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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Witches Pyramid - New and Improved!

Good Afternoon,

Advanced magickal practitioners have heard of the Witches Pyramid, To Know, To Will, To Dare and To keep Silent. Yet, as things progress and times change, so should we. Modern practitioners have added another layer to the pyramid and that layer is To Go.

This pyramid is important to consider and think about should you be interested in "picking up the broom stick" and walking the path of the witch. Let me start by saying a scared, weak, fearful individual will not succeed on this path unless they work at making many changes. As much as our religious freedoms are protected in this country (the United States), it is a foolish witch that thinks everyone will be warm and welcoming once they find out about her/his beliefs.

My research has shown me that the Witches Pyramid's origins originally called it the Four Pillars of the Witch, as well as the "Magician's Manifesto" out of hermetic teachings as well as "hermetic quatemary".  Of course these older titles all reference the pyramid with only four layers, whereas today it has been given a fifth.

Many beginner students of witchcraft and magickal studies either never learn of the Witches Pyramid, or if they do, they quickly read about it and then set it aside, more interested in other aspects of the magickal world. But, in truth, the more you sit and study and think about these layers, or 'lessons', if you will, of the witches pyramid, the more your magickal world will open up and develop.

The base, which is also the foundation and largest layer of the pyramid is "To Know". Think of the construction of an actual pyramid. No matter how big or small, if the base were not the largest piece, considering it's shape, it would topple over. This is true, as far as I am concerned with magick. To Know is not a suggestion, but an absolute necessity. Seriously, if you don't wish to, or won't spend the time to really learn the magickal principles, the scientific principles of magick in all it's aspects, then stick to blowing out birthday candles once a year on your cake and hope for the best.

Unfortunately, there are those in the 'magickal world' who simply want to dress Goth or Bohemian, witchy if you will, dance around under a full moon (usually with wine or other liquor involved, burn a candle and call themselves witches, and that's pretty much the extent of it. That's O.K. for them, and you also if that's what you want to do. And you can call yourself anything you'd like.  But, for those who wish to live the life of a witch, to be and live and exist as a magickal being, there's more work to be done. To Know, speaks of the learning, studying and practice that is required of the witch. You simply must know your craft. The study and practice is also called 'The Craft of the Wise", and witches were at one time called the "Wise Ones". This should still hold true today. Be sure you are casting circles, writing down in your Book of Shadows, following the esbats and the Sabbats, casting spells, working with the Goddess and God, all of this and more is part of living a magickal life. Those that live this way know, it is not a dress up party, it is not a temporary play, it is their lifestyle, it is the life of a witch. 24/7. If you are not there yet, do not despair, you will get there. Keep practicing and it will happen. This layer corresponds with the element of Air which governs the intellect and knowledge.

To Will - This is the next layer of the pyramid. And this one is more about the magickal manifestation you will achieve as you practice and live the life of a witch. To create needed change in your life by using your magick. By using your will. Now, I don't mean you force things to happen by forcing your will upon the world. No, I mean you use your magickal will, when you cast a spell, cast a circle, conduct a ritual, work with the Goddess. We never force our will on anyone or anything, we magickally extend it in the areas we need it to go. And, by doing so, by sending it out, it returns back to us, with our magickal goal manifested.  This layer corresponds with the element of Fire which governs discipline and courage.

To Dare-  This next layer is again important and can be one of the most difficult layers for the practicing witch. The times when you  might be challenged about your beliefs, or have your practice and lifestyle scoffed at or misunderstood. Sometimes it is beneficial to spend a little time explaining to someone how they might be mistaken, and again others it is best to just give them wide berth and care not if they misunderstand or don't wish to know the truth. Sometimes it can be daring and difficult to simply walk away, and realize it is not your purpose to correct the entire world as to their misconceptions. To realize that some people don't wish to hear the truth as the misperceptions, rumors and lies are so much more sensational and they are vested in their erroneous beliefs. Another aspect of the layer of daring is to be strong enough, brave enough and sure enough of yourself to cast strong, confident spells with self assurance. Weak intentioned, half hearted, uncertain energies mixed into your magick will manifest the same for you. You need confidence, empowerment and daring to create effective magick that really works for you. This layer corresponds with the element of Water, which governs emotions and asks us to focus on our emotions and work our magick with balanced emotions.

To Keep Silent-  This layer hearkens back to the time when any mention of magickal workings, spells or ritual would not only have the practitioner arrested and hung, but friends, family even simply acquaintances could be put to death because of association with the witch. You simply did not speak of the magickal world and if you did you knew how dangerous it was, even when speaking about such things with your own immediate family. This layer has changed over the years and now there are many opportunities and times when one should speak out and help educate those who wish to learn and understand our ways. So the term 'To Keep Silent" should now read "Know when to speak and when to keep silent" and follow through accordingly. This layer corresponds with the element of Earth. Strong, steady, silent and supporting. But for the magical ones, even the Earth speaks when one is able to listen.

To Go - This fifth level has been added in more modern times. This level corresponds with the Spirit, while the other four levels correspond with the physical world of the elements. This last level encourages the magickal practitioner to go forth and change their world and the world around them with their magick and magickal practice. To go forth and practice, study, and live the life of a magickal person. For all of the magickal study and contemplation is really of no use if one doesn't go forth and use the knowledge you've acquired to help change your life for the better and the world around you for the better.

Each and every layer discussed here can be further explored and delved into much more deeply than the brief description I've given each of them, but that is work for you to do. It would be an excellent idea to have a few pages in your Book of Shadows dedicated to the Witches Pyramid and your own personal insights into these concepts, as you contemplate and notice how each one manifests in your life and magickal practice.

Peace and Happiness

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