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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Friday, October 29, 2010

A Magickal Moment

Greetings my Halloween Hobbits! 

Do you have magickal moments? I bet you do. You just need to look for them. I ask at the beginning of every class for students to share a 'magickal moment' from the past week.  Initially new students don't have ones to share until they have been in class for a week or so and start to look for the magickal moments.  I know, the real world doesn't seem very magickal at times. But it's the only world we have  and there is magick to be had in the most unexpected, fabulous places. I promise.  Here let me show you.

These are some of the magickal moments I've experienced lately.  About two weeks ago there was a rainbow over Manchester and the colors were so vivid and complete. There was no faded edges often seen in other rainbows.  I watched it as I drove home,  then had the opportunity to get out of my car in my driveway and just look up. One of the greatest works of art I'd ever seen, by one of the greatest masters. It was also special because I was able to share it with a couple of friends, gotta love cell phones!  No, I didn't take a picture, because rainbows seldom ever look as spectacular in photos. Maybe if you're a professional photographer, but I prefer my rainbows real and by looking and absorbing, I'll be able to enjoy the memory for a long time.

That was a magickal moment for me  I'm fond of calling a friend or two when there's an amazing full moon, or spectacular sunset. It seems more special to share it with someone, when these experiences are too beautiful to just enjoy yourself.

Tonight I had another magickal moment. I taught a class on the History of Halloween and it was wonderful discussing the world of the witch with a group of interested, curious students, many of whom were new at discovering this world. I love the energy of a student who has recently discovered this path and is opening more and more to the possibilities it holds. It's exciting and re-affirming for me as I remember when I was first learning and exploring and discovering magickal moments every day. That magickal memory has never faded. I hope it never does. 

 Look for the magickal moments in your day. Perhaps its the voice of someone dear,  a symbol that has special meaning appearing to you,  an unexpected moment of perfect synchronicity. Magickal moments can happen spontaneously and you can manufacture them. As long as they touch your life in a magickal way, that's all that matters.

What do I mean by manufacturing a magickal moment? For instance, this past year I wanted to have a special birthday celebration and so I designed the day and the celebration with a few close friends and made an incredible magickal moment out of the occasion with memories that will last forever

Look for the magickal moments in your life this week, this month. Don't push them aside as imagination, coincidence or happenstance.  Stop, just a moment, notice the magick in the moment and allow it to color your day.  The witch looks for the magick in everything, and you know what? We find it more often than not.

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