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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Spell Casting - Understanding it's Principles

Good Afternoon My Witchy Readers,

Today we are talking about spell casting. I'm going to come out and say spell casting is one of my most well developed skills.  I teach, study and am constantly researching our history, as it is of great personal interest of mine, but when it comes to the practical aspects, spell casting and divination are my specialties.

We each of us have our strengths and specialties. I teach and touch on many, many different topics found within the witch world, but what I will say, if I may be so bold, is my spell casting is one of my strongest talents. That is not because I am a better witch than any other, no, not at all. It is because of a couple of things. One, I have been practicing for over 30 years, and secondly, I have a keen eye for detail.

Perhaps it is the Virgo in me, maybe it is the latent scientist in me, but for whatever reason, I look at my spells as scientific experiments, which in truth they are. Witchcraft is a science.

Whoa .  .  .  wait .  .  .  what?!  I can hear some of you, quite loudly! Haha Yes, Wicca is the "Religion of the Witches" as it was declared by Gerald Gardner when he developed it in the early 1950's in Great Britain. Yet, witchcraft and Wicca are not necessarily one and the same. Witchcraft is by it's very nature a science.

Now, I have myself, run into Academics who have poo pooed that statement. Huff Puff, getting all scholarly and hiding behind very esteemed, gold edged, fancy framed diplomas from very important scholarly places "Well, you do know .  .  .  witchcraft is not reeeeeallllly a science. Not a reeeeal science."

I simply smile when I encounter this type of person because it does nothing for me to pop the bubble of their understanding of the world as they know it. Now, if they took my course, well then .  .  .  they would be introduced to a horse of a different color. Because witchcraft in the area of spell casting absolutely falls into the very essence of what we know as a science. Except in it's infancy it was at times disguised as a practice called "Alchemy". Ah, now that sounds familiar doesn't it? Or, does it?

Ask someone "what is alchemy?" Most likely you will be answered with the concept of someone trying to turn lead or other metals or rocks into gold. That would be wrong. But it was a clever ruse that worked as it was intended for centuries. The early Alchemists, were magickal practitioners, they might have called themselves at the time wizards, or magicians, or even sorcerers but they were the true scientists. An alchemists true focus is to try to understand and get back to the beginning of all time, the big bang if you will. The spark of creation. One of the premiere goals of the Alchemist was to try to create immortality. During their experiments, and each person who was involved in this endeavor had their own theories and concepts and followed their own path, created experiments and tried many different ways to do all sorts of 'magickal' things. Like to create the Philosopher's stone.

To create the Philosopher's stone, one could theoretically achieve immortality, heavenly bliss and total enlightenment.
This Alchemical symbol represents the Philosopher's stone and is a representations of all four elements of matter. A 16th century Swiss alchemist Paracelsus believed in alkahest which he felt was an undiscovered element of which the other four known elements of earth, air, fire and water all derived from and he felt this 'mother' element was in fact the philosopher's stone.

But the reason I bring all of this up, is in reality, while women were being burned, hung, tortured and being put to death for being witches, in reality midwives and herbalists, these men, the alchemists were being left alone. Yes, their work was as magickal, if not more so than the witches of the day, but their clever story of how they were working on turning base metals into gold, well that would have any king or nobleman leaving them alone to do their work in relative peace, as long as any gold or discovery of this sort would benefit the kingdom.

Yes, clever indeed. So much so, that the myth of the alchemist exists to this day. The science of magick, witchcraft, alchemy whatever you wish to call it also exists. Yet what we do is not wiggling of fingers and noses and expecting things to materialize out of the clear blue sky. No, our work now falls in the newer more modern arena of the sciences known as physics. You may call them metaphysics, though the area of quantum mechanics/physics is also a part of what we do.

The witch knows that what she is going to manifest already exists in this world. We are not creating something that doesn't already exist. We are simply bringing it to ourselves, in one fashion or another.

We work with all of nature's gifts. The elements, the stones and crystals, herbs, essential oils, even colors as in the candles we use, and by combining them along with using words, as words contain power, using our inner energy, mixing it with universal and divine energy, we come up with a magickal mixture called a spell. Then we cast it forth, in any number of ways and then we wait for it to return back to us.

I initially started this discussion by saying I am good at spell casting because I have an eye for fine detail and this is very important for effective, accurate, repeatable spell casting. It's all fine and good to cast a spell, but for it to manifest, as the 'witch' wants it to, as close or  exactly as desired, and then to be able to repeat this feat again and again, is the trait of an expert spell caster.

There is a few 'tips' or techniques which need to be followed and an eye for fine, tiny detail is necessary. To cast a spell first one must follow a basic anatomy of a spell. There are a number of variations but they all break down into a five step recipe. The first step is knowing what your magickal goal is. What is it you want to have happen.

We will talk about the other steps in the next few discussions, but to conclude this discussion I will discuss the first step. Step 1 of Anatomy of a Spell:  Magickal Goal.  Please lose the mamby pamby intentions everyone is always throwing around. One of the reasons your spells are vague and watered down is you have an intention. Think about it, one does not study their butt off throughout  high school, striving to get the best grades, working hard to get scholarships and accepted at the best colleges because you have an intention of going to college, maybe. No, one has a solid, clear cut goal to go to college. And then one strives towards it. One keeps working towards this goal until they achieve this goal. It is worked for and shot at again and again until it is achieved.

This is how effective spell casting is achieved. A solid, clear cut magickal goal. Let's say your business is your magickal goal, the financial success of your business. Some might say, well just burn a green candle on a Thursday, but is that correct? Let's look carefully, at the tiny details. Is it actual money your business needs as in a retail establishment, then a green candle would work on a Thursday. But say your business is more geared towards communication with people as in V bloggers who put out videos on social media and want lots of followers and in turn advertisers, then a blue candle on a Wednesday would be more effective, as blue is the color for communication and Wednesday is a strong day for Mercury the messenger who will deliver your verbal words to lots of ears and eyes.

Well, say instead you wish to 'communicate' with a lot of people but your words are written, because you are an author. You may still do your magick on a Wednesday but change up the candle color to yellow as that is the color for the intellect and the higher level of understanding and reasoning in the mind, hence the color yellow which is also good for studying for tests and researching and learning, so reading falls under this area. Even though you are 'communicating' your thoughts to the people who read your book they are receiving your information differently than you speaking it to them.

Sounds a bit particular, well, yes it does. And that is why some witches are better at spell casting than others. Some know enough to go through the motions but have not been taught to focus and visualize specifically and to be specific in their visualization and choice of magickal supplies.

So look at your business, sticking with our example, and decide exactly what you really need to have the end result, which would be financial success. Do you need more employees, skilled employees, perhaps a larger fleet of delivery trucks. Maybe your business deals with animals such as a groomers or you maybe an animal sitter or a dog walker, then burning brown candles for animal magick is appropriate and it should be burned on Monday.

It takes the most time to sit down and write out the end results and then the path which to get there. What your magickal goal is, and then how you think you may get there. Yes, in beginning stages, to do a money spell we simply do simple spells and we do not tie down the avenue which the money may come to you, but that is for finding lose change and dollar bills in your old coat pockets. But sustainable regular increased income you must look at possible avenues and how to direct the money to increase along those avenues.

You have to look at the entire situation carefully and then make the decision on what area you want to work on. Spell casting can be mad effective, very precise and can indeed manifest your true desire, you simply need to put in the effort, and use the magickal world to aid you in manifesting your desires.

If unsure, seek out competent magickal advice and follow it carefully, and the more effort you can out into your spell yourself the more effective it will be.

Live, Laugh and Always Love, Ms. Faith

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