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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Things Your Local Ethical Witch Will Not Do For You

Good Afternoon My Witchy Readers,

Although many of my regular readers already know about the ethics a witch is obligated to abide, there are always new readers who just don't know the truth. I was recently browsing on the Internet looking for some magickal websites and I saw some Satanic sites listed.  I started looking at them to see what kind of information they were sending out and it was a bit sad to see they often use the term witch.

In my opinion, a Satanist is just that, a Satanist, not a witch. Semantics aside, I saw so many websites and now full YouTube videos teaching people how to conduct black magick spells and as always, in the dark realm, they promise the practitioner the world! They promise, not just that you can become wealthier than anyone else, get any beautiful man or woman you want (regardless if the person wants you! Eeewwww, can we say stalker?) But, they promise that you can destroy your enemies, bring harm to others, and wreak havoc wherever or whenever on whomever you want.

All I can say, is simply scroll down social media lately. There is so much anger, hatred, prejudice and blame being thrown around, that if any of the above were real? The world would implode as all of these angry, hell bent people gave into their childish temper and did spells to bring down everyone else. But, if you will look around you, you'll see this is not the case. Sadly, these websites and videos cater to those who feel helpless, hopeless, and so very unhappy with their life, that they feel in such misery only by sending out more misery and hurting others can they themselves be healed. This attitude borders on the fringes of mental instability.  I strongly advise, if you see yourself in these words above, that you seek out competent psychiatric help.

By this time you are asking, but what can my local witch do for me when I have an issue or problem?

Well, let's discuss what a witch that follows ethics and has a care about their karma and others and what we can and cannot do.

  • We cannot instruct you as to how to change others in your life. As much as you absolutely feel you are right and they need an attitude adjustment. That is not up to you and crosses a boundary. You can only change yourself, you attitude and if the people or person is so uncomfortable to be around, you have free will. You can divorce them, move, get another job, or do spell work that will help you step up to another level and deal with them in a better way. 
This one issue above is probably the stickiest one to come into my store or classroom. Over the years I have had students, and customers leave Enchantments never to come back, simply because I would not teach them how to manipulate others. Many times, it would have only taken the student/customer to voice their issue to the person in question, but they prefer to do it behind their backs in a sneaky, magickal way which equals black magick. That never works the way the practitioner wants. It always comes back in a bad way to the one who cast the spell.

  • If a person should dabble in black magick and becomes embroiled in their own nasty magick, pretty much a curse they intended to send to another, but it always wraps around the practitioner, a witch cannot undo this. I once had a  customer who had gone to a 'witch' and together they cast a love spell on a man this woman wanted. Good news! She got him. Bad news! When the relationship ended badly, a short time later, he became he stalker and had physically attacked her several times, almost killing her twice and she spent the rest of her days in hiding. I haven't seen her in a number of years now. But when she did tell me the story, she really wanted to undo the spell. Unfortunately, while I wanted to help her, she was cursed by her own magick to live out the consequences. 
  • We will also not lie to you, at least the Witches of Enchantments will not. I cannot speak of any other witch or to their own agendas. But we insist on being honest with a customer or client, even if it negates a sale. For instance, someone might want to clear their home of negative energy so we recommend they smudge with a desert smudge stick. It will indeed clear the stagnant, negative, frenetic energy out of the building. Yet, if the people that live there are constantly angry, miserable, depressed and sad, the negative energy will build up again. 
Magick can and does change a person's life for the better, but it is up to that person to do the work necessary to make those changes. Look at it this way, you decide how you wish your life to change and magick simply greases the wheels to make the change smoother and more easy to accomplish. 

  • We cannot tell you how to cast a spell that would manipulate another or cause someone to fall in love with you. Ah, but our love spells work very well. The key is you cast the spell and only see yourself, happy, loved, cared for. You are not allowed to visualize another, as that may negate the right person coming into your sphere. In addition, we will not advise you on how to get an ex lover to return. That would have to be done with their permission. We are not allowed to cast spells on another without their full knowledge and permission. 
  • We also will not heal you. You need a doctor for that. We can sell you magickal stones that will help you on your path to healing your body, mind and spirit, but that is as far as we are allowed to go. 

  • We do not bless people or things they bring in. We may be Priestesses but we are not Catholic Priests. We feel that you, yourself, are far more effective with charging or blessing your object. 

  • We will not proclaim you a witch. That is a personal choice and if you feel you are and wish to call yourself one that is fine by us. We do not pick and choose who we think are witches or not. That is a totally personal choice. 

  • No, we will not cast a spell on your wife, husband, ex lover or boss. But we will chuckle along with you simply to be polite as we have heard that request far too many times. 

  • We cannot tell you what or who you were in a past life. That is up to you to explore with a past life regression. It's important to know, others also cannot do this. If someone comes up to you and without your asking tells you that you were an Indian Princess in a past life, or something about your future, or that a loved one that has died has a message for you, get away from them. A professional witch or psychic does not approach a person without their permission. Yes, a psychic may indeed have a message for someone, but they may not be in a place to hear it. It is up to them to seek out this information. 

  • When we meet you, no we can't tell things about you, your future or what you will be eating for dinner that night. Perhaps if we were doing a reading for you, we could tune into it, but when we are not doing readings we turn off that channel, simply so we can function and do what we wish to do. 

  • We do not cast spells for people. We will show you how to cast a spell for yourself, as it will be more effective when you do it. We also will not take money for spell work done. We charge for spell kits that you take home and do yourself, but we cannot be bribed to do a spell for another. 

  • We also will not choose a magickal stone for you. We encourage people to touch the stones and crystals and choose the ones that feel best to them.What feels right for us may not be right for you. 
You might have noticed a pattern so far. We teach people how to use the magick within them as that is the secret for effective magick. There is a reason that the industry of witches doing spell casting for others fell by the way side years ago. The spells cast just did not work.  Especially when money exchanged hands. Unfortunately, the Internet has brought this scam or con back into living existence because it is so easy to promise a helpless, hopeless, in some cases desperate person everything they wish for, only for a fee. The money is sent and indeed, maybe a candle is sent to them or a bar of soap or something of the like, and when the customer realizes nothing in their lives have changed, the website is no longer accessible or the email address is permanently disabled. 

If you wish to dabble in magick, please stop by our store and talk to one of the Witches of Enchantments. You will get realistic, truthful magickal advice and we will not lie or lead you on. If we can help you we will try, if it is a situation where magick will not work, we will tell you. 

Have a magickal week! 

Peace and Happiness

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