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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Friday, October 22, 2010

Reading the Tarot

 Autumnal Greetings everyone!

My goodness,  October is certainly acting typical. That's O.K., because I've lived long enough to believe in 'Indian Summer',  a short warm period that should come around anytime now, just to remind us of what will be our reward once we make it through the long, cold winter.  'Indian Summer',  the folk name for this warm spell, lasting a day to a week on average,  typically occurs after the first few frosts. As the changing of the leaves attests to, we've had a frost or two.   I'm keeping my fingers crossed and blowing a wish or two in the air that this warm spell arrives for Halloween.  I love a nice, warm Halloween evening so everyone can have fun and frolic without worry of cold and rain.

Tonight I want to discuss the tarot.  I've read the cards for almost 30 years, and have been a professional reader the last six years.  I have had the most interesting education reading cards for people.  I teach students how to read the tarot in my classes at Enchantments and I wanted to dispel some common misconceptions regarding the tarot I've encountered over the years.

There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding how one should acquire their first tarot deck. I've learned that people believe you cannot purchase your own deck, there are supporting rumors that say you must be gifted a deck or Yikes! even steal a deck. Truly, people will repeat the silliest rumors, especially when it involves our magickal world.  Please let me state for the official record, YES you can not only purchase your own deck, and I highly recommend legally acquiring your tarot deck, but you should choose your own. 

It's akin to purchasing any other intimate, close, personal item. Seldom will someone else know you enough, to pick the right deck for you.  But no worries, if this happens know you can have and work with more than one deck. Many people choose to collect decks.

Most modern readers refrain from interpreting reverse readings or cards that get put down upside-down.  This was popular in the past, but let us consider the beginnings of the tarot for a moment. It is difficult to say definitively  when the first deck was created. It has a murky history deep in the past of Central Europe, most likely Italy.   No,  the Gypsies did not invent the tarot. They were known to do divination using a deck of typical playing cards, and after the tarot had become popular throughout Italy, Gypsy clans adopted its use. 

First and foremost the tarot was first used, according to written history, by the early Italian Christians as a playing card game known as 'Italian Tarocchini'  in the 14th century. When I make this statement it is important to remember,  that in the 14th century, deep in medieval times, the Catholic church controlled all. Without exception. Any games of chance or entertainment were approved by the church or forbade. Black or White. It was not until a much later time when mystics, philosophers and then occultists adopted the tarot as a way to divine the future.

Divination is spoken of in the bible with the Old Testament referencing of a number of individuals who used divination.  One ironic story is how King Saul had driven all mystics and fortune tellers from Israel. Then to his chagrin needed to seek out the Witch of Endor, in the dark of night and in disguise, so that she could tell him how his army fared against the mighty Philistines. This story is recounted in the First Book of Samuel Book (28:3-25).  The witch is absent from the deuterocanonical version Book of Sirach (46: 19-20).

I have often told people they should get their cards read for fun, but know that there is truth in the readings. We don't look for bad things that may happen, and I strongly advise anyone who trains with me from looking for the bad, the dark energy or to ever tell someone there is some bad energy or curse around them, as this is the market of the con, the charlatan and the crook.

Many people feel they need to have a question before consulting the tarot. I have never found this necessary. The cards will tell you what you need to know. So, if you have no question (personally I advise against a question, as it can limit the scope of your reading), ask for a general reading. When someone has a specific question I have them throw the witches runes for a clear yes or no answer.  

The reading is information on your life and how the next few months will pan out, if you continue to do what you do. It is neither good nor bad, but totally up to you to make that determination.  Tarot can help people interpret seemingly unrelated things going on in your life, and can give perspective.  It's important that you find a reader who has no issue with allowing you to take notes, have a friend sit in, it should always be up to the client. I've told clients if they wish to bring their attorney with them, I'm fine with that. I mean it!! I might upset some people, but I'll say it, A reader who controls this aspect of a reading has something to hide. Or else, is not comfortable enough as a reader to be charging someone and acting the professional.

There are too many charlatans around, and everywhere on the internet that prey on the fears, misconceptions and superstitions of good people.  Any reader that leaves you with a feeling of fear, trepidation or worry after a reading should be suspect. Also anyone that tells you they can 'remove' the bad, or 'evil' by having you come back, by purchasing more readings, usually at escalating fees, is a FRAUD.  Please beware and have your cards read for fun and if you can afford the fee.  Readers charge from $20 to a hundred or more, depending on the reader and their claim to fame.

With this information in mind, I will also advise against trying to read your own cards. It's difficult, akin to doing your own psychotherapy.  Few are able to see their world without bias and in perspective, enough to interpret a spread of cards accurately.  Tarot cards can also be used as a daily oracle and in spell work by the individual, but I'll speak more about these topics another time.

In addition to reading the tarot, my clients get the added benefits of a crystal ball reading, stone divination and a witches runes,  reading for my fee. A reading takes about 30 - 40 minutes. Take notes regarding your reading, as I personally don't need to keep 'your stuff' in my head. It's yours with my blessings. I seldom remember specifics of a clients readings even a few hours or days after wards. The last thing I wish to say about a tarot reading for tonight, is even if you don't like something you heard, know you can always change your future. Nothing is carved in stone. 

                                                            What I am up to this Weekend! 

I'm looking forward to this weekend. I'm reading tarot cards at a Psychic Weekend being held at the Daniel Rust Inn in Coventry CT.  I can't tell you enough how much I love this place and the wonderful women, Cathy and Germaine,  who own  and run it. Located in quaint little Coventry, CT , 2011 Main Street,  it is a historic inn set in a beautiful country setting.  I'll be reading tarot for $65 per person and there will be an after party with wonderful party foods and a fire in the fire place. After I read everyone's cards we sit and chat in the great room and talk about all sorts of spooky, fun and witchy things. I'm happy to answer questions and discuss what it is that I do.  The party is $30 a person to support the Daniel Rust Inn and there are spaces still available.  Please call if you wish to attend, the number is 860-742-0032. 
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  1. Beautiful Ms Faith!
    Thank you for speaking the truth and spreading a little understanding:)
    Did you pull The Empress before you wrote this one? ~g~

  2. I learn more each time I read one of your blogs!!!Great Stuff !!! I'll see you on the 30th! Eileen S.