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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Spell Casting - Getting More Bang For Your Spell Casting Buck

Good Evening My Witchy Reader,

Tonight's discussion is the second in this month's series of spell casting, and continues to fine tuning your spells to make them more effective and to have them manifest as specifically as you desire.

Our last discussion, "Spell Casting - Understanding It's Principles"  discussed step one of anatomy of a spell, knowing and being able to visualize your magickal goal.  This discussion, now goes into the next couple of steps.

There are 5 basic steps to Anatomy of a spell as I teach the concept.  The first, as I mentioned is knowing your magickal goal. The second is choosing your magickal method of spell casting. Now here is where spell casting gets interesting, it can get complicated and all sorts of witchy!! Simply burning a green candle for money, abundance magick will have some effect. It may cause you to start finding loose change, forgotten crumpled dollar bills in old coat pockets or billfolds, or purses. Small amounts of money, but it will manifest somewhat.

But let us say you need some serious abundance, financial, success energies to come your way. Maybe in your corporation or career or in some significant manner. Then a simple green candle burned will have little affect. This is where an experienced witch considers her magickal 'tool box' so to speak. The knowledge she has, the experience she has, the supplies, the ingredients, the need for the desired outcome and using what she has and what she knows, manifestation can be quick and effective.

Step Two of An Anatomy of a Spell is Method of the Spell:  There can be dozens of methods one can use to cast a spell.  A very effective method is to combine various methods, simple methods creating what I call a 'layered spell' which could conceivably take up to 10 or 20 different layers or methods and when all are put together can create a very powerful spell that will manifest quickly and powerfully.

For an example, let us stay with the financial, money abundance spell we are discussing. We can indeed start with a green candle, which has two layers to start with, a candle and the color green. Then you can carve an abundance Sigil into the candle. A simple Sigil (symbol) is the dollar sign. Then rubbing an abundance attracting oil into the candle, such as patchouli, or olive oil, or corn oil all would be excellent choices. Rub into the candle until the oil is absorbed into the candle.

The candle can then be rolled in a mixture of powdered and dried cinnamon, basil and cinquefoil. Triple the spell by preparing three green candles the same way, and get them ready to  burn. Surround them with coins, cleaned and shiny, gold, silver and green glitter and most importantly when preparing to burn and while burning visualize bags of gold coins falling into your lap. You may visualize yourself sitting in the center of your business, perhaps your office, a conference room or some other significant room of your business that you feel is financially centered in your business.

You may add other layers if you choose, a tarot card. A strong pentacle card, perhaps the Ace of pentacles might be a good choice, surrounding the candles with strong money drawing stones such as pyrite, malachite and jade as well as quartz crystal points would help intensify the spell.

Placing the entire spell on top of a crystal grid would be another stronger level also. The levels you choose to layer is only limited by your experience and your knowledge. Of course, the specifics of your situation dictates what you should or should not use in your spell. If you are focused on money and wish to use a crystal grid, using stones that draw in love would be counter productive, even if they might be more pretty and attractive to the eye.

Crystal Grid

You may also choose to write an incantation to recite while you cast the spell, make a potion or an oil to use on the candle or to wear while you cast the spell. Never, never, NEVER consume, drink, eat or otherwise ingest any magickal mixture unless it is a commercially prepared tea you purchase at the food market or a health food store.

The Harry Potter movies were a lot of fun but consuming magickal potions are not necessary, will not do anything more than using them outside of the body and can very well make you very sick or worse. Again, unless they are a simple tea, do not drink them.

You can use a petition, which is a piece of paper with words written upon it. These pieces of paper are then burned or destroyed in some way releasing the energies of the words so that they may return back to the magickal practitioner.

You may also use the energies of the various watchtowers, in this case the watchtower of the North which is abundance, growth, fertility and all the energies one needs to bring financial success.

The more you know the more effective your spell casting will be. Never limit yourself to just a few concepts or ideas, but expand and try more and the layering as many as you can will make your efforts far more rewarding.

Understand that spell casting is a science and as such does take time, patience, effort and practice to become effective and to have quicker than not manifestation. Simply waiting for an emergency to try to fumble through a spell is not the best path to take. Many time people will come into my store, many Wiccan or magickally minded and wish to do a first spell or one of their first when they are under the gun, needing to go to court because of a serious situation, or facing a serious financial situation or some such life crisis. This is not the time to try to learn spell casting.

And we do not do spells for people, no one who is ethical will do so unless, you are part of their immediate family or a very, very close friend. The closer the better, best friends or significant others. Then it is only an experienced with who will be able to effect necessary change for another. It really is important to be able to do your magickal work yourself. So start practicing now.

You do not need a serious life crisis to start spell casting. Start simple, easy. We work with five magickal goals that everyone can use more of in their lives so they can be worked at anytime. Protection, tranquility, money/abundance, love, and health.  Who would say no, no I have enough love in my life, or enough money or my health is strong enough and I don't need anymore tranquility!! No we can always use a bit more of these magickal elements in our lives, so they can easily be worked and developed in your life.

So .  .  .  .  what are you waiting for? Go on .  .  .  and happy Spell Casting!!

Live, Laugh and Always Love!! Ms. Faith

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