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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Designing Altars To Use At Work

Ms. Faith's Personal Love and Happiness Altar 

Happy New Year's,

Greetings on this snowy, cold day my witchy readers. This is a perfect time to design or re-design and consider the aspects of your personal altars. Yes, I used plural, altars. A witch or magickal person may choose to have one altar, but we seldom, today, find ourselves in only one place throughout our day.  The three places we find ourselves spending the most time, is at home, at work and in our vehicle. Today's discussion will focus on work altars with a brief discussion on bringing altar energy into your vehicle. At home our ritual altars are used for casting circles, creating magickal manifestation and more formal religious/spiritual practice. Our work altars are used a bit differently as we will discuss below.

Altar Energy For Your Vehicle:

I would not recommend creating a dashboard altar as anything that appears special or valuable can be an incentive for someone to try to break into your vehicle and steal your objects. But you can carry the energy of your altar by hanging a crystal from your rear view mirror. Not just any crystal, but one that you have charged by placing it on your home or work altar, and letting it sit for a few days, allowing it to absorb the energies of the altar and the energies of the Divine. Then hang this crystal, and it needn't be a large, ostentatious crystal, not at all. A small, inconspicuous crystal is just as effective, and when you see it or touch it, it will continue to connect you to the energy of your altar.

Work Altars:

Wealth and Abundance: 

Our work environment can be a bit tricky as we often work with others in and around our work space. Of course not all work spaces are conducive to a work altar, but if you have your own office or even your own cubicle or office space that is just yours, you can make a work space altar to keep the energy of the spiritual and the Divine with you.

Of course, a work altar would look and function much differently than a home, ritual altar.  There is no need to have an athame or wand, an altar pentacle or salt and incense. Those are objects and supplies needed for a ritual altar, and many of these items such as the burning incense and sharp double edged knife may raise some eyebrows and cause problems with management. Also, PLEASE, no nonsense regarding religious freedom and such. When you are at work, you are on your boss's time and on his dime, you are there to do your job and you have all the time in the day or night to practice your religion at home. No one works 24/7, so religious practice, for Wicca, is possible during many hours when you are not working.

But what you can use your work altar for and how it functions, is it can help you focus on your work, which brings abundance into your life by the way of a pay check, more business, more clients, or jobs that bring you wealth and material abundance. A work altar may consist of money and wealth aspects, primarily, as you are in your work environment.  Things that are beneficial to have on a work, wealth altar are living plants in the immediate area,  and no, fake ones will not do. If you cannot have living plants, having fresh flowers that are replaced weekly can substitute.  Colors that can be used are of course green, gold, silver and surprisingly purple.

Stones, crystals, tarot cards depicting pentacles, coins, or other items that represent wealth can be helpful. Candles in the colors of green, gold and silver. Bric a Brac made from gold or silver. Is your friends and family worth more than gold in your life? Are they the true wealth and abundance you work for and enjoy? Pictures of special loved ones, or significant items from them, are also appropriate in this area.  A small cauldron or metal container,that you throw loose change in will ensure your wealth and abundance continue to grow. Finally if possible, placing these items, this work altar in your South/ East corner of your office or building, will bring wealth drawing Feng Shui properties to bear.

These are some suggestions, and not all of these things need to be present. Do what you can, and decorate in such a way that it does bring undue attention, as it is just for you to focus on.

Love Altars: 

Perhaps you are comfortable enough with money, your bills are paid and you have enough money where you are not worrying about having enough. Maybe you are desirous of more love and happiness in your life. You can make a love altar at work also.  The Feng Shui direction for romance, love and beneficial relationships is the opposite of wealth, it is in the South /West corner of your office/ or building.

The colors can be pink, red, brown and yellow. We know of the colors for love and romance as pinks and reds, but for beneficial relationships, with work or social relationships, brown and yellow are very helpful. Fresh flowers work well, or dried flowers such as roses. But if you use dried flowers they should be replaced every year. Crystals and stones associated with love, items from significant others and special friends are important. Pictures of loved ones are also very strong with love energies.  Candles of red, pink, yellow and white are useful. Small heart shaped objects also draw loving happy energies to your area.

Your work altars can be as complex or as simple as you desire. It needs to speak to you, and you alone and needs not be explained to any other. Now if you have a boss or other co-workers you may not wish to see your special altar, a nifty way of having one and keeping it from sight is to assemble it within an empty desk drawer.  This way you can have it open when you wish to work with it or look at it, and close it when you wish to hide it.

For those who are not allowed or are too hesitant too have an altar at work, there are other ways. You can craft and wear a witches necklace which also has the aspects of the ritual altar within it.

A witches necklace has a pentacle which has the energy of the altar's pentacle and Divine energy in it. The crystal enhances and combines all the energies of the necklace. The Amber is God energy representing the sun, the dark stone, usually jet, is Goddess energy representing the moon. Making a necklace like this and of course, you may add additional charms and stones if desired, charge it on your altar and  you can wear it around your neck underneath your clothes and always have the energy of the ritual altar with you.

Witches have over a thousand years of being able to hide their magick from others so that they may use it themselves when they need it most.

So think about your work area, and how you might enhance the space with a little bit of magick, just for you, that will aid you throughout your work day.

Live, Laugh and Always Love,  Ms. Faith

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