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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Guardians of the West, element of water

 Greetings everyone,

Well, the Canada geese have been heading south, raucously calling out their farewells as they soar overhead, so graceful and serene.  Only a few more days until the big night!! Yikes, its been exciting but soon to be over. Then for this witch, it will be a time to prepare for winter and settle in for a season of rest, renewal, discovery and planning for our next season.  

I've included another photo from my garden, of my eunonymous bush in the front yard.  If you look carefully you'll see a little green statue in front of the red burning bush. For estimating the size of the bush, the statue stands 2 feet high.  The eunonymous bush, also called the Wahoo bush by the Native Americans, we often call it by its common name, burning bush,  because of the intense bright crimson shade it turns when touched by frost. This bush also has a neat, dense twig structure and provides safety for birds and small animals year round.  Many a time I have seen small birds fly quickly into the bush only to see a larger predator bird like a hawk fly over soon afterwards.

It's a lovely bush to plant within a few feet of the house, especially if you have indoor cats.  I have small shelves on the windowsills of my house where the cats can sit and watch the birds who frequently hang out in the burning bush.  The cats are fascinated and will watch for hours. 

Well, today was warm and wet.  Wet is appropriate for this discussion. We have one element left to discuss, The element of water, guardians of the west.  The west energies can encompass some deeper aspects of our lives. The gates of death are, in our philosophy, located in the west.  This is a typical spiritual understanding found in many cultures where they see the sun awakening, coming to life in the east and dying in the west.  Many ancient cultures looked towards the sun as a deity, and worshiped the sun as it brought life, and as it went out at night, it died only to be reborn the next day.

In addition to the death aspect, and we do not perceive death as a bad, creepy or evil thing, but a natural part of the life cycle, the element of water has the qualities of governing emotions and your emotional world, healing, peace, sleep, dreams, compassion and friendships. The emotional, close, intimate world you share with family, loved ones, friends all fall within the realm of the element of water.

Astrological signs governed by water are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

The moon has water energy as the two work together, the moon and the tides on earth. As we are mostly water, in the biological sense, we are swayed by the moon and the water found in the atmosphere around us. Most people either love, or hate violent rain storms, hurricanes and such. There are few people I've met, that have no emotion at all, towards intense storms, frankly because we 'feel' the energy around us.  Some of us enjoy the intense energy, I for one love storms of any sort. Others find it difficult and unsettling. But people react to storms, I think because of the energy and water involved. 

Water is like the element of earth in that its character is feminine. Feminine energy is cool, dark, soothing, comforting, receptive and nurturing.   Passive, understanding and accepting.  Feminine is the yin to masculine's yang. Where the masculine is projective, the feminine is receptive, male is hot, female is cool.  These attributes have been in place for centuries, and Aristotle spoke and wrote extensively of the differences to be found between the feminine and masculine.  We find these characteristics today to still be valid.

For fun, I've included a small quiz I created a few years ago, that will help you determine which elements figure predominantly in you. Yes, most everyone knows their element as far as their astrological sign, and if not, no worries! I've included that also.  But it occurred to me one day while working in my garden, that we are not just one element exclusively, but that we have a percentage of the other elements within us. This quiz was the result of a lovely afternoon meditating and learning from nature in my garden, I had fun creating it, and I hope you enjoy taking it.

To find out which elements are strongest  within you, take my quiz.  The key at the end will help you score. 

What Element Are You?

1.  When working out in the garden what item would you never wear?

a. gloves
b. hat
c. shoes
d. sunglasses

2. Do you use an umbrella when it rains?

a. sometimes
b. most of the time
c. always
d. never

3. What would bother you the most?

a. being in a large crowded, noisy, excited place
b. being in the dark
c. being in a dark, damp cave or basement
d. being alone

4. Imagine you are upset about something and you were told that if you sat or lay down beneath one of four trees you would feel better. Which tree would you choose?

a. oak
b. soft fir
c. sugar maple
d. willow

5. What would you most like to do on a perfect day off?

a. go shopping
b. go on a hot air balloon ride
c. go on a roller-coaster
d. travel down a gently flowing stream in a very comfortable boat.

6. Design your front yard to reflect who you really are. What one design element of this list would you have to have?

a. a privacy hedge or fence
b. a manicured lawn or wild grass garden
c. a bright, beautiful flower garden
d. a fountain

7. What animal of these four are you most 'in sync' with?

a. bird
b. dragonfly
c. bee
d. butterfly

8. what would be your ideal vacation from the four listed?

a. dude ranch
b. skiing
c. tropical island
d. cruise

9. What creature would you most likely pick up?

a. toad
b. spider
c. salamander
d. snake

10. What pet are you most likley to have?

a. cat/dog
b. bird
c. reptile
d. fish

11. Which one of the color combos is most pleasing to you?

a. brown- green
b. red- yellow
c. black - red
d. blue-green

12. Which of the following would be most abhorrent to you?

a. falling a great distance
b. being buried alive
c. drowning
d. being burned

13. What is your astrological sign? Use the key below if you're not sure.

a. earth
b. air
c. fire
d. water

Earth signs are: Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus
Air signs are: Aquarius, Libra and Gemini
Fire signs are: Aries, Sagittarius, Leo
Water signs are: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

When complete count up the a's, b's, c's &  d's.

The element you have the most of, is predominant in your life, and may not be a surprise. But notice how many of the other elements you chose.  Learning about the elements and how they work within you, learning more about who you are, and why you do what you do, can help in becoming a more authentic, happier you.

If you have mostly a's you are primarily earth. Earth energy manifests within us in needing foundation, security and safety. Home is usually very important, and you're happiest there. Stability and creating your world yourself is the job of earth energy. Also can be stubborn, very detailed oriented at times, and may have difficulty seeing others point of view, especially when you really, really know you're right!!

Mostly b's indicate a strong affinity with air energy.  If you have lots of air in you, no joke intended!! , Then the work of the intellectual is your sphere. Truth, honesty and space are necessary for your happiness and to function at peak performance. Air energy oes not like to be tied down, nor dictated to. Air needs to discover the answers on their own and enjoys the discovery process.  People with air can also be a bit absent minded, but its only because they are so focused on what's happening in their heads, which quite frankly is often more interesting to what is going on around them, no offense!

Lots of c's mean you are in touch with your fire energy. Change, you like it!! Excitement, lights, music, people are all parts that fire energy craves. Fun, fun, fun!!! Excitement, drama and change.  Wanting to make things better, getting rid of the old, replacing with new and different. Fire does not stand for long with the same old, same old.  Always wanting and striving for more is good in small quantities, but stress in large quantities can be harmful.  fire energy is stress.  We need it in small doses but if you have lots of fire, try to temperate it with enjoyable things you like, that also give you a break body and mind wise. Excercise is a healthy alternative to using up excess energy without it using you up!!

Lot's of d's tell me you are living in the emotional world of your choosing. That family, friends, loved ones and the emotional part of life is predominant in you and this quality needs to be addressed. The emotional cannot be safely set aside, not if it needs tending to.  Take care of you, in all the ways you desire and need. Your emotional world can become stronger and more rewarding.  If too emotional, because of grief and stress, know that it too will pass, and maybe some help in the form of talking with someone or seeing your doctor can help you balance out a emotional energy that is too strong.

The good news folks?  We change the quantity and amounts of energy we walk around with. If today this quiz indicates you are primarily one element more so than others, in six months that could very well have changed. Keep checking back and pay attention to the elements as they work through you and the insight they give you into your world will be priceless. 

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