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Friday, August 4, 2017

So You Want to Cast A Spell to Regain A Past Love huh?

Good Afternoon My Witchy Reader,

I am always happy to write for my long time readers, but this discussion is also for newer readers and I hope many read this and share with others.  My goodness, what is in the air lately? It almost feels like the week after Valentine's day! Haha You know. Everyone stays with their lover for Valentine's Day, then after the holiday, they break up! Then I usually get a deluge of people wanting to use magick spells to get their former lovers back.

In the past month or so, a similar rush has occurred, where I have received emails, phone calls and customers coming into the store all looking to rekindle the flames of an old love relationship. Both men and women looking to have this happen. This sort of thing does not fall on just one gender. Broken hearts affect men and women alike.

Sadly though, it is with a heavy heart that I need to inform them that magick does not work this way. I have written of this before, but I will be gentle and try to help those who are suffering from heartache and grief, because that is what you go through when you lose the one you love.

Funny thing, in an ironic way, when searching for photos of 'couples breaking up' on Google images, I came across a few poems, posters and memes all expressing thoughts on the topic and a common one nowadays, has me a bit perplexed. Now keep in mind, anyone can make these little sayings and 'computer screen bumper stickers' for lack of a better term. But there are many with the same theme, "that if the couple fights often, breaks up, splits up, goes back together again, and keeps repeating this cycle, then it's true love."

Um .  .   . What!? .  .  . wait? .  .  .  what!? NO!! It is not!! Listen I have been a 'spiritual counselor' because that is what tarot card readers and witches are, for over 20 years, and I have had done well over two thousand tarot readings in that time, and you get to hear and learn and know people, pretty darn well. NO!, NO!, NO!, young, foolish child or whomever put that nonsense on a meme and put it on google images, you are so wrong and naive. A couple who fights all of the time, who breaks up all of the time and keeps coming back together again and again, are in a unhealthy psychological place and could benefit from either serious therapy and or breaking up completely and for good, calling it a day and moving on.

A healthy, happy relationship is not one of anger, and constant break ups. That is just crazy. And for those who have broken up, please before you go looking to cast a spell to bring that person back to you, sit down and ask your self a few very serious questions. Was that person a good (we'll use the word partner in this discussion to cover all of the possibilities e.g. husband,wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc) Was that person a good partner? Were they always there for you?

Did they do the small things for you that are important for you? Whatever they may be? Did they make you first in their lives, or were you always way down on the priority list? Were you the one they anxiously looked forward to being with or were you always the one waiting for them? Did their friends come first? Their family? Their dog?

Were there always arguments, fights, disagreements, sarcasm, veiled insults, or simply a lack of compliments or nice things said? Yes, you might very much still love them, but maybe, just maybe the memories of when things were good would be better to reminisce over than to re-kindle the relationship that will fall back into the unhappy, unsatisfying, unfulfilling place you were before you broke up?

Or are you looking to get back together because it is hard to find someone new? Well, that takes effort and time and all sorts of new things that need to be addressed, but nothing worth having is every really all that easy. Also, if you did get back with that other person, have either of you really changed? If neither of you have changed, then why would the relationship be any different this time around?

Then there is the very tricky point that just because you might wish to get back together, what is to say your ex wants to get back together with you? Yeah, I went there!! Oh, because you broke up with her? Uh huh? You sure she's still on that shelf waiting for you? No, you're not, or you wouldn't be knocking on my witch shop door looking for a love spell!

No, my friend, she has moved on and is happy with her new love and you need to put your efforts into making your life happy again for you. Because casting a love spell, as I have said before, like any spell we cast, we cast on ourselves. What we send out comes back to us. I am often recommending, gently, that people put the past behind them, and look forward to new beginnings, new people, new loves and new adventures.

This concept is simple. If we cast a money spell, we send out the energies and it comes back to us in money and abundance, right? Okay. If we cast a protection spell, we send out the energies and it comes back to us in protective energies surrounding us, got it? Good. So why would a love spell, when we send out those energies go to someone else, and NOT come right back to us?  It wouldn't. It will only bring loving energies to surround you and then others will be attracted to you and then you get to pick and choose those you wish to have in your world. But only of those who come around, no stalker like behavior allowed! Tsk, tsk, wagging finger in your face, no, no!!

The same concept works with curses, if we were foolish enough to try to send one out it would only come back to us, so we never do that, because a smart witch knows better. We may do protective spells but we never send out a harmful curse to someone else, simply because it is the same as shooting ourselves in the foot. It would be a stupid and a naive, inexperienced thing to do.

So yes, back to love spells, you may indeed cast a love spell, but understand you are casting one on yourself and on no one else. And then sit back and see who comes into your sphere and decide if it is someone whom you wish to get to know better.

A universal mystery I will share with you:  Each person we come into contact with, in our lives, no matter how briefly or how long we know them, we are meant to have them in our lives for that period of time. It may be for a few months of working with a co-worker on a temporary project at work and then each of you might be reassigned and never see each other again, or it may be a love interest you have for a year or even 6 months, or a marriage for 20 years, but when the time is ready for those people to move on, should it not be through the natural process of death, then the soul's decide.

When the souls decide, and if the people do not heed the natural 'push' the universe gives you to move on, the gentle push at first, then discord starts. The vibrational energy starts to become more distant and feels less in sync, or it may even settle on a different plane if the relationship will take on a new role and find a new level. Trying to conform with 'societies' understanding of normal roles can make it difficult for people to walk away when necessary and so there are long periods of unhappiness, stress and tension.

Yet, when the people start to pay attention to what the souls are saying, then it makes it easier to make other decisions that can make the relationship better, or perhaps make the ending of said relationship less painful. We see this often with parents who divorce but remain friends for the children. Less animosity and a new relationship and life goes on.

Many times, when a love relationship ends, the natural flow is to become friends but people feel that if they are no longer lovers then they must become enemies and that is sad and unnecessary as so much experience and living and loving is lost this way. So, they break up, fight and hate each other and have nothing to do with one another, but this will only bring them back to each other in another lifetime to finish what they have not finished.

Life, like relationships are like the ebb and flow of the ocean waves. But throw the largest, straightest, hardest tree trunk into the water and the waves will decide where it goes and will lift it aloft and carry it forth, the tree trunk having no decision on where it is to go. Life and relationships on the grand cosmic soul scheme are like this. If we simply stopped fighting the ocean waves and just went where they took us, we would be happier in the long run. But to do so, we have to give up some control, and be willing to see that what sometimes we do not wish to acknowledge.

There is a lot of love out there, just waiting.  What are you waiting for?

Live, laugh and Always Love, Ms. Faith


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