The Contemporary New England Witch

The Contemporary New England Witch
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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Have a Happy Samhain ~ Halloween

Happy Samhain eve my little tricks and treats!!

ooooh, this is the night we've all been waiting for!!  What are you going to dress up as? Me? Well .  .  .  I've given it a lot of thought, but I always go as a witch. It's just me, you know?  So, you'll understand with the festivities and all that tonight's blog will be short and very sweet.

I plan on spending today decorating, just last minute touches and tweaks. Making sure the little graveyard out front by my cauldron is properly lit, the altar set and the bags of candy counted and placed by the front door.  I'll greet my little ghouls and monsters tonight in my garden, with rubber snakes & rats and candy in hand.

There's tons of great documentaries on the history of Halloween on all the cable channels, and lots of scary movies, shows on ghost hunting, and a great old movie starring Vincent Price is on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) at 1:30 pm EST "Tower of London"  this afternoon Sunday Oct 31)

For dinner on this night I always prepare little appetizers and finger foods. I'll make a cider punch and its a party. If its a year where I don't invite anyone, we party with the spirits, for this is really their night. It's been a busy season, so I hope the spirits aren't too rowdy tonight!

Whatever you do today and tonight, I wish you bats, cobwebs and candy. Candy, candy. candy!! 

Have a safe and happy Samhain Eve, Bright Blessings to all of you

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