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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The element within - Water

 Good Evening,

Tonight we discuss the fourth element that we have within and how we can make it work for us and not against us.  This element is water.  The water element is the emotional element. Even though we have discussed lots of emotions like love, passion and desire and associated those with the element of fire, water is where all the deep emotions lie.  Many times emotional stresses are pushed down and become hidden as if sinking under the water in a pond.

We recently had a discussion regarding the water element and the moon and its affects on us. See my witches blog dated January 24, 2011 entitled 'Moon Madness-water molecules & PMS! Oh no she didn't go there! but tonight we'll work more with the element within, which we can change and emphasize if we wish.

People with lots of water energy within, and you don't have to be a water sign astrologically to have a lot of water within, may tend towards emotionally sensitive or maybe very quiet and seemingly introverted. Remember we have all the elements within, just at times some are more or less balanced than at other times.

If you have been emotionally sensitive lately when you typically don't act that way, it maybe because of a change in your life that has brought your water element up to the surface and you've become more aware of it.
As a biological being we are made up of lots of things and water is a large part of the mix. So it's expected that at times we need to give into the water element within.

But, unlike physical or emotional stress and fatigue which can feel like a fight to get to a balanced, healthy place, working with your water element does not feel as much like you're fighting it rather that you're giving into it.  And this is good and important. If feeling emotional, give into it. Be emotional. For goodness sake who was the bone-head that first said we should 'suck it up' 'tough it out', big girls or boys don't cry,  blah, blah, blah!!?? Anyways?  Someone destined for high blood pressure and a potential for snapping in the future and taking out an entire neighborhood or small village, would be my guess! 

 An emotional 'release', typically what we call a meltdown, yet why do we put such a negative spin on the word.  What melts? Something that is frozen. Or perhaps someone who has been frozen, and then .  .  .  suddenly they are in touch with their feelings and it all comes out.  This shouldn't be a bad thing, it should be something that happens more often so that its not such a huge deal. 

Now, of course, it's important to appropriate the time and place for such a release, and in the middle of a big, important meeting is probably not the best place.  All over a social media like facebook also, in my opinion, not appropriate either. Personally, I feel, an emotional letting go should be done in private with one or two close friends and loved ones to support and help you up again, not for the entire world to witness and salivate over. But that's just this witches opinion.

My point being, don't run from it, don't keep pushing it aside. We're good at pushing stuff aside all day  long, but make the time to sit and feel your feelings, whether they're sadness, anger, or whatever other emotion you're working with, and give them a moment in time. For I have found with all the magicks in the world, sometimes the only way through something is right smack through the middle of it. No going around the edges, skirting the matter, especially with emotional things we push aside. They will only creep up again at a later time, and trust me, it could be while waiting in line at the cashier or even driving down the road and bam! You're all weepy and now a danger to yourself and others!!

I've often advised, when asked what to do when one is bummed out and feeling down, or a person is 'having a bad day', to really go for it!  Everyone wants to find the cure or fix the problem. I advise if you're going to have a bad or 'dark' day, have a grand one!!  Seriously if you're just in a funk and honestly no good to anyone, not even yourself, call out of work sick or just stay home that day instead of running all the errands you normally do and have a dark day. I mean a really good one! 

Maybe stay in your pajamas all day, watch movies only you like, maybe horror movies or scary movies to match your mood! Burn a blue candle and a black one, both at the same time, to give into your emotional self and to banish the negative, yucky stuff that's built up inside. Talk to your best friend, because your best friend will listen no matter how maudlin you sound.  Eat the things you never allow yourself, act like a child and color in a coloring book, or whatever you want to do. Not what you have to.  Just for a day. Have you ever tried to hiss like a cat? Sometimes I find it speaks volumes where our language is just lacking.  Besides, hiss and growl just a little at the people closest and most accepting of you and they'll leave you alone and wish you well. It's better than saying something you don't mean and will regret later. They may even throw you some canned tuna rather than the same ol' dry or canned stuff.  Ha! 

The point being, have a really great dark day, and then get back to life.  More than one day can be trouble, slipping into this funk for days on end leads to serious issues but I feel that ignoring, pushing it away and otherwise not giving it its due can also lead into a long term serious case of the blahs. 

Don't fight it, give into it, because it's you. Then you can get on with life and be a little more balanced in your water element.  

Peace and Happiness!

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