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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Guardians of the South, elements of Fire

Hello again!

Weren't we just discussing Indian Summer? Well, it's arrived, yeah! What a gorgeous, warm almost balmy day and today again saw me out in the garden, trimming, cutting back and enjoying this beautiful, although short reminder of summer.  I know it's only around for a day or so, but I'm enjoying it.  I just finished cutting back the zebra grass and I've included a photo of it before it came down.

I love the way the sun highlights this particular grass, seemingly illuminating the blades of grass from within.  I have planted this variety of tall, ornamental grass on the eastern and western edges of my garden. This is to take advantage of the morning sun and evening sun, the lighting effect is really spectacular. This plant is also magickal to me.  It starts growing a new plant from the crown left from the year before in the early spring. The plant puts out completely green blades of grass with no striping at all. Regardless of how big the plant gets, it doesn't start getting yellow zebra striping until the weather turns hot enough.  How hot is that?   Well, you'll just have to get some zebra grass, plant it and see!!

Zebra grass is a nice planting to bring in the air element, which was the last element we discussed.  Tonight's discussion surrounds an exciting element, the element of fire.  The South is the realm of fire. Fire's color is red, its energy is masculine, exciting, projective and ever changing.  One of the strongest magickal qualities of fire is change. It also encompasses passion, intense love, sex and lust.  Oh, wait .   .   .    I can hear some of you thinking,
"hey now, it's about time we got to the good stuff!!"   I've been asked about love spells, probably more than all the other spell categories combined over the years. They do work.   But before we get into love spells, let's discuss a little more about the south and the element of fire. 

Courage, strength(both physical and mental), determination, all fall into this realm's sphere.

The salamander has for centuries been a creature of fire. I know, salamanders are small, cool and moist. But Aristotle and Pliny, both famous philosophers and great scholars of their day, claimed the salamander to be a creature that lived in fire. There seems to be no agreed upon thought as to why they attributed a small wet creature that lives in logs such a hot reputation. I do know that if you pick up a salamander often they are marked with bright red or orange markings. The serpent or snake is also associated with the South and fire.

Transform your garden by thinking of the red found in nature.  Red flowers, like bright red salvia, geraniums, roses, and plants that turn bright red in the fall such as the burning bush, eunonymous, that we have so much of in the Northeast all call for the fire element.  There are some lovely ornamental dogwoods called red-twig dogwood, that seem to grow much differently from a typical dogwood. I have a photo to your right in the side bar. They grow with many trunks from the ground and don't seem to get more than 3 - 4' tall, perhaps with trimming.   The winter is when this beauty really shows off. The red twigs or red colored bark of the trunk stand out dramatically from freshly fallen snow and provide a spark of fire energy, even in the midst of winter. 
A fire pit, chiminea, or other fire element is always a nice choice. Just be sure to find out your local zoning restrictions on open flame fires in your neighborhood, to be sure you can legally have one.

The element of fire, is also the realm of the dragon and fire drakes, mythological creatures that live in the flames of the fire.
Ms. Faith's Candle spell for Love  

Candles are a perfect spell method for love, using the element of fire, bringing in change.  

First a Magickal Disclaimer:  It's important when doing a love spell, that if it's to bring in a new lover, do not visualize or specify a person you know. To do so would be negative manipulation and we do not have the right to do that.  Instead visualize perhaps tall, dark, handsome or pretty, person. Other non specific traits are o.k. to visualize i.e. doesn't live with parents, has a good paying job, likes the same movies etc. This is the type of person who will cross your path in the coming weeks with a love spell properly visualized.

I know, I know, I've heard it before "But Ms. Faith, seriously, we are meant to be together, we are SOUL MATES!!! He doesn't know me yet, but  just one spell, I know he would stop dating every other girl in town and focus only on me!"  Um, I hate to disappoint, but   .  .  .  no he won't.  Now might be a good time to mention we take a firm stand against aiding and abetting stalkers. We just won't do it!

So, stop thinking about a specific someone and just see yourself happy, coming home at night and just seeing yourself aglow with happiness and love.  The person who will bring that to your life will cross your path and if your spell is done correctly, you will have more than one eligible one, and then you can choose of your own free will. 

If you are in a committed relationship, and you wish to visualize your lover, just make sure they know you are doing a spell (yes, they must be informed, even if you know what's best for them!!) and you must have their permission. Once obtained, some serious spell casting can be had!  This is a simple yet effective love candle spell.

Take a red candle.  Carve hearts in the side.   The rune X called gifu is the sex/lust rune and pretty effective if historical myth is anything to go by.  If you are doing a spell with the permission of your lover, you may carve both your names in the side of the candle. Dress (rub in) a love oil, or an essential oil of rose, then place in a fireproof holder. Place candle in holder on a plate with silver, reds or pinks.  Use colors to enhance your spell.  I am a serious proponent of glitter. I'll come right out and say it.  Glitter is fabulous and should be used more. 
 Sprinkle red, pinks, purple glitters on plate, or even on the red or pink cloth of a love altar.  A statue of a love Goddess is always a nice touch on an altar dedicated to love magick. Stones of pinks and reds and quartz crystals also add to the love drawing magick.

Place candle in your line of sight, on top of a television or on a near by table, so you can look at it occasionally as it burns and visualize your end result.  Light the candle. Let it burn until it goes out, or snuff it out and re-light at another time and allow to burn completely out. Keep seeing your visualization, while the candle burns. You don't have to stare at the candle, just every now and again as your gaze falls on the candle as it burns see your visualization.

What should you visualize?  Just yourself.  Yes, just you. Coming home to someone, coming home after a date, perhaps even sitting at a nice table in a restaurant you like. Just visualize it as if your date is in the rest room. You very happy, waiting for their return, excited to be with them. See what makes sense for you. But the focus of the visual is you.

See yourself happy, excited, in love, being loved.  At night when you close your eyes see the love life you desire.In the morning start your day by seeing the visual for a few moments before you open your eyes and get up for the day. The visualization is key.

This spell can be layered further by performing it on a Friday, a day known since antiquity as a day of love.

It's important to remember, as with any spell, once the magick has been cast then one is responsible for doing the physical work.  A spell cast for getting a good job, does no good if the spell caster never leaves the couch. The physical action of sending out resumes, going on job interviews, is all still required. You only make the winds of good fortune and luck flow in your direction by working a bit of magick. 

The same is true with love magick. You want a special someone in your life, and you've decided to cast a love spell. After all you deserve it! A secret about magick? I'll tell you.  .  .   the magick works within you. It causes change. Perhaps your magick causes you to become more aware of who you are, how you interact with people, how others view you.  The magick works from within, it emanates out (many times people will say "you're glowing!" ) and it attracts others to you.  Can you see how the energy goes out, returns and completes a circuit?

After the spell is cast, you need to put yourself out there. Perhaps take some risks, deal with some false starts, but you have to go out, meet people and you will find that someone. Fire magick causes change, and if you want your love life to change in any way, fire magick is the way to do it.  

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