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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Visualizing Banishment in Your Life For Full Moon Magick

Good Evening,

Many of my witchy readers who have followed my discussions for the past several years understand how to conduct an esbat, or moon ritual and how to practice banishment of unwanted things in your lives.  You ritual can be complex and full of high ritual aspects and tools and supplies, or it can be simple and consist of a lone candle, some oil and a few words to the Goddess.

However you conduct your ritual, it will be effective, as long as your visualization is clear and precise. For a new moon and invoking or drawing in, "seeing' or visualizing the new, desired thing in your life can be easy. For an example, you are casting abundance spells during new moon phases to make enough money to buy a new car. Firstly it is not there, then you conduct your ritual and visualize your new car being in your life. You imagine seeing it in the drive every day, driving it, having it in your garage, or bringing it through the car wash, or picking up friends to go out to dinner, it is easy to see. Visualizing what you wish to manifest to appear in your life is easier. Easier than visualizing the opposite.

Banishment. When you wish for something to leave your life, to be gone, to vacate, to no longer exist, it is not quite as easy to clearly visualize the absence of something.  This is one of the reasons people seem to have an easier time bringing in that new job, or promotion, or new person, friend or lover, but have a much harder time leaving the unwanted behind.

So if you are spell casting to rid your life of an unwanted 'thing' be sure you sit down and work out the visual carefully. And, to remind long time readers, and for new readers, No! We do NOT banish people! Hahaha, as much as we would like. If you would like someone out of your life, then take matters into your own hands, use your mouth and tell them so. Magick can not be used to do the work you need to do yourself. No, the magickal realm is not the place for the cowardly, so be strong and use magick when necessary and set strong boundaries in other parts of your life. Yet, having said that, we can use the energy of the full moon to help banish the residual feelings and negative energies, anger, resentment, jealousy or whatever remains. Ideally, what will remain will only be the happy memories or you will simply put that part of your past behind you.

Yet, how does the concept of banishment look in your life? I'll tell you. Rather than struggling to visualize the absence of something, remember, nothing in the world or magick ever exists in a vacuum so when you have banished something, it does not leave a hole, but something comes in to take it's place. If you are banishing unhappiness, see yourself being happy! If you are banishing debt and lack of abundance, visualize the material things you desire and being happy and not stressed worrying about money. Or visualize the numbers in your checking account slowly growing. Be careful not to visualize the numbers suddenly being a staggering amount. The magick will seldom ever work that way. It comes in steady and to address a need.

If you are banishing ill health, see yourself happy, healthy, strong and calm. You might have picked up a subtle key word throughout, happiness. If your life is going as you desire, and you have what you need and want, and have eliminated what you no longer want around you, ideally you would be happy.  So, even if you are unsure of what to visualize with your banishment spell, simply see yourself happy and you will come closer to your magickal goal, than not.

Also realize an important truth. Everything that is in your life, is there because on some level you wish it to be there. Whether it is spiritually, emotionally, mentally for whatever reason, and if the time comes when it n longer serves you, then you can set it aside and continue on. But the choice is yours.

The energy of the full moon works for three days before, the day of and three days after the full moon, so every month you have 7 days to do full moon magick, The same holds true for the New Moon. So think about what you wish to invoke for the upcoming New Moon, and prepare accordingly. The Next full moon phase is almost a month from now. Pre-planning makes magickal spell casting much more effective.

Live, Laugh and Always Love, Ms. Faith

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