or as described above.

Fill a crystal or clear glass bowl with fresh water. Spring water is acceptable. Grab the fresh rose petals, be sure to have taken them off of their stems and push them beneath the water in the bowl. While submersed, slowly and gently squeeze the petals while clearly visualizing the love in your life you desire. Opening and closing your fists, squeezing and releasing the petals, allowing the essentials of the rose petals to disperse into the water.  Depending on the color of the rose petals, the water may even take on a tinge of color. Incidentally, for love red or pink roses are preferred over other colors.  The color of the rose also adds to the spell,  so maybe leave those pretty yellow roses alone for this one. Unless you want a good platonic  friendship rather than romantic, passionate love.  After several minutes doing this and visualizing, now don't forget to visualize!! New witchlings always want to rush past that part!  Take the soggy mass of now spent rose petals out of the water and take your shower or bath.

Use the bowl of rose water to rinse over your body before you finish.  Do not rinse off the rose water, use that water as the final rinse.  Then, and this is most important, now you must actually leave your house and allow yourself to feel attractive and sexy.  Smile and go out and meet people.  This spell is effective on a Friday, a wonderful day for love. 

Need a tad more tranquility in your life?  Try my "Warm Up and Chill Out Tranquility Spell"

This is a spell utilizing the elements. Gather and prepare the following ingredients:

A soft, comfortable blanket that has been infused with lavender.  (Some ways to infuse the blanket with lavender are:  place blanket in wash and during the rinse cycle put in a few drops of lavender oil. For a small load, only the blanket appx 20 - 30 drops of lavender oil will do.   You could also put the blanket directly in the dryer along with a tightly tied pouch of lavender leaves and blossoms and run through a fluff cycle for 10 minutes or so.  You could also take a spray bottle with some lavender oil, and spring water, shake vigorously and spray on blanket lightly as one would with a fabric freshener spray) 

a blue spell candle anointed with  lavender oil
lavender oil
some tumbled stones for tranquility such as sodalite, rhodocrosite, amethyst, diamond, malachite or calcite are some good choices. A few of one stone or a combination it is up to you.
a lavender incense stick or cone

When you have the blanket ready, get a comfortable chair and move it into the sun or bring it outside if you have a warm, private location.  Use your finger to cast your circle, or cast a full circle as you choose. Then after the circle has been cast, light the candle and incense stick, wrap the blanket around you and be seated. Slowly and carefully rub lavender oil into the stones you've chosen, taking a few deep breaths of the oil as you do this. Then sit back, hold the stones, wrapped in your blanket and close your eyes and allow the sun to infuse your body and soul with peace and tranquility.  Mmmm, makes me all relaxed and sleepy just reciting the recipe to you! Time for a nap.

On that note, I'll leave you now to ponder your spells.  Be sure to record them down and feel free to comment on this discussion below if you have any questions that can be answered for all to benefit.

Peace and Happiness

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