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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Sunday, July 30, 2017

You Want To Be A Witch? You'd Better Toughen Up!!

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Good Afternoon My Witchy Reader,

I am stepping away from spell casting and such discussions for a moment to address a concept that has been brought to my attention a few times over the last few months or so.  I often espouse on how we must have the knowledge and experience to do what we do effectively, to create needed magickal manifestation.

Yet, there is another side of the witches coin, if you will. That is the inner strength, confidence and self assurance of the magickal practitioner. You need to have strength, self assurance and confidence to practice this path and to be open about your beliefs. If you do not have these things then stay deep inside of the broom close and practice as a solitary and keep it a private, secretive thing to yourself.

Because, my witchy darlings, it is a cruel, cold, heartless and relentless world out there and I do not refer to Christians in regards to your magickal path, but other magickal people. So many people come to this path seeking a more accepting, loving, understanding group of like minded people. Sometimes they are lucky and will find a few like them, but many times they run into those who have come to this path bringing with them all of the  baggage they brought with them when they left behind their old path, you know, the path that wasn't working for them. When in reality it was them and not the path.

No matter the path you choose, you are the one who has to make the changes to make it work for you. That does not mean others are expected to change to fit your idea of what should work, nor will the path change to accommodate you.  My goodness, if you are a super sensitive person? Then please think long and hard about following this path because you will come up against a wall, and that wall is you. I will give you an example.

I had an older woman who had taken classes for a couple of years and she ended up having an issue with another younger student. It was personal so I let them handle it on their own. One day after class was over, a verbal fight broke out in the classroom! and the younger student left and the older woman broke down in tears and had a breakdown over what was a very trivial matter.  I needed to leave for another class.

No, I did not stay and hold her hand, comfort her and :Oh poor baby". She was in her 60's and quite frankly needed to grow up by this time. Seriously, if you can't even sit in a classroom and take class with other students without having personality issues which end up in a fight, then this is probably not the right path for you, I assure you things will only get more challenging.

The two students spoke afterwards and decided they would not be friends and I thought fine, not everyone on this path has to be friends, but we're adults so lets work together and continue classes. Well the older student, took a few days and then sent me a letter. Yes, I was expecting it. I became the focus and blame for all of her issues and problems. I had changed from the sweet, understanding teacher she first knew into someone else. Hmmmm, did I? Really?  No, I didn't. She only knew the Ms. Faith I presented to the class. And when she started to try to manipulate me with her drama she crossed a line and met another side of me. The, no nonsense, suck it  up and fly straight on your broom witch, teacher's attitude.

The point of this story is she put in her exit letter to me, that "You took my power away, and I will never let anyone ever do that to me again.": Which fits perfectly into what I am writing about today. No, my dear witchy reader. No one can ever take your power away from you, not if you actually have any in the first place. And once you have it, you know it. I can't take it away from you, no one can.

I do not normally teach children for a reason. Yet I often run into some undeveloped attitudes that need to be reminded you left your childhood behind a while ago. This is an adult world and things can get tough. Be prepared and brace yourself. I will be gentle and light for the first few weeks or month until a student gets used to classes then you need to toughen up. I am not mean or cruel but I don't sugar coat or molly coddle students and for students who persist in telling me, they are super sensitive, or too shy, or can't handle confrontation, this article is for you.

Ahhh, but blame is a calming balm that many find solace in. When we blame others we no longer have to take responsibility for our actions, our mistakes, our insecurities and our foibles. No, because when we take responsibility for those aspects of our character, well then,  we are driven to make corrections and improvements and that takes work, effort and introspection which can be painful and difficult.

I have had, recently, some customers come into Enchantments and ask questions about some basic, first year concepts, and when they were given the answers, instructions on how to work with various techniques they then went on line and gave us a couple of bad reviews saying we acted as if we knew more than they did. That we undermined them, made them feel inferior. We are very careful to never patronize or condescend to anyone who comes into Enchantments, but yes we often do know more than many who come in and ask questions. I have been practicing for well over 30 years, I'd like to think I've picked up a few things.

I teach a college level program of magickal studies and I also teach at a local college and am a guest lecturer at Universities and museums, civic organizations, libraries and historical societies. I do have the credentials and I know my material so yes many times I do have the answers to their questions, but that is why they come to me in the first place. It is curious that they, in turn, feel less than or inferior afterwards. That is not on us. That is within the person.

During our Sabbats we have a saying. It is read during the "Charge of the Goddess": "If what you seek , you must knowest the mystery. If you cannot find it within you, you will never find it without".

And so not blame those outside of you for knowing what you do not, they just might be a bit farther along on the path. Blessings, Ms. Faith

Live, Laugh and Always Love

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