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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Clearing Up Some Popular 'Magickal' Misconceptions Part 1

Good Evening My Witchy Reader,

Tonight I want to address some common misunderstandings when it comes to the world of the magickal and our lives as we go through our day to day experiences. Many people come into my shop and bring their problems and concerns and come looking for a magickal solution for their issue or perhaps for their friends.

The first thing I need to do is to determine exactly what the issue is, and make a determination if a magickal solution is best, which is not always the case. Yes!, I know, that might surprise some people. I do know there are those out in the magickal world who will sell a person something, anything, regardless if it will really help or not. Sometimes, it is most beneficial to simply explain to a person what they are dealing with, as many times, someone looking at things from a distance has a better, more clear view.

For example: Recently a woman came into the shop wanting help for a friend who she said was having a really tough time with things the past several months. Since that could cover a whole range of things I asked for specifics. I was told that her friend had lost a number of people in her life to death, which can be difficult and also her husband was abusive and violent.

I gently explained that firstly, the people who have passed on, in this woman's life, though sad and distressing to her, had nothing to do with her. There is no magickal potion or stone to prevent someone you love from passing on. I like to explain to people it is like this; consider that the person who is passing away or who has passed on, has work to do on the other side.  As much as you miss them, love them and would do anything to keep them here, you cannot personalize their passing as 'bad luck' for you, or something bad or a curse or anything that has 'happened to you' except that you will miss them. It is not about you. It is their path and they are simply moving along it.

Secondly, her abusive husband. Again, perhaps a stone to help her with courage, may help her pick up the phone and call the police to arrest his sorry butt, and help her leave him, but again it is NOT about her. An abusive partner is all about the damage that person has in dealing with others with anger and violence. Yes, she needs to get away from him before he hurts or kills her, but to think a magickal solution will keep her safe or make him a nice guy over night is not realistic and can be dangerous.  I did not see that she had any issues needing magickal assistance, but she did need to sit down and take stock of her life.

Now, once awareness is in affect and she accepts that a person dying has nothing to do with her, then a crystal or stone can help her balance her grief and depression. A candle can help with memories and love and helping get in touch with spirit, all positive and helpful. But the initial request was to somehow prevent future deaths from occurring, and that is never possible.  Also, should she leave the abusive husband, smudge, crystals, candles, essentials oils, circle casting and many things can help cleanse the space and eliminate the negative, harmful energies that are left behind or that she brought with her.

It is a common theme I often see when there is a natural phenomenon such as a hurricane, or tornado, or wild fire or some such natural event, when afterwards someone tries to get media attention by claiming it happened because God was displeased, or it is some kind of punishment for man's sins or some such nonsense. The fact that anyone believes this foolishness never fails to amaze me. These events happened long before human kind found itself on this planet and will continue long after our species is extinct. It is simply Mother Earth shrugging her shoulders and natural elemental energies frolicking and having fun. Just because it upsets us doesn't matter to the elements, at all.  Talk about being narcissistic!!  To say a hurricane or a tornado is all about us and a result of our behavior? Wow, how arrogant of some humans, but thankfully not most.

Another common misconception is when things happen to us that we do not like, rather than looking at basic karma, that the energies that we sent out a day or two before, that may not have been so nice to another have come to revisit us .  .  .  people want to jump to "someone has put a curse on me!"

I'll tell you a universal magickal mystery. There is only one person who can curse you, and that is you. With your actions and behaviors towards others. What we send out returns to us. If you are having a crappy life, look towards yourself, no one else.

Yes, the more you learn about true magick and the magickal path you will realize you can't blame others and point fingers and push all the uncomfortable stuff off on another. We create our reality on many levels. Spiritually, mentally, emotionally, astrally, physically and so forth.

So, when starting on a magickal path, especially in the beginning, it is so easy to see everything that happens as magickal, and that can be wonderful. But it can be taken to extremes. So it is important to look carefully at things in your life and make common sense determinations if they are magickal or everyday.

My next discussion will be in just a day or so and we will talk about misconceptions with Mercury Retrograde and spirit hauntings.

Live, Laugh and Always Love, Ms. Faith

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