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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Friday, July 8, 2016

Understanding Your Responsibilities as an Empath

Good Afternoon My Witchy Readers,

I am not going to start this discussion by asking you if you are an Empath or not, pretty much everyone is. An Empath is the root word of empathy. Empathy, the ability to understand and share the feelings of another person. An Empath is just that, a person who is sensitive to the feelings of others around them.

The reason I didn't start by asking if you are an Empath or have empathy is, unless you are clinically psychotic, you are and you do. Everyone is born with this extra sense. Actually, it is one of the reasons our species has survived as long as we have. Having that extra sense to 'feel' the energies around you can and does warn us of danger so we can get out of harm's way, helps us bond with loved ones so we can procreate and perpetuate the species. It helps keep us alive, safe and happy.

I have met people who have introduced themselves to me as "I am an Empath!" and I kind of wait a moment for the sound of thunder. Haha, but seriously, to me, it is the same as saying "Hi, I am a human!" also, no thunder. It's lovely that you know this, that you are an empath, as many people don't. But .  .  .  it is what you do with it, that is key.

You see, there are two sides to the Empath coin. On one hand, you absorb the energies and feelings of those around you, you process them and for some people they actually will take on the sense of feelings from the other person. If the person is sad, or happy, or excited or depressed you might feel a sense of those feelings for a while yourself. That is the receptive side of things. Bringing the feelings of another person into yourself.

But there is another side of this con. It is the projective side, the energies and feelings you project into the room you walk into. When you walk into a room are you smiling, happy and full of energy and light? Or are you grumpy, stand-offish, with a leave me alone attitude? Maybe you simply come into a room neutral? That is possible. But if every time you walk into a place, where you work, your home, a place you spend time with others look at their reactions. Are they happy to see you? Or are they hesitant and stand-offish? What we send out we receive right back to us.

I'm not talking about one person who may be dealing wit their own issues. But if everyone seems to have the same reaction, every time? Then they are reacting to your energies you are putting forth. Working as a witch, we deal with the energies of just about every thing around us. Every natural thing, from herbs, stones, crystals, foods, people, animals. Everything that is a natural being.

We work to sense the energies around us, and then use that information in ways that can help us achieve our magickal desires. It all comes down to energy. The energies around us. Yet, as much as we use the energies we find around us we must be responsible for the energies we send out.

In our society today there is a lot of undesirable energies we may encounter.  We may encounter people who gossip, speak badly about others, try to cause drama or trouble with their words, people who lie or do other non-loving actions. We, as beings of light, magickal people, we are understandably repelled by those energies. The one thing people who come to this path often fail to realize, is they may be sending out these negative energies themselves. Simply 'picking up the broomstick' and stepping upon the magickal path does not make you Glinda the Good Witch of the North.  No, work is required for you to strip off those un-desirable elements, and to change bad habits, to stop looking at the world through negative eyes. Work is necessary to stop yourself from being jealous of others, of having personal low self-esteem, to directly face your 'shadow' self and bring yourself into the light.

Simply calling yourself a witch, will not do this. I have been on this path for a long time and I have met many, hundreds if not thousands of magickal people. Some are indeed, true beings of light, and some simply wear the witchy clothes, talk about the spells they have cast and continue to be unhappy, un-magickal, unenlightened and mundane people. Don't get me wrong, you can call yourself a witch and continue to be all the things you were before you discovered witchcraft, but that is just using words and not living the life altering and life enhancing lifestyle of the witch.

You create your reality. In turn, you create the magick or lack thereof in your life. Only you. No one else. You cannot walk this path and then point fingers of blame on that one or those over there or your teacher or your spouse, your children etc. for your life not being as you wish it to be. It is all up to you.  There will be, of course, those who will continue to cast blame on everyone other than themselves, but they simply do not get it, or even understand what it is all about, to live a magickal life.

Peace and Happiness, Ms. Faith

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