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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Elements Within - Fire- using color magick

 Good Evening,

Tonight we discuss the element within of Fire. Fire is the energy of the body. The love, the lust, the passion the strength and courage of a person.  It's pretty intense stuff, but luckily we all have it. Even the meekest amongst us.

To honor and work with the fire element within, first be aware of your personal energy. Do you have enough of it? Is it balanced?  Are you always tired, stressed and on edge? Do you snap at people or cry at the drop of a hat? Are you typically angry or easily aggravated? Perhaps your fire element is askew? 

Burning a red candle can bring your energy up, as well as using a red light bulb in a darkened room. This is helpful for one who is tired, fatigued, and/ or depressed or emotionally drained.  Being aware of overindulgence of foods or drinks that offer artificial stimulation because after a period of time, your body's energy will no longer respond properly to these stimulants.  Being over-stressed is indicative,  in the magickal realms, of an over stimulated fire element and if this is the case, you may find it comforting and restful to surround yourself with cooling blues and greens.  Cooling fruit drinks and milk based drinks bring comfort and soothing to the fire element.

If over stressed, be aware of over indulging in alcohol, definitely a fire drink, actually nicknamed 'firewater' by early Americans c.1826 and considered to be Native American slang for an alcoholic drink. Consuming too many drinks in the attempt to relive stress may actually ratchet up the fire element within and cause a more stressful environment for your body, mind and spirit. That pounding in your brain the morning after a long night of drinking is your fire element a bit ticked off.

If you feel that your fire element is over or under active, yet aren't really sure, as many times it can be difficult to finely separate our emotions, especially when we're in the midst of a stressful situation, try this simple test.

Get two colored light bulbs. One red and one blue. These are commonly sold as 'party' bulbs and are found in most local supermarkets in New England right next to the other light bulbs.  Then, in the evening after dark, go to a room where you can switch a light bulb with a colored one, and turn only that light on. The room should be dark from any other light source.  Turn on first the red bulb.  Sit in the room for a few minutes and try to sense how it makes you feel.  Then switch out the bulbs and now place the blue bulb in the room. Again sit in the room for a few minutes.Which one makes you feel better?

No matter what color you decide on, use for no more than 10 minutes at a time. Over use or exposure can have a null effect after a while. Use for 10 minutes every now and again can help put your fire element where it belongs, aiding and helping you have the best day possible.

Whereas using a blue light can relax you, using the red light bulb typically energizes a person and can bring a sense of love, lust, passion and desire to an encounter. History refers to the 'red light districts' in reference to areas with a high sex trade for a reason.  Red is the color of love, lust and sex.  Adding red candles, and red energies such as dragons blood resin, or incense,  red roses, and red decor or attire can add an intense boost to a sexy date.  Yet  I caution you!! If you add all of this to a romantic encounter don't complain to me that the next day your dragging your broom! I personally think the phrase 'burning the candle at both ends' must have referred to a witch that had just discovered sex and lust spells!!

You can use the fire element within to help you get through difficult daily situations. Perhaps you need to speak in front of a crowd, present your boss with a new idea or ask for a raise, have a confrontation with a co-worker or employee or spend the day with an in-law or other family member.  Any number of circumstances could cause us to want a healthy dose of courage at a given moment.  Burn a red candle the night before and envision the circumstance you will face and while watching the candle, see the entire situation with you in a comfortable, strong and effective position. Visualize the outcome as one where you presented yourself in the way you wish, confident, strong, well spoken and assured. See yourself confidently approaching your boss, presenting your case for a raise and leaving in a friendly, professional manner. Whether he gives you the raise or not, is not the outcome for this. Why? You're asking for courage, strength in this visual.  Also, even when we ask for money in a money spell, we don't envision manipulating our boss into giving us a raise, that's not part of the visual.  

Wearing a red outfit, suit or dress can also bring up your fire element.  Carrying red stones such as garnet, rough rubies or red coral can also aid you in this manner.  Witches use color in very specific ways and I have personally used color magick for decades with great success.  I always have a pouch of stones on me and have carried stones for a great many years. 

These are just some ways to work with the fire element within.  With practice and by listening to your inner self you will find how to make your inner fire happy!

Peace and Happiness

A note to my witchy readers: I am not a doctor of any sort and I do not offer the above as medical advice. The opinions I offer are meant to introduce alternative concepts to those exploring the magickal world.  I recommend one never rely solely on magickal means to the exclusion of modern medical care.  For, in truth, modern medicine is one the our greatest magicks we have today.

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