The Contemporary New England Witch

The Contemporary New England Witch
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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The elements within -- The air element

Good Evening,

Tonight we discuss the next element to be found within, Air.  The element of air has the magickal properties of intellect, any mind work, meditation, truth and clearing away illusion, obstacles and deceptions.

I have included in this discussion a simple spell to bring about truth to a situation, but I caution you!! If you wish to know the truth about a situation you will, if you do truth spell work.  Be prepared for any truth, even the one you really didn't want to know, because it will be delivered to you. At times in remarkable ways. I seldom use truth spells, but I have in the past, and these more so than any other spells manifest so quickly and so randomly, out of the blue it seems, that one cannot help becoming a true believer in the magickal, even if skeptical beforehand. A note: The spell must be to uncover a truth that directly concerns you. 'Nosy Nellies' that want to know "the down and dirty" about others will find that they have done no more than burned a yellow candle, for little else will manifest.

Truth Candle Spell

One yellow spell candle. (Spell candles, also called chime candles are ideal as they will burn down within a short period of time, usually 30-40 minutes.)

Figure Candle of your gender

Anoint both candles with air oil and if you have none use a few drops of sage oil or lily of the valley oil will do.

Place figure candle in center of your altar or work space.  Place yellow candle in small holder approximately a foot away from your figure candle. (Make sure yellow candle is in a small enough holder that eventually it can be moved to sit just an inch or so away from the figure candle.)

Ring a bell three times. Hold the bell aloft so that the last vibrations ring on the air until they fade, before putting bell down. As soon as the vibrations fade ask the universe, your Goddess or God, maybe a guardian angel, whomever you call on to aid you in your spell work,  to allow the truth of the situation to come to light.

Light your figure candle first, while saying, "this is me".  Next light the candle of truth saying "this is the truth".
"I thank the Goddess for bringing the truth of this situation to light. Bring the truth to me."

Every 10 minutes move the truth, yellow candle, only. Move it a couple of inches towards your figure candle. Do this every 10 minutes or so, making sure it is resting up against the figure candle for the last 10 minutes of its burn. You may have to adjust the inches as you move it, being exact is not necessary, just keep moving the yellow candle, incrementally towards the figure candle.  

  Once touching, both must be allowed to burn down in this particular candle spell, without extinguishing. Make sure you can do this spell and allow at least an hour for the candles to burn down, before running out to do other things. Of course, any candles burned must be burned in fireproof safe containers or holders and supervised while burning. Be safe.

This spell is most effective on a Sunday or a Wednesday.  Good luck and beware you are careful what you ask for.                                         

One can work on the air element within without casting a specific spell. But all inner work is alchemy or spell work of a sort.  Even though I have heard of Wiccans who do not perform spells or believe in doing any magick at all!!?? (Honestly, I just don't get that? But hey, that's what's great about this path, pretty much anything works as long as it works for you.) For this New England witch,  spells are as necessary to my life as food or air. Its the magick that makes this path so special for me.

We can address the element of air within by practicing our breathing, being aware of our breathing and trying some simple, short meditations. Oh NO!! Did she say meditate?

I'm not suggesting you meditate like a Yogi master for hours on end. No! Our brains are simply not designed to work that way.  I don't even suggest you meditate for ten minutes! We are on all the time, but our brain  'shuts off' after 10 minutes if it doesn't get intellectual stimulation of some sort.  Remember our last discussion on the earth element within? Be alone, just by yourself and your thoughts for 10 minutes. Just sit for 10 minutes.  Just sitting and being. Oh, my! What will you think of?

You see, you can think of anything you wish to. It helps to focus on things that bring you a sense of peace and happiness, fun thoughts, fond memories, whatever you choose.

I have for several years now, lectured on the downside of our society making the modern concept of 'multi tasking' a perceived positive skill. This is role modeled on a regular basis.  People are held in high esteem for being able to juggle a bunch of tasks simultaneously, from new mothers to business people.  People work more hours, do more things and its slowly taking its toll. We strive to be able to do it all, and at great expense to ourselves.  The increase in heart disease, high blood pressure (hypertension) , and other stress related dis - ease is topping the medical illness charts in our country.

My goodness, we don't even rest on vacations anymore!  Now, of course this doesn't apply to everyone, but so many times I hear "I need a vacation from my vacation." I taught children in the martial arts for many years, and it would amaze me that a child as young as 8 years old would have an electronic day planner, simply to keep track of all the extra curricular activities they have, from soccer, to trumpet lessons, piano, martial arts, T-ball, etc, etc. Add the crazy number of homework hours, I hear they are given, and I am left asking, "when is a child allowed to be bored anymore?"  Seriously, some of my fondest memories growing up are of long, lazy, hot summer days trying to catch tadpoles or frogs, laying on my back in a hay field and beeeeeing bored. That should be part of childhood, being bored. Because then your imagination soars to incredible heights. If only given a chance. 

Unfortunately, when we multi-task, in the majority of applications, we only succeed in doing a lot of things, just good enough. It's found all through our society of late. Seldom do we experience exemplary service, first rate quality, complete attention to the job at hand. Mediocrity is expected and excellence is given celebrity status.

But for a witch, to create magickal manifestation one must be able to focus on a single concept and keep a consistent visual. The same goes with touching the elements within. Each needs to be focused on, dealt with and respected.

Prioritizing and making time for you is so very important, and when you're relaxing your body remember to relax and stimulate your mind. Relax and stimulate at the same time? Really! For instance today I had that very opportunity as I was able to read a handwritten manuscript from 1644 that a British museum digitized and put on the Internet concerning witch persecutions in England.  This makes me very focused, I enjoy this type of research and it also stimulates my brain to no end!!  Of course, you will find that special activity that brings both relaxation and stimulation to you.  I don't discount television, by the way.

Used in certain ways, television is truly a modern marvel.  There are so many opportunities to learn, discover and experience things that we couldn't without modern television technology.  I've been to the pyramids of Egypt, the Brazilian rain forest,  Madagascar, in the kitchen with Julia Childs, and on the surface of the moon. All through the magick of modern technology.  I've said it often, the Goddess and God have given us everything. What we do with it is up to us. It's neither good nor bad. You have all the answers to all your problems available to you. Many times the answers lie within. The next idea can help you work deeper with the air element within.

This is a simple 60 second meditation that can help you focus, and slowly re-train your brain to focus on a single concept more clearly and for longer periods.  I created this meditation several years ago, and all it ever requires is 60 seconds and a clock with a digital readout.

Pick a time, for this discussion we'll pick 7:00. The a.m. or p.m. doesn't matter. When that times comes around, and be looking for it, as soon as the clock changes to 7:00 just stare at the clock readout and try to just think of one thing. One picture in your mind, or one concept. Just think about it for 60 seconds until the clock changes to 7:01. Do this every time the time comes around, even if its once a day. Try this for a week or so and see if your focus doesn't improve. 

Peace and Happiness

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