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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Let's Discuss 'Grounding'

Good Afternoon,

Today I want to talk to you about 'grounding'. It can be called by other names but many magickal practitioners call it grounding. Many times it is done at the end of the ritual, by putting our excess energy into the ground by placing our hands on the ground, into the altar by placing our hands on the altar, some will even lay on the ground or on a bed to help ground the energies that may have built up during a ritual.

But, the concept of grounding I am going to discuss today, is a little different. Rather than just placing your hands on the ground for a moment or two after a ritual, try going out and with bare feet sit or stand or walk on the ground, dirt or grass, not concrete or asphalt, but actual ground for 15-30 minutes. Do this every day if possible.

No equipment is needed, no incantations or candles burning, no special words needed, just put your skin in contact with the earth. It will help ground your physical, emotional and spiritual energies. It will help calm you, balance your emotions and clear your mind and help you focus. People claim to experience many physical changes with better health but try it and see for yourself. There really is something to the concept of a "tree hugger", the idea of a witch deep in the forest inside her witches cottage working magick. Well, you can get that magickal feeling without moving into the depths of the forests, by finding a piece of earth and lay on it, stand on it, sit in a nice comfortable chair and place your bare feet on it. You will notice a difference.

As I write this, I am reminded of a trip I took last September to New York City with friends. We  went into the city for dinner and a concert, and got into the city early so we walked around the west side of Manhattan for a few hours. As we walked along, we passed a walled area that on top of was a small section of green, real grass. The area couldn't have been more than a dozen or so square yards of grass. Very small from a suburban concept.  But every inch of grass was taken up by people laying or sitting, just enjoying the sunny autumn day. But I found it funny in a way that people that didn't know one another, but were as close as they could get, just to have a piece of the earth, the grass. Truthfully, that was one of the only pieces of grass I saw in the city. We didn't go to Central Park, but on the West side of Manhattan those people were engaged in grounding, even if they didn't know it.

Try grounding, this is the best time of year, as in winter it is more difficult to enjoy this pastime. There are other ways of grounding in the winter time and we can discuss those as we get closer to that time of the year. Let's not rush things!

Grounding is a simple, yet effective way to bring needed change into your life. You don't need to make everything ritualistic, complex and difficult. The best magick is that which is done easily, naturally and which flows out of you only to flow back in. This is one of those types of magickal activities that you can do which is easy, beneficial and will make a difference. Of course if you wish to meditate while doing this, that is great.

If you do choose to add to your grounding experience you may choose to hold some semi precious stones. Good ones for this grounding practice would be green agate, moss agate, leopard skin jasper, mugglestone, and tiger's eye are all good choices.

If outside, if you like incense, you may choose to burn a stick of your favorite incense. Use the time to sense your energy as it flows through your body and feel it flowing deep into the ground and feel it flow back into your body, returning back and forth.  Imagining, visualizing the energy flowing into the ground and then slowly flowing back into your body.  Do this for 15-30 minutes a day.

Do this for a week or so, and for many, it will become something you start to look forward to doing as it makes you feel so good afterwards. Give it a try and Happy Grounding! Ms. Faith

Peace and Happiness

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